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A September Sunday, 9.2.12 (Read 359 times)


    Mornin' all.


    I suppose there are guy/gal talks, gal/gal talks, and there are also person/self talks, which is about all I get at 4 o'dark am.


    Congrats on the series shirt, Twocat - well-earned!


    Hair cuts, hair dye runs, distressing signs of dehydration, questions about whether life guards can swim, and more trivia quizes: You never know what you're going to get here, which is why it's so great to stop by!


    We spent yesterday ostensibly helping a BIL build his new home. But the truth is that we all spent more time over our picnic lunch with relaxed conversations about everything from managing storm water runoff to the pros and cons of geothermal heating and solar power. Everyone agreed that it was time well-spent because the BIL has been getting too stressed out over this project, and needed to relax. We did get some work done, putting in the beginning of the outflow plumbing lines, but it was far from a day's work.


    Just a smidge over 4 miles early this morning in warm, muggy and foggy weather. To be honest, my niece and her husband freaked me out a bit with all their talk of many bear sightings this summer. I wouldn't worry so much in daylight, but at o'dark, that isn't the kind of surprise I'd welcome. So I headed out this morning toward a rural/residential area and didn't get all that far before some critters moved off the road and into the woods nearby. I couldn't see them, but by the sound I knew it was appreciably larger than a squirrel. So I turned around and headed to the less-scenic, but likely safer industrial area. The only problem was the one GIANT (especially for this flatlander) hill I went down on the way out, and (of course) back up on the return. I made it, huffin' and puffin' so that was nice.


    Enjoy your Sunday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      The trick to having a conversation with yourself is whether you are listening or speaking.  You have to be careful not to listen to all the negative comments about how hard the run is, but keeping telling yourself how good things are going.


      Anyway, put me down for a rambling 5.43 miles with my new Garmin this morning.


      I don't know if it is verified or not, but one of my uncles was working on a geology of his father's side of the family (my grandfather on my mother's side) and found that his (my uncle's) great-grandfather came to the western NY area during the Civil War.  He was paid something like $100 to take another person's place in the draft.  I don't know if he was ever actually drafted.


      Somewhere there is a whole book about my mother's mother's side of the family.  Her maiden name was Kresge and that family came to America before the Revolutionary War, and one of them eventually started the Kresge (K-Mart) stores.


      I know absolutely zero about my father's side of the family.  Kind of wish I had some information but I don't have the desire to do any research.


      (The question about the draft in yesterday's topic trigger that long winded genealogy review.)

      And so it goes

        ...mornin' jay//.............up at the Crack of 6.....




        Issac LeftOvers moving in on us,


        25min trailrun CA

        wind was picking up and sprinkles when I left.



        TheGeese seemed to like it.


        'course they

         also seem

         to like Eating Their Own Poop.



        ....................good running to the rest of ya.....

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        MM #5615

          Good morning!  I figured I'd jump on here for the few minutes I have before church and the rest of the day.


          Yes--congratulations Twocat on the shirt!  That's really cool!


          I saw on FB that OM is aready for her HM.  Good luck!


          And wild has a marathon, tommorow!  Go wild! 


          Dave--I would love to get into geneology but, it really is a lot of work and I think you really need a lot of patients...which is something I do not have.  I always hope I'll stumble on somebody else from the family who has already done all the work.


          Jay--I know what you mean about hearing animals in the dark. Ryan and I ran after dark. last night, through a wooded trail and, although we knew they were deer, it was kind of spooky.


          So speaking, of my run with Ryan, last night...I'm not sure if I've ever told you guys this but...I love running with Ryan.  We did 10 miles 1:08:29.  Yeah--he was going for an easy recovery run after his meet on Friday night.  At one point, I said between breaths..."we''s"  so he slowed it down to 7's for the last couple of miles.


          So speaking of Ryan's meet on Friday night....yep--it's that time of year, again!  Cross Country Season has begun!  The hopes and goals are pretty dang high at Augustana, this year.  The women opened the season ranked #1 in the country and the men are at #4.  That's DII, by the way.  And, although, it was a pretty small meet, both teams dominated their races on Friday...I think they both had top 6 in each race.  Oh--hey--I've got pictures!


          This was the 2nd Annual Agugstana Twilte Cross Country Meet...



          Being ranked #1 had the women feeling pretty strong...



          Here they come!  Can you see them?



          After the 1st mile, they had 4 in the lead pack...




          Here's the women's winner...



          For the men...after the 1st lap they had 7 guys in the lead.  Wouldn't it be nice to run 4 miles at a 4:50 pace and be able to talk to each other?






          Ryan wanted to take off so bad, but they were told to run as a team...





          A blurr at the finish...Ryan ended up 4th in that mess...


          He's a good sport, too...


          Oh, crap!  I gotta go! 

            6 miles easy for me today. No bears but I did have a flock of gold finches fly around me for a hundred yards or so. Maybe they thought my morning stubble was a giant thistle.Smile



            Chumbawamba: I get knocked down But I get up again You're never going to keep me down


              Nice photos, Mike.

              Congrats on your shirt, Twocat.


              I'm finally on the road to recovery. Marj went out for a long run on the Charles. I drove out an hour after she left and parked the car where she would finish. I then started walking and mixed it up with 'jogs'. I walked 10 min. and jogged for 5. Probably covered 3 miles in the hour and had minimal pain. First time I attempted running since my injury 2 weeks ago.


