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    Mornin' everyone!


    OM, I feel bad for you that NY was canceled at the last minute. But, as others here have said, it is great that you are keeping a positive attitude and moving forward. It really is a shame that the mayor didn't cancel the race earlier in the week - that would have saved a lot of people a lot of time and expense. I've read, since the race was canceled, that a lot of runners are taking Rib's suggestion and will be spending this morning helping out in areas of the city that still need help.


    So nice to hear from Robin and Tallrunner - welcome back to you both!


    TomW, I'll be interested to read the next segment in the bike saga.


    Twocat, I know that being without power for over a week is pretty stressful, and this cooler weather isn't helping (except for keeping food cooler). I hope that it'll just be another day or two.


    Ribs, thanks for jumping in to volunteer yesterday. What a good and satisfying way to spend a little time for other folks.


    C-R, congrats on helping a friend at the Monumental Half - another great example of volunteerism!


    Welcome back, WoodsLady. I'm glad you're feeling better and getting in some running.


    Holly, I'm sorry you are continuing to have problems with Yahoo. Maybe it is time to jump ship?


    TomS - nice 5K yesterday, even if your time wasn't what you wanted. If you had a 10 year-old pacer, you would have done a lot better too!


    Tet, congrats on a good, rain-free Unity run, and a Dove-sighting as a bonus!


    Yesterday morning, I drove 2+ hrs. to Bridgton, ME for the Moose Pond Half Marathon. It was my second half in 7 days (which I've never done before), but there was no walking division in this one, so I was just there to have fun. There were IRC, with temps in the low 40s, just a hint of a breeze, and almost solid cloud cover. This was the first time this race had been run, and the highest bib number I saw later on the results sheet was in the 250s. Milk Truck was there too but, unfortunately, we didn't meet up. The first mile was relatively flat, and then it was mostly uphill through mile 6, mostly downhill to mile 9, and then little rollers to the finish. That first mile was on a fairly busy road, and after that, it was a nice country road course. I didn't go out as fast as last week, in part because I was a bi intimidated by the hills (especially being a coastal flatlander). As usual, most of the field was in front of me by the time we started climbing. I found that I was able to hold a better pace than some of the runners on the early hills, so I'd pass them, and they'd pass back on level or downhill stretches. Mile 6 was all uphill, and somewhat steep, and I passed a bunch. The runners were faster on the next few downhills, but I found another gear that helped me stay a little closer on those downhills. I felt surprisingly good at mile 10, and so decided to let loose (in the relative sense) for the last 5K. I was pleased to pick off about 6-8 runners there, and to not be passed myself. I finished in 2:25+, which was 1 minute slower than last week's half. With the hills on this course, I was happy with that. Because I didn't go out too fast here, I felt a lot better at the end of the race, even with those hills. My time was good enough for 1st overall in my AG - which means that I beat the one other guy in the group - age does have it's advantages.


    Even though I was up early today (my internal clock is still on daylight savings time), I kept it as a SRD. Now I have to head to the airport in Boston to meet DW at her 8:30 arrival, and then we'll head to our favorite dive for breakfast.


    If you are without power, or suffering other losses from Sandy, I will be thinking about you again today.  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Nice racing there Jay. BTW, do any runners make any comments when you pass them?


      I'm at work this morning. Slightly frustrated that I have to be here. Piss poor planning on somebodies else's part...I'll be missing out on a European Style cross country race (thru timber, creek crossings, open pasture) that a good size contingent from our plant will be at...and partying afterwards. Tomorrow I'll get to listen to all the shenaigians.


      No run yet today. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will sneak something that resembles a longish run in later today.


        Nice racing Jay. That was a good read. Sorry about the Sunday work slo. Hope you can get that run. Save the racing for monkey. 6 miles tho morning and now for my 10 hour shift at the Colts game. At least it's indoors. Have a great one all and good vibes to those needing them in NYC.

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          ...I cannot imagine jay picking off those runners// are SMOKIN'


          nice to see TallRunner checking in.



          but I digress.




          .....pretending I was jay, I got up a 5-AM for my first bike ride

          since the bike has no lights

          I quickly noticed

          I was gonna have to sit and drink coffee til I could SEE where I was going (Point 1 of GoodStuffToKnow)


          not knowing what to wear,

          I wore my RunningGear and a helmut


          my OriginalPlan

          was to stay on the sidewalk til I got the hang of it.

          ........that lasted about 30-seconds


          I saw a StrugglingLadyRunner wearing the same DayGloVest trying to get up the sidewalk.

