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The Monday Daily - 9.3.12 (Read 429 times)


    Mornin' all.


    Wonderful photos yesterday, Mike and Troy!


    Denise, congrats on the pending grandkid, but a bummer about having to skip the tri. You'll be fine, and will be back on the roads before you know it.


    Speaking of 'back on the roads,' welcome back Henry! I'm glad you are well-healed, and are able to start doing some running again.


    Tom, it's great that you eyed the solution to your 'melt-down' issue. I hope the switch to different eye meds works.


    We got back from our trip to NY/PA last night, having visited a niece (and DH), a BIL (and DW), and a friend of my DW from high school who just retired from a teaching career and moved to her dream home on Masten Lake. It was a great trip, but we were beat by the time we got home. So I hung in bed a little late this morning, and was still deliberating about what kind of a workout to do when I headed out the door at about 5. I was fatigued, but still feeling OK in general, so I started out easy and went where it took me. It turns out it took me up the coast toward a stubbornly-slow sunrise, hidden behind the dark clouds carrying a storm off the coast. The sky gradually lightened, but it till a long time before the sun got high enough to start to lighten and soften some of the clouds, beginning to turn them from grey to white. The moon was still high on the other side of the sky, as if waiting for enough sunlight to spread across the landscape so the moon could retire for the rest of the day. I wound up going 8.4 miles, and kept my splits all within about a 10-second range. Nice workout. I hope to complete a 'tri' today with lawn mowing and a kayak excursion with DW this afternoon.


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

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      Good morning and happy Labor Day, all. Just a quick update on my race yesterday, since some were curious as to the outcome. Here's what I wrote in my DailyMile post, easier just to copy the text here:


      Run the Reservoir HM, 13.19 miles, 1:56:07


      The good: finally broke 2 hours, and PR'd by 7 minutes. Got 2nd AG too. Smile


      The bad: went out too fast, maintained that too fast pace for 11 miles, then fell apart on the hills at the end. Oh, and they only gave awards for AG winners. Sad


      Miles 6-8 were on a trail, so it makes sense my pace was slower then. I figured as long as I was seeing splits that started with an 8Tight lippedx, I was in good shape. I think I just got lucky that I had the extra time in the bank, because finishing with positive splits really wasn't my plan. Still, a good hard run on a humid day.


      splits = 8:22, 8:35, 8:36, 8:39, 8:38, 8:53, 9:01, 8:43,8:50, 8:51, 8:54, 9:22, 9:13, 8:09 (remainder)


      Coach's plan for me was to go out conservatively, which I felt was 9:00 pace, then after the halfway point, pick it up if I felt up to it (up to 8:40 pace). Well obviously I had trouble keeping it slow, as much as I kept looking at my watch and trying to relax. A comment I had gotten on FB regarding this (as I understood it), was that rather than tone it down for those first 11 miles, my coach should train me to keep it going for the final two miles. Interesting. Coach hasn't seen my splits yet, so I can't wait to hear what he's got to say. Black eye


      Hope Carolyn's doing well on her marathon this morning, go go go!!


      Deez, so sorry to hear about the foot injury, but congrats on the upcoming grandbaby! Yes, more wishes that your DS stay focused and healthy with this joyous news.


      Oh, my feeble post-race mind (still!) can't remember anything else that I wanted to comment on, so here's some general {{{ }}}  to all!!

        Good morning Jay, OM and all to follow. Hope everyone is having a "relaxing" Labor Day. Wow, OM. Nice race yesterday! And while you weren't happy with your ending splits, to finish under two hours and PB the race by 7 minutes, that's pretty awesome. I see great things in your future!


        I was happy to hear that: Henry is on the road to recovery, Mike got to run with Ryan (and took some great pictures of Ryan's race), Tom has figured out his muscle fatigue problems, Deez is going to be a grandma, Dave found some interesting relatives researching his family geology Wink, and Carolyn is ready for her marathon today. Good luck Wildchild!


        Yesterday, DH and I played 18 holes of golf. I beat him scratch on the front with a 9 hole score of 43 (my best ever)! Unfortunately I didn't do as well on the back nine and shot a 51. Still, 94 is my best score this summer. Today we're playing in a string tournament also known as the "divorce open." Each couple hits their drive, then you choose the best one and alternate shots until the ball is in the hole. I told DH I was going to take his golf ball places it's never been before! As far as running goes, 7.25 miles this morning, 9:47 pace and 73° with lots of humidity.


        Enjoy your last official holiday of the summer everyone!

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          Good morning!  Happy Labor Day!  You don't hear many people say "Happy Labor Day" do you?  And why isn't it "Merry Labor Day"?  Hmm...I'm just glad to have the day off...that makes me both happy and merry.


