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Thursday's Daily, 4.24.14 (Read 45 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Lots of 4s in today's date. I wonder what it means?


    Nice blustery 7 Tramps. Good luck with getting the folks at work to commit to the Richmond half.


    I guess you and I bookended Boston on Monday, Lamerunner, being at the start and finish. It was a great day, from almost any vantage point. Lots of people run in Central Park and along the East River in NYC. Get a Park map and pick your route. There are lots of paths/walkways that are off-road, so you won't have to worry about traffic. Maybe call the NY Road Runners to ask about preferred routes in the Park. If I remember correctly, there is a broad walkway that goes along the East River that a lot of people use for running, walking, biking, etc.


    Aamos,we'll catch up with each other some day. That was a beautiful 'non-report' race report yesterday. Sketchers must be pretty happy to have Meb and you in their shoes. The link to the video of the 'helpful' runners was pretty amazing.


    Thinking about you here too, Ribs, and hoping for a great outcome. When you play bridge, is it competitive, or more of a social event?


    Tammy, how were the races, and David's Student of the Year ceremony yesterday? I hope it was a successful day, all around.


    Stay away from the mailbox, Leslie!! 


    Holly, I have a hard time with your name and anything related to laziness in the same sentence. I don't believe you are capable of being lazy, even if you want to give it a try.


    I'm glad you are enjoying your Austin runs, Twocat.


    Sounds like a good run and 'in the yard' cross training, Jlynne. Can't help with Fargo...


    Thanks for the Meb/Sketchers story, Tet.


    Mowing already, C-R?? I hope you had a good ride with the kids.


    Excellent half yesterday, Mike. I like your approach to hills and headwinds - you're a smart and funny guy!


    Those last 2 miles are more than a bear, Enke! But running them, especially into a headwind, will make you stronger - read Mike's tip.


    Nice run with an assist, Steve.


    I was up at J o'clock and out the door for 4.2 easy RW miles. 42F and 22mph winds from the NW. My right ankle/foot is still cranky, so I took it very easy today. Eventually, the pain calmed down, but it never went completely away. I thought it was a bruise on the top of my foot, but am not so sure any more. I iced as soon as I got back, but the foot is still achy. Maybe being at my stand-up desk all day isn't the best thing for it, but it's what I've got. I'm looking forward to seeing how it feels tomorrow morning.


    Have a greta Thursday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

    Sayhey! MM#130

      Hiya all!  It's take your daughters and sons to work day and I volunteered to help  so I have to make this brief.

      Mike to Erika cracked me up yesterday.

      Steve, were you choking b/c our barefoot runnerman was inquiring about shoes or am I dense???


      (BTW, I have a pair of sketchers Ultra, very padded, that I use for days after long runs or hard workouts.  The cushioning is really nice!  Running Times reviewed them favorably, too.  There are also more streamlined models for competitive running; I would bet Meb wasn't wearing Ultras Monday!)


      7 for me at a gradually increasing pace.  Overall 8:40.......will be slowing down very soon, as the H&H is coming soon.  We're supposed to top 90 sometime this weekend.


      Happy Thursday, everyone!


      A  (for a piece or two of my mind)

      Trails are hard!

        .  I do have two folks I work with now who do a little running so I'm scheming to get them to train for a 1/2 in Richmond this fall.



        Tramps--is that the same one that runs with the marathon?  When (if?) I start up again, I'm strongly considering that as my goal race.


        Amy--do all the sketchers have that "rocker" type construction?  are they any different in getting used to, like the more minimal?  And whatever they paid Meb for advertising--it must be worth it to make Tet consider shoes


        Jay--hope the foot calms down soon.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



          Good morning.  Mike, quite a run for you!  and great wind running tips. I should have read this before setting out this morning. Back in tights today.  About 40 degrees with a howling wind mostly from the north, although downtown ( near where the Manchester Marathon starts) is a bit of a wind tunnel and it seems to come from everywhere.  I  almost got blown into traffic with one gust downtown, then later heading back north I had to stop and move some  errant lawn furniture out of the road ( well I didn't have to, but I thought it would be better for the car which might have hti it!).  DS could have an interesting time at tennis practice... but maybe it will die down a bit by this afternoon..


          I ended up with about 8 miles around town. Not a bad run, still a bit tired and I think I need new shoes.


          Amy, impressive running so soon after a magnificent Boston.!

          Happpy thursday everyone.

            8  smile miles in the rain 

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              MIke's comment yesterday - Very funny!!