              Now to enjoy the rest of the weekend with another BBQ tomorrow (had one yesterday at Marj's DD's new house) and a 16 mile bike ride.

                Good morning Friends ..... sorry I've been MIA again  - this has been a whirlwind soap opera type week for me!


                Justin went off his med, started showing signs of psychosis again - I got his girlfriend involved who is now about 12 weeks pregnant and together we were able to convince him to start taking his med with her every time she takes her Prenatal vitamin -- so we avoided another hospitalization, she has pretty much moved in here and I am going to be a grandmother in March!!


                If that wasnt enough ..... Monday night, after a beautiful morning run with no pain, my right foot started throbbing.  I worked very busy 12 hour shifts Tuesday and Wednesday and the pain kept getting worse.  By wed. night the right side of my right foot also had some swelling and redness and I wasnt a happy Camper!!  Thursday am -- had to crawl to the bathroom!!  I couldnt put ANY weight on my right foot and it was very swollen and red -- thought for sure it was a stress fx.....went to primary care who thought it was a stress fx - sent me for x-ray, no sign of fx - went to orthopedic on Friday -- could now put a little weight on it --- he said acute peroneal tendonitis ---- put me in an aircast - said no weight bearing activity for 2 weeks!!Cry


                Anyone here have experience with that?   I have to say it is already much better --- the swelling and redness has gone away (well maybe a tiny bit of swelling still)   I can walk on it altho I have stayed in the aircast over the weekend.  AND I really want to do my sprint triathlon next Saturday!!  Am I crazy??


                Now - to go back and catch up on all your activities!!


                Trails are hard!

                  Happy Sunday and mid-long weekend.


                  no run today, but just under 4.5 miles yesterday at Little Sebago, ME.  It felt really good compared to the last "run"  I attempted down in NC, but pointed out that not only had I not run much, but none of it involved much in the way of hills.  Had to walk just a little going up the big one.


                  Mike--great pictures of the XC meet.  Interesting to run in the dark. but I liked the glow sticks.  I also liked the pattern on the boys' shoes--They're not really 5 finger like, are they?


                  Denise--Hope all the suuport you are able to offer for Justin keeps him on the right path.  And that your foot feels better soon.  Yes, you are crazy (you're here, aren't you) but the timing sounds a BIT tight.

                  Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                  King of PhotoShop

                    No Denise, you cannot do the sprint tri next weekend. Ask for refund or deferment now. I had this. It heals. Takes a while. Address it now.


                    Henry, at your age you're not supposed to recover that fast, but good for you that your are making progess!  Good news.


                    Very slow 4 miler for me today, with two quarters fast in the middle. Race tomorrow.


                    Remember the great sprinter Bob Hayes?  He played some football after a stunning Olympic performance in which he was named "The World's Fastest Human."  In what year was that Olympic performance?  Spareribs

                      No Denise, you cannot do the sprint tri next weekend. Ask for refund or deferment now. I had this. It heals. Takes a while. Address it now.






                        Warm and muggy this morning, perfect for a nice long recovery run after yesterdays 5K. Total of 13.3 miles  on the river trails.


                        Great pics Mike E. Your son sure has a great time racing. Wish I had enough hair for dreadlocks like his. My old bald head with a gray/white pony-tail and white beard is as much non-conformist behavior as I can get away with.


                        Denise, Ribs is correct. 


                        Have a great Sunday.



                        MM #5616

                          Nice pics, Mike!  Congrats to Ryan and all the Augustana runners!


                          Deez, bummer about the foot.  Hope it heals quickly.  And it does sound a bit like a soap opera at your place - glad I live such a quiet boring life!


                          Interesting discussion of genealogy (or geology, as Dave calls it!)  - I've been looking into my family  history too, with help from Skip, who's an expert.  I thought my Dad's family was originally from Scotland,  but so far I've only traced them back to confederates from Kentucky and Virginia.  At least my mom's family were Yankees! 


                          I did an easy 2.5 mile run with the dogs this morning. It was so cool here that I even waited till it hit 50 degrees before I went out.  If only it were going to be that cool tomorrow for the race!  Looks like 50's at the start and 80's by the end, so I guess I'll have to run fast to finish before it gets hot. 

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              I thought my Dad's family was originally from Scotland,  but so far I've only traced them back to confederates from Kentucky and Virginia.  At least my mom's family were Yankees! 




                            ..alot of "Scotch-Irish in Kentucky,,,,,,,,,,two more hops and you're in Scotland........



                            about your mom's family.




                            just kiddin'

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              Interesting discussion of genealogy (or geology, as Dave calls it!) 


                               I hate typing on a tablet.  (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.)

                              And so it goes

                              Back on Stride

                                Regarding gender-related conversation, I rather enjoy my guy/gal runs since we talk about things other than running. The guy/guy outings -- especially in a group -- all revolve around runs, times, races we've done, races we're training for, past/present injuries, who else is injured, and on and on. Am I right about this in general?


                                Met for the monthly club run and did a longish 9 miles. I signed up for the Brooksie Way HM at the end of September, then realized that with a vacation coming up I'd not have a lot of time to train for it. I hope to get in at least one LR when we get back on the 17th, although I'll miss the big group training run of the actual course on the 16th. Sad

                                Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI