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December Boomer Miles and 2007 Totals (Read 1110 times)

    Back on CR there was a tradition of posting our running/walking miles for the month on the “Boomer Miles” thread. (You can see the thread from last month here: ) January will be a good time to start new traditions in our new home under new management. But before we do, let’s finish business for 2007! When you are done running for the month, be sure to post: 1. your total mileage for the month (indicate if this was a PR) 2. any race PR’s (include distance and time) 3. your miles for 2007 (Is this a PR for you? Let us know how the running year went for you) NOTE: If you were known by another name at CR, please mention that so I can enter your data properly and so I don't include your previous name on the "wish you were here" list. I'm easily confused. Background for newcomers: At the end of each month, Boomers are required to note how many miles (or kilometers) they have run that month. You must be 40+ years old and run or walk at least 1 mile to be eligible. Sorry, only running and walking numbers are counted. Figuring out a way to incorporate cross-training numbers would cause my head to explode. The deadline is midnight EST on the 2nd of the new month. The numbers are tallied and posted (usually on the 3rd) in a simple analysis that includes various awards, serious and silly. No matter how few or how many miles you have, please post! Every mile is an accomplishment.

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      Thanks for doing this, Tramps! My mileage is still very low, but this will encourage me to run as much as I can. Teresa
        Hi Tramps. Thanks for doing this. My computer crashed several months ago and lost all my '07 log. Because of your mileage thread I was able to at least get my yearly total miles. Dec miles will be 272 YTD will be 2430 Master's pr's 5K 18:36 4.1 turkey trot 24:17 1/2 126:06

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          Hi Tramps. Dec miles ........................42 Dec Pace.........................8:33 YTD ..............................1000.2 YTD...............................8:26 Races 5K ................................8:19 5K ................................8:02
            Tramps - thanks for bringing this over! December: 146.4 miles 2007: 1430.8 miles It was a good year. Injury-wise, I'm in MUCH better shape than I was last year at this time.

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              Tramps - thanks once again for managing this up until now. Month: 151 Year: 2100 miles, 248 runs, 8:13/mi avg pace -- that's 11 days, 23 hours on the road The yearly mileage is a PR for me.

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                Just popping in to finish the year with Tramps and to say hi to those of you I don't see at Kickrunners. Hope everyone is doing well and had a good year! December miles 108.2 YTD miles 1166 (personal best) Choovie aka Choover

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                  Thanks Tramps for this and all you did in the past. I hope whoever takes it over can do half as good a job. I will post now because I really shouldn't run tomorrow. If I do I'll edit. December:46.7 Mi 2007 422.8 Mi Barb
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                    Thank you tramps! You and ilene and the weekly and 40/40 are the best welcome of all for lost CR boomers. Unfortunately, nothin' to report this month as still savorin' the year's runs 'n boomer friends. 2007 miles - 700.1 (2nd most miles after 2006's 984 miles) lifetime marathons (30yrs) - 100 2007 events - 493.5 miles (70% - including 8-marys/5ultras) . . . . 100K (1) -15:28:00 (PR) . . . . 50 miles (1) - 14:09:00 (PR) trail (6) - 217.3 miles (31%) goddesses - 40 miles (6%) PR triathlons (1) - 3.4 miles (1/2%) barefoot - 344 miles (49%) thongs - 329.8 miles (47%) jikatabi - 26.2 miles (4%) swim - 0.25 miles cycle - 723.8 miles ps - there's enough takeovers goin' on; hope you are not going to be one of 'em. psst - hi hally, the best boomer friend I've never met yet. <>engene/engene)))

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                      Thanks for doing this Tramps, this place is beginning to feel like home. Smile lowest month for me while I try to get this stupid heel healed, lots of elliptical though, and I am finally getting back to some weights at the gym. Anyway, 49.2 December miles 1760 miles for 2007 Dave
                        Hey Tramps, Thanks for doing this one more time. Smile YTD - 1454.9 miles, gosh, if I jog to the fridge and back a dozen times, can I round it up to 1455? thanks!! A PR. December: 148.8 miles not a PR, but... 12K PR of 1:10:11

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                          Thanks Tramos.. 2007 mileage - 2184 December - 194 Half Marathon PR at Whiterock - 1:38:46, 13/206 AG.
                            Hi Everyone I did not post my miles in the CR Boomers so this my first time, please be gentle Wink. December 122 running miles. 2007 1512 running miles. Smile No PR's to report. I also averaged about 10 miles a week walking the neighborhood in the evening so approx. 500 miles walking. Thanks Tramps

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                              Thanks Tramps! December: 195.5 miles 2007: 2205.7 miles - a PR year for me over 1688 last year, which was a PR then as well

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                                Hi Tramps, Thanks for the last hurrah. For me (aka kameele) 31.7 miles for the month to reach a total of 430 miles for the year. Guess that's a PR since I didn't start running until March of 2006 Wink Kevin

                                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.