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Monday President's Day Runs (Read 50 times)

    Good morning good people. It's been a while since I started the daily. Since I'm still not running, I feel guilty posting on a running forum. Lots of great racing (and skiing) over the weekend and I hope everyone's week is off to a great start.


    Interesting trivia on the radio this morning driving to work. Someone did a survey ranking all of the presidents by "attractiveness." No surprise that JFK came in first. The Adams Family must have had some really bad genes. They were ranked 37th and 38th!  I think Nixon was last Big grin


    I've "graduated" to pool running! Trying to use the eliptical, swimming and pool running but the PT says at least another 4 weeks before I can even think about running. Anyone want to buy a bib# for the Cellcom half marathon in May?  That's the bad news. The good news is grandson #3 will be born tomorrow. With someone's help, maybe I can post some pictures.


    Have a great Monday everyone. And Avenger Dog? Try to stay out of mischief!

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      I can't count the number of times it's happened on this and other forums where someone gets injured and then feels guilty for posting because they're not running.  Fact is, we miss these people and wish they would continue to post.  Hope you heal up soon jlynne.


      Had a very interesting day today.  There is a young man, 24, here in the DFW area who is our fastest runner, and he has been asking me to run with him, just to say hello, as we are social media friends.  Of course it would be awkward for me and for him as I would have to run super fast and he would have to slow way down to run together.  His easy pace is 6:15.  But he said it would be no trouble to run at my pace, so we fixed today as the day.


      I planned to do just a couple of recovery miles today, but my RP and I met the guy at the Park in the middle of his 15 mile run, and he ran with us for a bit. I did 2.4 with him and she ran 4.4 at a bit faster pace.  What a class act he was!  We ran at 9:15's, then he and my RP ran 7:45's.  After the workout we chatted a bit, then he ran off at a pace I only dream of.  A great start to my day.


      He and I are doing the same race on Sunday, so we talked a bit about our plans.  His plan is to run considerably faster than I will.  Spareribs

        I found out today that Amy Yanni, whom some of you remember, ran the A1A Marathon yesterday and won her AG in 4:06 or so.  (She's just coming back to "real" training.  This is a slow time for what she used to normally run.)  I wish I would have known she was running it.  I would have gone and cheered her on and said hello.


        Also, a guy known as "Dr. Dribble" ran the A1A Marathon yesterday while dribbling TWO basketballs.  He finished in 4:38 (!!!) and now has a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records.


        As planned I ran my solo, comfortable training HM on Saturday in exactly 2 hours.  A1A would have been fun to run, but this was more beneficial to me.  I won (and also finished last) in my HM.


        I ran across this Excellent Running Article.  I'm amazed how spot on it is (IMO).  See if you agree!



        "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong


          Mornin' everyone.



          Jlynne, congrats on figuring out what you can do to stay fit while getting healthy again. That's as important for your mental health as for your physical health. Congrats on the pending birth of grandson #3 - I hope all goes well for mom and kid.


          Ribs, it sounds like it was a great meeting and run for both of you (and your RP) this morning. Sounds like 'class acts' all around!


          Add me to the list of those who feel guilty about posting when injured - I feel like I have nothing to contribute when I'm down and out. I went for a 6-mile racewalk  while visiting relatives in Chester, NY yesterday and did well, but paid for it afterward with lots of aches and pains on my right side from butt to knee. I took some ibu so I'd be comfortable on the 4+ hr. ride home, and that worked, thank goodness.


          As we got close to NH yesterday afternoon, we hit some light snow and intense winds. The wind kept blowing snow across the roads, and it got a bit tricky at times, but we got home safely. All afternoon and evening, westerly winds whipped over the pond across the street and slammed into the house. We lost power at about 6, after we got the fireplace roaring, and when dinner was prepped and ready to cook. Luckily we could stove-top it, and match-lit the stove. So we ate by candlelight in front of the fire, and it was fine. The power came back on overnight, so we could have showers and coffee this morning, meaning that life is good again.


          Tonight, we're meeting to choose the beneficiary for this year's Seacoast Half Marathon. 20 local non-profits have submitted applications, so it is going to be a tough slog to choose just one.


          Have a greta President's Day - especially if you have the day off!



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            Chester, NY is very close to where I used to live in Cornwall, NY, Jay.


