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Hangover Classic 5K Race Report (Read 381 times)


    Marj and I celebrated New Year's Eve by dancing the night away at First Night Boston and took a leisurely drive up to Salisbury Beach for their annual Hangover Classic due to start at 11:30 a. m. A storm was due to arrive at noon (snow/or rain) and the beach was raw and windy when we arrived. The race included both a 5 and 10K and we had planned to run the 10K. But, fortunately, you didn't hae to decide on the distance until race time and the races started 10 min. apart. We then decided on the 5K. The course was flat and along beach roads with a bit of slush, but otherwise runnable and no precipitation. The sleet started about the time I fininished and the 10 K runners returned drenched. (Some of the runners in both races did the annual ocean plunge-not us-brrrr). As usual Marj took off and I lost sight of her after the first 1/2 mile. I did my steady pace and she finished 2 min. ahead of me (as has been happening lately). Marj finished with a first in her age group-28:39 and I finished 4th-30:54-both PR's if you consider 5K times in the past year. We both are skeptical of the official times since our watches registered 2 mins. longer-but those are the times they gave us. We had fun meeting old and new friends. Denise (deez4boyz), who just started posting on 'Cool' recognized our photo from this site and introduced herself. We also saw Mary T. and Ted who were running the 10K. In addition there was a group of runners from my old Maine running club, many of whom I hadn't seen for over 20 years. As they passed (most of them ran the 10K) the called out my name. The runner who finished behind me asked me if I was the mayor of Salisbury since everyone seemed to know my name. Very good for my ego. We headed home and stopped for lunch. As we got back on the road conditions were miserable-snow and sleet until we reached Boston. Glad we missed it during the run.
      Hi Marj - Hi Henry, it was great meeting you both today!! Nice job on your times!! I thought the finish times were off a little but not a couple minutes..........I ran the 10K and my Garmin put me at a 56:12 finish but my posted time was 56:02 - so pretty close!! I was thrilled!! The snow/sleet/wind really picked up during my last mile - was soooooooooo glad to be done and went inside for some free beer!! No plunge in the ocean for me either!! Happy New Year!! denise


        What a fine way to start the New Year!!!!!!!!! I've taken the plunge before. It's understandable why some one would choose not to.


          That sounds like fun! and nice race Marj and also to you Honorable Mayor Henrun!
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            Hi Henry and Marj, I'm sorry I missed this race, since it is just a few miles down the road, but with all the holiday goings-on, it never made it to my radar screen. Besides, DW and I and a bunch of our friends always start the new year off by going underwear shopping ("new foundations" for the new year...), and I couldn't miss that! Despite the weather, you both ran very well - congrats on Marj's AG win, and on the PRs for both of you. Congrats also on being selected as the new mayor of Salisbury! Big grin Jay

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              Henrun, Nice racing. You both beat Dark Colt's and my times from the Hot Chocolate 5K on December 1 in Northampton, Mass. Salisbury Beach is just a few miles from my house. Funny that man asked if you were the mayor. On New Year's Eve, my wife and our two boys and I went out to dinner in Newburyport. We walked through the bar to get to our table. As we sat down, Dark Mare said, "Did you see the mayor sitting in the bar?" I said, "That's not the mayor. He does look a little like him, but it's not him. Anyway, why would the mayor be sitting alone in the corner of a bar drinking on New Year's Eve?" My wife asked the waiter, and he said, "Yeah, a lot of people confuse him with the mayor." Dark Horse
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                A good way to start off the year, Henry and Marj!

                Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                  hi Henrun and Marj, congrats on your AG awards and PRs! What a wonderful way to start 2008 Smile. Glad you met lots of people who know you and greeted you during the race. Stay warm and dry, dromedary.
                    Speaking of Salisbury, today while reading the classified ads I saw one of the best ads ever: GETTING DIVORCED? Live at the Salisbury Inn Motel. $150/week. 978-465-5584 Brief and to the point. Salisbury has the kind of motels you read about in the paper, with headlines like "Man Killed with Baseball Bat." Dark Horse
                    I'm a dark horse, running on a dark race course.

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                      DH - Big grin Henry and Marge - nice PRs! Great way to start the New Year. Glad you missed the sleet - I hate sleet - and I wouldn't have done the ocean dip, either.

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                        Congratulations and Happy New Year! This was a great report to read. Good racing for both of you and you continue to impress with your race schedule that takes you coast to coast and all over new England. The finish line for the Eastern States 20 miler is in Salisbury, MA (start in Kittery , Me and goes through Hampton, NH) Will you be doing that one as well? I am guessing you have probably run in that one in the past. As mayor, you probably need to show up every now and then? ha! I love reading your reports and hope to always feel the joy of racing as both of you obviously do. CNYrunner

                          Hey CNY, thanks. I have run the 20 miler before-as part of my training for Boston in 2005. I really enjoy point to point runs. We're toying with running the half marathon that being initiated with it this year. If we do, hope to meet you then.


                            I would vote for you for mayor any day! Big grin Great job! And especially impressive after dancing the night away. I am highly impressed.


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                              henrun & marj, you did New Year's in style. You danced the night away, chose the race that ended before the sleet started, got PRs, got AG awards, wisely avoided the swim, and met friends. Congratulations. TomS
                                Mayor Henry and Marj, That sounds like a fun race. Well-named for a January 1 event. Congrats on the 1st and 4th place finishes!! John