              4 EZ miles after work yesterday, then 30 min of core/UB strength training today.  Tomorrow starts another weekend of B2B2B's.  I should be sufficiently tired by Sunday.


              So Tuesday at O-dark-30 I'm out running one of my regular routes - a two-lane, one-way street.  Barely any traffic 'cause it's like 5:00 a.m.  Got my headlamp on with new batteries, running at the traffic (what traffic there is), utilizing the bike lane unless a car is coming.  I'm sort of lost in my own thoughts as I'm hitting an intersection when I realize there's a car stopped there . . . oh!  It's a cop car.  Young Female Cop: "Ma'am, you're light is pretty bright, and I understand why you're using it, so drivers can see you.  But I'm worried with you running in the roadway that any body turning onto the road might be temporarily blinded by the light.  You need to either run on the sidewalk or go over to Harris (another two-lane, one-way street) and run that way (hand signaling that I should run with the traffic.  Say what?!?)"


              I just said okay and as she drove off I positioned my light down to the ground and resumed my regular thing, but moved over up against the sidewalk if a car was coming.  On the return route, did the same thing, just in case she turned around and drove back by.  Sure enough, another cop car went past me!  Don't know if it was her, but (1) I don't run on sidewalks unless it's absolutely necessary, and (2) run with the traffic??  She meant well, but I will remain my rebel self and run against the traffic in the bike lane . . . unless a car is coming.

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                Steve, were you choking b/c our barefoot runnerman was inquiring about shoes or am I dense???

                sorry amy.  You're about as dense as you are slow or I am fast., i.e. NOT.

                I would definitely wear stretchers, or anything else, if it would make me

                run faster now than ten years ago.

                annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

                ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

                  Thanks for asking Jay. David did have a very full and exciting day yesterday. First, the Rotary luncheon was great. David gave a great speech and is so comfortable speaking in public. The pres of the Rotary commented to us afterwards that of the all the Student of the Year presentations she's given over the years, David was the most polished and most comfortable behind the microphone she's seen.  Proud parent moment.  He received several generous gifts as well. (android tablet, years membership to the Y, $100 gift card to MY favorite coffee place in town, various restaurant GC's, 3 tickets on a hellgate jetboat trip - various other things too). . . and speaking of the coffee card he got - David made me a deal. I offered to pay him $50 for his $100 GC (since he doesn't drink coffee). He said he'd sell it to me for $60. Deal.


                  track meet went well, but he decided he really prefers the 3000m to the 1500m and really did not like the 800 at all!  lol.  He ran a 4:49 1500m and I think his time was 2:25 on the 800m. He was up against some VERY good runners in those events and placed 4th in 1500 and I think 3rd in the 800. The fastest 1500m runner was a 2:04. He is so good and is top ranked in the state right now. It'll be scary what he can do in HS since he's already at this level of running as an 8th grader.

                  Recovery road run with the kids today. Just an easy 3.5 to 4.5 mi today. probably in the rain.


                    Yeah, that sage advice from Mike... thanks. I've got it all figured out now! And I can't really pick another route if I want to get home. But I am a total whiner, since the wind wasn't that bad (especially compared to what Lamerunner dealt with today!). I was just really tired of it. So it goes.


                    Tamster, you have every right to relish the proud parent moment! Awesome news about David. And good score on the coffee card (for both of you!) and nice swag for him! He's a distance runner at heart, I totally understand.


                    Jay is mixing me up with Enke again. I don't mind, I like Enke a lot!


                    Tet looking for shoes. Hmmm, anyone check to see if the world is still spinning?


                    First World Problem: I washed all my running clothes last night and didn't hang them up to dry. So today I'm down to shorts I don't care for (why do I keep them?) or running skirts, which I'm not really in the mood to wear. *sigh* Life is so difficult sometimes. So, running skirt it is, for my afternoon run later on.

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                      Enke, are you getting a nice spring thaw up there in Alaska?


