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Another Kenyan athlete killed (Read 309 times)

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    A tragedy for everyone over there, but this brings the events in Kenya even closer: "Race Results Weekly and Grandma's Marathon report that Wesly Ngetich died in the Kenyon violence on Monday. In addition to winning Grandma's in 2007 and 2005, Ngetich was third in the 2005 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, second at the 2006 Chevron Houston Marathon and second at the 2007 Austin Marathon. Ngetich was scheduled to return to Grandmas in hopes of being the only three time winner of the Duluth, Minnesota event. Grandmas reports that four other men have also won the event twice in the events 31-year history: Garry Bjorklund, Dick Beardsley, Doug Kurtis and Patrick Maturi. Reuters reports that Ngetich was a victim of a poisoned arrow attack during fighting in his home town of Trans Mara, at the edge of world famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve on Monday."

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          This is so sad and terrible. For years, Kenya was seen as a stable country. To see it descend into violence is awful. It seems there are a lot of places where violence is the norm rather than attempts to live in peace. I hope that world leaders, and the people who follow them, can somehow change things for the better. TomS
            ......thanks mc//.......this is a Nightmare (for All concerned),,,,,,,but losing the Runners is especially Sad to me........

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