          Tom--I am so glad you figured out was going on with you.  I had been watching your times get slower and slower and it was obvious you weren't having any fun running.  I was worried about you, to be honest.  It is really weird that eye drops could do that.  Anyway--I'm glad you're okay.


          Tet--I forgot to congratulate you on another marathon finish. 


          Starr--no, #21 is Paul Yak from Storm Lake, Iowa.  The guy from Worthington is Aduo Omot.  He's on the cross country team roster but I don't know if I've ever seen him run in a cross country meet.  He's an 800 specialist--and a national champion.


          Stumpy--I did not notice that pattern on the shoes until you pointed it out.  No, they're not 5 finger like.  But they look cool don't they?


          Those are some pretty cool photos, Troy.


          So I went on another 10 miler yesterday...this time by myself.  I did the same exact course I did on Friday with Ryan--10.03 miles--but a whole lot slower in 1:19:02.


          In the back of my mind I've thinking that I really need to start getting in some longer runs to get ready for a 25K team race that's coming up.  I finally looked to see when it is to plan out my training.  It's next Sunday!  Oh well...I'll do my best.


          I can't wait to hear how wild did in her marathon.  She's a maniac!


          Okay--I guess I'd better go do something. 

          Trails are hard!

            Happy Labor Day.  I know it's the "end" of summer, but it's still a day off for most of us, so I think that still makes it Happy, at least for me.


            6.2 miles for me this morning--still up in Maine.  Nice and cool, not too humid.  a lot more ups and downs than the normal home route, so a bit slow, but still satisfying.  I've been running more and more with my Pure Flows and I really like them.  I've had none of the transition soreness htat I'd been warned about.  Not sure if it's becasue my summer footwear is mostly boatshoes with no drop already, or just that i don't run enough miles in ANY of my shoes to make a big difference.


            Gorgeous pictures from yesterday--DW and I flew from Rampart to Manly Hot Springs with BIL and pilot friend almost 30 years ago while visitng BIL up there.  NOt sure how close it is to these photos, but sure reminded my of what I remember seeing.


            Tom--glad you seem to have figured out the mystery of the declining times and it's not just getting older.  Enjoy the improved times.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



               I would

              have to Vote

              with the ''shouldn't be enough to affect you'' guy.........definitely switch to another drop, but have your Primary Doc keep looking


              hopefully it was the Drops,,,,,,,,,,,you aren't on any other Oral heart or circulation pills are you??


              Hang in there,


              you know The Problem, it's a lot easier to Find a Solution




              ...........28min poolrun,


              I've been doing this for A WHILE,

              let me suggest dropping down the Flotation Devices as you progress.


              I tried

              it first without Flotation and Damn Near Drowned myself


              thus encouraged,


              I  whittled the belt down to Two Small styrofoam blocks,


              enough to keep my chin above water,


              just minimal enough to make me have to fight to stay afloat.


              Results??..........tougher poolruns, and MUCH better work-outs.


              just a thought.



              you Knew it was a High Injury Sport when you started it...............Good Running Guys.......

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                5k this morning:  24:50. 


                2:30+ slower than last year.  Where did the 2011 Dave go?


                I'm happy with the 8:00 pace at this point.  It was hot, sunny, and humid but it didn't kill me for a change.  The 10am start made it warmer than it had to be if they would just start earlier.  I kept a consistent pace the entire way (once I was out of the traffic.)  A good, hard effort overall. 


                I found out my next door neighbor is 52 and pretty fast.  Sub-21 for him.  I have never seen him out running but he says he runs in the morning.  He and his family moved in a year or so ago so you think I would have seen him out running at least once. Confused

                And so it goes

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                   I beat him scratch on the front with a 9 hole score of 43 (my best ever)! Unfortunately I didn't do as well on the back nine and shot a 51. Still, 94 is my best score this summer.



                  Nice golfing!


                  Orange Mat - AWESOME RACE!  Even better considering you had some trail parts and hills at the end.  Excellent!


                  I did some extra cooking this weekend, trying out 4 new recipes.  Only 1 out of the 4 are keepers, though, a lookalike recipe for PF Chang's Mongolian Beef - my DH's favorite.  I suspect we won't be going to PF Changs very often, now that I can duplicate this at home...


                  We have a cook out to go to at 5, and it looks like it might clear up by then. We've had a good steady rain all day, enough so that I stayed on the TM this morning. I must admit that I sort of hate attending holiday weekend cookouts on the last day of the holiday weekend.   The night before the work week begins is traditionally a "putter around at home" time for us.  I'm such a homebody anyway, it's a push to get me out the door......Joking


                  10 slow miles on the TM this morning watching Haywire.  meh, meh

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                    Happy Labor Day!


