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The Jogger

    Morning Boomers I haven't run today as I have a bit of a cold and cough etc, nothing too bad as I am still going to work today. I just wanted to open a daily as it feels right here. I have posted on a thread Eric started about him importing our logs but can't find it at the mo, I have lost all last years and this years running log.......... Anyway, I'm sure it will all sort out but I have to say, I do like it here. Good Runs All Roy
      Good to see you here Roy. Smile Rest day for me. Good runs everyone.
        I was up early for a pretty good workout at the gym. I hope I can substitute one of my planned runs this week with some a cross country skiing. It all depends on how much work I can get done.

        And so it goes

          Good to have you starting the daily, Roy. I hope you figure out a way to get your log. TomS is here! Divechief, too, and lots of familiar “faces.” Tom White—I thought I saw you on TV last night. JJJ—you’re churning out impressive miles. Ice bath on christmas? Brrrrr. Some strength and core work later. I promise.
            Good morning, everyone! PDR is headed to work Undecided while I have the day off. I do have a lot of stuff on my list which has been piling up, so I guess it's just as well. I will head out for 5 in a little bit, to be reported on later.

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              Good Morning and a belated Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Mrhopeful outdid himself and bought me a Garmin 305 AND a WII game!! I've never used a heartrate monitor before, so I now have to go study the manual - and I may be asking lots of questions. Think I'll be calling the doctor today. Still persistantly coughing - but I did finally sleep all night, but that may have been from shear exhaustion after entertaining dozens of people for 2 days straight. Roy - I'm sorry to read about you loosing your running log! I'm going to try and transfer mine later today. Nice to see all these familiar faces and names! Happy Wednesday - ~Mary


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                Good Morning all, I'm may do some light XT later maybe even a 3 mile recovery, just to avoid any DOMS Tramps, Millbot brought the value of a ice bath to our attention after any hard run. jjj
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                  Good morning I am with running for me today although I may take a good walk later. Roy...thanks for starting us off. Work with Eric on the log. If anyone can help, he can. Good luck. WRFB Did PDR leave you a list for the day to add to yours?....Hmmmm I see Tramps already has his picture up of him working on strength by working with that barbell. Not much weight showing on that cane. Big grin Hopeful4ever ....hopefully you will be feeling better soon to enjoy that new Garmin. Feel free to ask questions about it. There are enough of us who use them that we should be able to help. Silent Rebel talking about Cross Country skiing reminds me of when my kids were small and my son (about 8) came in and announced that his older sister (about 12) was going to be late for supper. When we asked why he said...."Because she said she is going across the country skiing." Did you get a gift card for Christmas? I just saw that there are three websites where you can trade your card for one you would like better, see your card balances, and even earn interest on your card balance. The websites are: (This was on GMA @ ABC) Have a good day and some good runs.
                    I finally found everyone. I've been perusing the Forums on this site and could never find anything that resembled the Boomers. Just on a hunch, I clicked on User Groups and finally located everybody. Been feeling all alone on the wilderness. 8 Ball No runs for me since last Friday. I decided to give my achilles tendon a rest for several days in an attempt to get it back to normal. I have some races scheduled in January and need to get these aches to pass. Bill

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                      Yay! Bruger's here! Big grin (Vista--grrrr.)

                        morning boomers Smile nothing for me yet today, but had to post when I saw Roy started. just seems right. Smile hope you get better. did you try the instructions here? I did it just a couple of minutes ago & it worked! I copied the posts to notepad so I could edit them w/my username & password. You have to use your old cr user name, not what ever new one active gave you. you end up being welcomed to cr by name, then you paste the second (also edited) link in the address bar, & at least for me I got my cr log. sorry if you already tried this. I had before, but hadn't done it right. Mary, you too. the doctor sounds like a good idea. yay you got a garmin! jjj, ice baths sure don't sound very appealing right now. ok, ever. I know they're a good idea, though. I like fjord susan's river dip. has anybody heard from her? Dave59, much better. that's why I used to call you GDave, it just didn't seem right to call you gray. Last night I finished my PT exercises, & did all the stability ball favorites (mine, anyway),, the side lifts, side planks, & front plank. I'll do something later today, but I'm not sure what. great runs, workouts, whatevers to you all.

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                            Good morning all, It's good to see Roy starting the thread. I OD'd on chocolate yesterday so I knew that I'd have to go out there & get all the bad stuff out of my system this morning..... 8.03 miles of hills @ 9:10 pace on a rainy, windy, raw morning but I'm starting to feel better and getting back to normal. Good runs to all today

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                              Tom White—I thought I saw you on TV last night..
                     was probably a re-run of ''America's Most Wanted.''.......Sigourney Weaver later dropped the charges and even bought me a cute little Ankle Bracelet as a Memento......... I honestly didn't know it was against the law to impersonate a Chippendale Dancer...... ..oh, and I can't go to Krogers' anymore...... day/rest/weights...................good running to the rest of ya//////

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                                Happy Wednesday all! Thanks for getting us going Roy, all the way from the UK! I may not have time to post much here, but wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoy reading your daily posts about your running and non running adventures, and all the interaction between many of you. Thanks for the stories and keep 'em coming! Got 9+ predawn miles in. It was one of those cold, calm, crisp mornings where your breath just hung in the air as you exhaled, everything was coated frosty white from a bit of fog, and the nearly full moon made everything glisten like diamonds. It was a bit colder than I thought, as my water bottles froze up. The past few days dietary indulgences seem to have caught up to me and turned my blood into sludge, it was a chore to keep the legs going this AM. Time to flush out the system starting today! Regardless, it's great just being able to be out there. Thanks for letting me ramble. A good day to all! Smile