                      Jay, to answer your question about my bridge being competitive, it sure is!  Wednesday's results:


                      Partnership Pct Rank MP
                      Gregory La Mothe - Nick Weisz 62.26 1st OA 3.15
                      Rich Brandenburg - Tony Pellegrini 60.25 2nd OA 2.36
                      Brian Gelles - Janet Gelles 59.81 3rd OA 1.77
                      Asa De Vries - Mark Bumgardner 58.56 1st SA 1.46
                      Elinor Fries - J Fletcher 58.52 1st SB 1.16
                      Nancy Latner - Sheri Wolkenstein 57.61 2nd SB 0.81
                      Jill Hartel - John Hartel 57.39 2nd OC 1.08
                      Partnership Pct Rank MP
                      Bill Osborn - John Spessard 57.04 4th SA 0.51
                      George Burcham - John Milligan 55.72 3rd OC 0.81
                      Donna Guthrie - Jacqueline Nadel 54.77 4th OC 0.61
                      Bob Ingebritson - Suzanne Schoenthaler 54.53 5th SA 0.29
                      Barbara Ching - Susan Kroney 52.89 5th OC 0.46
                      Barbara Ferm - Sudhir Shah 52.77 4th SC 0.25
                      Carol Adamek - Constance Vecellio 52.65 3rd SC 0.34


                      Today I finally published on FB about my upcoming surgery, which all of you know about, and now the rest of my circle knows too. I want people to be aware because I intend to write about it on the DMN site and the point I want to drive home [rant on] is that men in particular, because they are runners, often think they are invincible, and won't get tested, get physicals, have their heart checked out of anything.


                      A guy at my club protested to me that he didn't want some doctor putting his finger up his butt.  Well, no one does. But the guy is married with two kids and he has a responsibility. My older brother had never had a physical. Died a few years ago of colon cancer.  Two runners in the DFW area died recently of massive heart attacks. What they had in common? Never a physical.


                      Similarly annoying to me are the men who are afraid to have a vasectomy, simple, two-snip, in office visit, home that day, and instead will encourage their wives to have tubal ligation, a far more complex procedure.  Men aren't so tough when it comes to medical stuff, but they sure can write about how tough they are because they are runners!  There has to be some way to write on this topic and I'm going to do it. [rant off]


                      Okay, now listen up everyone. The brand name of the shoe is SKECHERS. Not Sketchers or Stretchers!  Don't let me see you doing this again!


                      3.4 easy paced miles this morning, and as Mike E. would say, "Okay, gotta go now."  Spareribs

                        ribs, keep us updated.  Tammy, congrats to your son.


                        Nice long runs for Twocat, Mike, and evan.


                        Last night, our church sponsored a food bank.  While working there, I talked a bit with a young lady from the church who is a runner.  She's planning on doing a half marathon in a few weeks and her schedule calls for a 10 mile run this weekend.  So, this morning, while doing my planned 8 miles, I got to thinking about her and did 10 miles at an 11:38 pace.  The good news is that it's my longest run since last Aug.  The bad news is that it's almost a PW pace.


                        A good  day and good runs for all.



                          Holly - I'm in awe of how you get all your running in - and all others with family/responsibilities.


                          I've had GD & GS (7&6) here for 2 days and my running consisted of sprinting after them while they were on their scooters.  I realize I could have gone out at J o'clock or 9 pm, but I was wiped!  We rode the T, went to the bookstore, library and spent 4 or 5 hours in the museum of science.  They're back home and I'm left with the laundry and dirty home.  While they were here my DD had time for a 10 mile run and a bike ride.  She hadn't been on the bike in so long it still had emergency change to call if she had a problem (before cell phones!!!!).


                          I'll catch up tomorrow -


                          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                            Enke, are you getting a nice spring thaw up there in Alaska?

                            do they have those skretchers up there too or is it just in florida

                            Maybe you can wear them for your upcoming runs through the orchards and redwoods.

                            otherwise, someone might be getting a spring thaw on the noggin.


                            Sparefibs: the world's first bridgathlete in the new sport of bridgathlon . .

                            Do they offer drinks between events?

                            annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

                            ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

                              Good Evening kids!


                              Checking in from MD (Washington College today and McDaniel tomorrow). Went out for a little test the trashed quads run this morning since it was so beautiful out. Three miles easy and all fine once I got going. Quads hurt more than when I ran the Boston Marathon 10 minutes faster just a few years ago. Ah well, I really went for it and the shredding is the reminder of the effort  Still all teary eyed about Meb's win..


                              Wishing you loads of quick recovery speed Ribs. One of my colleague's had a very similar diagnosis and then surgery eight years ago and he's doing wonderfully. I am wishing the same for you.


                              Home tomorrow night and then a relay track meet for the kiddo on Saturday (love those especially when they have the hurdle relays) I'll run a 5k Sunday and whoosh almost into May! The kiddo graduates on June 1 and then we head to MO for new student and parent orientation day at the University of Missouri (journalism program). Excitement at every turn these days.

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                                Anyone who does not love Tet simply doesn't get either humor or the language.  Spareribs