                    I slept in this morning and by the time I got up and around it was already too hot (90 degrees) to run. So, I went for a nice long bike ride instead. A nice 47 mile loop around OKC. I'll probably spend the afternoon in the pool or under air conditioning since it is now 100 here.



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                      Wow, Paul--that's hot! 


                      Speaking of hot...I just looked up wildchild's marathon results:  She did good!  Way to go Carolyn!


                         I would

                        have to Vote

                        with the ''shouldn't be enough to affect you'' guy.........definitely switch to another drop, but have your Primary Doc keep looking


                        hopefully it was the Drops,,,,,,,,,,,you aren't on any other Oral heart or circulation pills are you??



                        Tom, I've been on Pravacol for years - long before I started slowing down.  That's about it.  Thanks, Tom

                          deez4boyz good luck with the foot.  Rest it until it feels better.  Hard but worth it.  A few weeks now versus . . . well who knows.  Take care.


                          rhoon phast stunning pictures!  What a spectacular area!


                          evanflein after 22 miles you are more than welcome to recover first and comment some other time.


                          tetsujin209 why I <sarcasm>LOVE</sarcasm> flying!  Oh do I wish I had the money for a private plane!  Not sure I would spend it on that but it would sure be nice to have the money!  Joking  Where are those old Vaudeville joke tags when you need them?


                          OrangeMat congratulations on your HM race.  A new PR and 2 in your AG!  Extra sweet!


                          Today was the New Haven 5k and 20k race.  For the first time my DW ran the 20k!  There was a lot of anxiety pre-race with talk about not starting and of dropping out at the 7 mile mark (which is a block from the start/finish area).  But in the end she ran all 20k.  I also think this is the first year she has done two races over 10 miles in one year.  On top of all that she is signed up to run the Amsterdam HM in October!  She will turn into a regular HM racer yet!  I ran the 20k as well.  Since I gave the Saturday 10 mile race my all I figured for the sake of avoiding injury I would not race the 20k full out.  So I used every psychological trick I had to stop myself.  I wore a HRM which I never do during a race.  I wore a short sleeved shirt instead of a singlet, again something I would not do in a race where the temperatures were in the upper 60's.  I wore my semi-minimalist sneakers instead of the minimalist ones I have been training every other run day in and using for all my races.  Last but not least I did not do my usual pre-race diet instead I just ate normally.  Well it worked!  I managed to finish in a 7:53 pace which is right where I wanted to end up!  Legs feel fine.  Ankle feels fine.  Hamstrings feel fine.  Good all around!  I am going to book it as a success!

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                            I like when we go canyouing Jay. There are some kayaks too, but I don't understand them


                            Orange Mat..That sounds very far and fun.


                            I got new golf balls today because the race was at a golf course. They make the balls go way way far! Fun fun fun! No one said, "Good boy", though.


                            Swimming in a pool is like taking a big big bath. YUCK!


                            Your wife goes very good for only two legs Two Cat.



                            When it was morning. Me and Mom and Dad went for a bye bye ride to a race!!!



                             There were lots of people and some dogs there. We had to go with every one before we could go run run run! I was scared that we were going to be late and not get to run run run and I dragged Dad.



                            The man at the start of the race said lots of words that I don't know



                            He said, "GO!" and that was all I needed!!!



                            Dad is still way far behind me! All I could feel is a jerk on the leash. We were running running. I had to really go to the bathroom. We would have went run run run more soon, but Dad had to pick it up in a bag and carry it like poop was precious jewels that would break.



                            Hurry Dad Hurry!!!



                            I was running out of gas when it was a long time.



                            Then Dad said, "Last one in buys the ice cream!".



                            That's not ice cream Dad.



                            But it's good!


                            There is no ice cream there... 



                            Dad, that's not ice cream either.



                            She did not have ice cream, but she petted me and took my picture.



                            Finally!!!! Ice Cream!!!!




                            Sniffing Butts, Tag

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                              Speaking of hot...I just looked up wildchild's marathon results:  She did good!  Way to go Carolyn!


                              Thanks!  Wow - they already posted results on line?  I just  got home and took a shower!


                              Finished in 4:37:11, which is  a  41 minute marathon PR!  Of course, that's compared to the Wyoming marathon, which is much harder, but I'm happy with that.  It was about 60 and overcast at the start, but the sun came out at about mile 22 and I slowed way down.  Probably almost 80 at the end, but I finished feeling okay.  4th in AG out of 9.  I'm not too bummed I missed 3rd place because the prizes were water bottles.   But the finishers medals are nice!


                              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                                ..YAY wildchild//////..........Wonderful PR


                       Running tag////// Earned that Ice Cream....




                                .....tselbs//.......nope, no drug interactions with Pravachol

                                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....