            Breger, thanks for the update on Amy Yanni.  Miss her. She stayed at my house one year for the Dallas White Rock Marathon, the year it was freezing rain. I forgot where I told her I'd meet her after the race and left her out there for about a half hour after she finished.  I told her it would toughen her up.  We also ran Omaha together.  And finally, she was the one who got me to enter the Global Heroes contest for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.  What a runner and friend she is.


            Here's the write up on my run this morning with my new elite buddy!  Also a training tip on quality miles:





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              Howdy folks!


              Quick fly-by on my work lunch.


              Jlynne - #3 already!  How the time has flown...


              I am one who really misses folks when the drop off posting because of injury.  We are so much more than a running forum here.


              I am working today, but no one else in the house had to get up this morning, so I opted to sleep in until 6am, which considerably shortened my available running time.  Since I did a pretty strenuous weights and core session yesterday evening, I was okay with cutting today short.


              2 easy-paced miles on the TM.

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


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                 We are so much more than a running forum here.





                Holly - I agree and love that you wrote it, you are such a doll.


                Jlynne - I'm glad you're pool running, it sounds fun....and very exciting about your coming grandbaby!!


                Ribs - You're run today with Mr. Elite was so cool!  His "easy pace" is 6:15??  watching him run must be poetry in motion.


                Breger - thanks for the news about Amy......I miss her too. I met her (and her sweet greyhound, Frank) at a few races. She is an incredible runner, and a sweet and caring friend.


                     ......and thanks for that excellent article......i loved this: "All gains in fitness are achieved during periods of recovery"


                No running for me......Just an hour cycling to and from work


                In AB we call this "Family Day"Smile


                  JLynne, keep at it. Pool running has got me through a few injuries. Congrats on the pending grandchild-we're still excited about our 3 month old and Marj is spending the day having fun with one of our 5 year olds.

                  Breger-the double dribbler was on the news this morning and Marj says she saw him at the Miami half.

                  Glad Yanni is back to it-we're both Red Sox 'fanatics'.

                  While Marj was absorbed with her granddaughter I ran 4.7 miles, mostly with a tail wind as we had another bitter cold, but sunny, morning.

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                    Just to prove I've never let not running (this time since 1/12/13) stop me from posting, thanks bryllie for posting the aamos AG win. Are you still Tribylle too?


                    A pure marthonist, when she took sabbatical a couple of years ago somewhere from representing the down-and-out in our so-called criminal “justice” system - and running it seems, she already had 86 AG wins in 123 marathons (up to 36 mary's in one year (2006) and variously including 14, 15, 17, etc. first AG places in a row, even when there were up to 65, 66, 77, 78, 94, and 125 other women in her AG) to say nothing of several overall men/women combined masters wins and first/second/third/four/fifth/etc. overall placements too.  Just as astounding were her impressive AG placements in highly competitive megamarathons, e.g. New York (10/1024) and the annual Bostons she ran every year ever since 2004 when it was her third ever marathon.
                    She probably doesn’t even remember me but she got me posting on the old Boomer Board when she had a topic in the fall of 2004 on her upcoming first Seattle Marathon generating the first of divechief’s sage advice I ever saw (as he was going for a PR or Boston or something).


                    .When they started chatting about amy’s new shoes after I popped in with a comment about the SM hills I love so much, divechief somehow surmised I was the barefoot runner he’d seen in local fun runs around town and got amy guessin’ what we’d all be wearing.  She never found out until we passed on the Lake Washington Blvd out-and-back just out of Seward Park around mile 10.5 for me (mile 14 for her).  I’ll never forget it either as it was just as she was starting to sneak in-and-out and slip like a stealth pilot or running ninja through a group of tall, young guys who were helpless to keep up. Funny though, I never did see divechief.
                    When she tried to get me in some ridiculous new group that’d just been started by some runners who liked marathons so much to make a club about it, I thought it was even weirder than when the magazines started coming out in 1978 about the new “sport” of triathlons’ swimming/cycling/running.  I should have known better as, with the “evidence” of my Sat/Sun SeattleGhost/SM double done on a last-minute whim (as was still possible in those days), she dragged me off to the post-event festivities being hosted by the Marathon Maniacs where she made sure I knew I was one of them too.  Thanks MM#130. We miss you.
                    Ps - I’m not jealous or anything like that but, though she never stayed at my house, did I ever mention about someone’s first marathon kiss with someone at the 2006 Seafair Marathon?


                    eta - happy grandson jeanne

                    Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                    T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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                      Arf, thanks.  He's doing the Cowtown 50K this Sunday and his goal time is 3:10.   Spareribs

                        Wow Henry - you are WAY tougher than me!!  I skipped the outside runs yesterday and day because of the biting wind and bitter cold - just dont have it in me right now.     Nice job!!


                        I went to a small local gym owned by 3 strong women called Body Infusion by Her - great setup ... took their Body Infusion class (barre class with muscle toning and cardio mixed in)  and 30 minute Spin Express ..... amazing how much I feel those muscles I am not hitting with my running!!  Then  went over to the big gym (planet fitness)  and did 5.2 miles on the treadmill - where it was nice and warm!!


                        Jlynne - keep up the strong work in the pool - it will pay off!!

                        CNY - glad you didnt blow away in the wind yesterday - you are a tough cookie as well!!

                        Ribs - cool run for you today and even more so for that youngster!!  He's a lucky kid!!


                        Mainerunnah - I signed up for the Rev3 Olympic Tri at OOB in August -- hope to see you this summer!!


                          You can post here when you cannot run!  Wow, I am going to have to rethink this whole RA thing.  Joking  As probably the most frequently waylaid runner here if not for non-running posts I would disappear altogether.


                          Yesterday's 20K race took place on freezing cold with a strong headwind for the first 6 miles, most of which where uphill.  I guess it helped keep people from overheating.  Roll eyes  Okay, before the Alaska squad tells me that 22° is not really cold (Just like the snow at the beach was not really snow.  I am not going to mention names but evanflein you know who you are!) I want to say everything is relative.  Which is why I am now planning to move to Ecuador.  I hear they have banned winter which is just fine by me.  As to the race, well I finished.  It was my longest run since being off for ankle repair.  But finished is all, likely a new 20K PW on my part.  Still better than not able to start and finish.

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                            Bill, thanks for the update about Amy. She's a great runner and I miss her too.  She was my roomie in Omaha and we had fun getting to know each other.  Jlynne, I'm so excited for you and your new grandson!


                            I have the day off but really haven't done much.  Watched the season finale of Downton Abbey online.  We've been fixing up the bathroom so ordered stuff online just now.  We shopped in Sioux Falls all day yesterday but couldn't find everything I wanted.  The faucet for the sink was almost $100 cheaper online.


                            Saturday afternoon we took Smokey and Bandit to the ball field to run around.  The puppy is so funny to watch her try to keep up with Bandit.  The litter she was from looked just like the "chocolates" that Ribs posted - cute picture.  We took Smokey out to see her parents but they really didn't interact much.  MrStarr's brother keeps his dogs under a tight leash (shock collars) so they weren't real playful.  Bandit was limping yesterday morning and wouldn't walk on her foot at all last night.  It turns out it's a bad sprain. Still don't know when she hurt it for sure.


                            I was up early yesterday morning and decided to run before church.  20° sounded warm enough but it seemed like I was running into the wind the whole way.  I started out following a black lab running loose.  I thought I might know where he belonged, but he took off on a country road before I ever caught up to him.  I followed the county road that I ran on this summer.  It will be nice when they get the new bike path paved there this spring.  If only they'd plow the paths a little better.  Icy patches made it a bit treacherous in spots.  I sure don't want to fall and break something.  It was a nice sunny 4 mile run before church.  My feet and legs were so achey the rest of the day so I'm not going to run today.  Every other day is best for me.   Now I have to go scrape wallpaper off the bathroom walls.  Have a good day everyone.

                              A new workout for me today, via the Hansons’ plan.  6x1 mile w/400 intervals at an MP-10 second pace.  It’s part of what they call “strength workouts.”  Faster than MP but not really a traditional tempo (a.k.a. HM pace) run.  In theory it’s supposed to improve lactate clearance and tolerance, in addition to improving endurance at faster paces.  In the coming weeks, the six miles of work stays steady but at longer work sessions (4x1.5, 3x2, etc).  I’m still calling it “intervals” in the log, but that doesn’t quite seem right.


                              Anyway, got it done fine.  10.6 miles total RAL.



                                actually be Enjoyable..

                                .........start leaving off Flotation Blocks


                                it becomes a Struggle to keep your Head Above Water.......





                                That didn't sound too Enjoyable when I saw it in writing.).............but it IS great exercise....


                                ...need any tips lemme know, this is my 4TH YEAR

                                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....