          .........I couldn't do it,


          moving into the CarLane I gave her plenty of room and a wave


          holding my penlite pointed behind me for the Cars to know I was there (Point-2)


          I also found

          if the WEDGE


          referred to as a ''BIKE SEAT''

          was low enough to get on and off

          my knees were in my chest

          when it was high enough for my legs I couldn't get off the bike


          came in handy when I DROPPED the penlite and went back to pick it up

          and caught my leg in the frame (Point-3)


          my 20-min TrialRide turned into a 40-min TrialRide


          The Best Part-


          ''Good Morning'' to the other Runners as I passed them Smile



          digging out every NeophreneBrace I own

          to wrap That Plastic Suppository also known as a ''Bike Seat''


          TheLeg feels OK


          I can't wait to try it again//////



          ...................good running guys............Beware Cyclists in DayGloVests, we don't know what the hell we're doing

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Big grin...Good read Tom. I'm glad you enjoyed your ride!


            It will take awhile to get a good @ss callus grown and that Plastic Suppository won't be so much of an issue. They do make cycling underwear that has the built in pad that doesn't need to be worn as the regular spandex you see guys who think they areTeam Testostrone wearing...just under your favorite shorts. I would highly recommend.


              Dog Picture slo//.........since I now have about 2-feet of Neophrene

              wrapped around the seat,

              I think I'll be OK til I buy my own bike.

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                Jay - nice racing!  As for the Yahoo issues, I think the problem is more like my kids using my computer and stuff following them home from the sites they visit.  Although it is strange that only Yahoo has ever been affected.  Like Erika said, I might need to change my account, but the problem is I have that account tied to so many other things.


                Tom - I have the same problem with bikes re in order for my legs to be right I cannot reach the ground with my feet.  I have to leap off the bike when I stop....hope your butt recovers...


                10 miles for me today in 31 degrees.  It always feels so cold when we first get down to 30-ish, but I know it won't be long before that feels pretty warm....Undecided

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                  Tomwhite, your post made me laugh. I shared it with my DH and he too was laughing. Great first bike outing!

                  Is Jay going for a half fanatic status? Great racing today!

                  Holly, I am with you about 30 feeling cold the first time around. My task this afternoon is to pack my summer clothes away and bring the warmer clothes out.


                  No running yet, but I will in a few. My plan is to drive to a place I never ran before and run for a few miles. Legs feel mighty good after my trail run yesterday.


                  Speaking of yesterday, it was so good to see Robin and Tallrunner,  and WoodsLady Any news from Karin? I wonder how she and super-granny are doing.


                  Butterfly hugs to the Twocats who, to my knowledge are still without electricity.


                  Great fall weather around here. A good day to plant some bulbs for the spring.

                  "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                    tomwhite you have the resilience of a rock.


                    rhoon phast those pictures of you flying around make me think, "Wow what a great way to live!"  Then there are your weather reports . . . and I think "Boy am I glad it is not that cold and windy around here yet!"


                    SteveP what kind of cargo net are you climbing?  I thought all of them were designed for grandparents.  Confused


                    We are still without power.  The electric company swears they have additional crews in my town working to get everybody power.  Thing is, other than yet another scouting mission I have yet to see anybody from the electric company anywhere near my house.  Sad  Well they did get a stop light working along Route 1 so obviously they are doing something.  Just not something anywhere near it will do me any good.  Now for more bad news.  A nor'easter is now scheduled to arrive Wednesday and really come on strong on Thursday.  Great, another massive blackout event!  Cry  Just for the record, it is not as cold as where evanflein or rhoon phast are but it is supposed to drop below freezing for the next two nights.  Sigh.  It could be worse.  A lot worse.  Many families in my town have had their homes essentially wiped out.  Our friend's house flooded taking the furnace with it.  They are now on a waiting list for a new one!  Assuming we get power in the not too distant future we will invite them to stay at our place until they once again have heat.


                    Mini update: <<Insert news ticker sound here>> My DW just  came to the library from the house, where I am camped out since there is power here, and reports that she spotted a truck from Quebec lighting on our street!  Oh please, please be there to fix our lines!  Oh Canada, oh Canada . . .

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                      Love that win Jay!  Nice going.


                      I mismanaged my Half race today, flying through the hills in the middle of the race and feeling cocky, then having nothing after 10.  I should know better.  So the last 3 miles I kind of stumbled in with a 1:54, not close to my best at this AG, but snuck out a 2nd place. What was fun was the photo shoot where I got to meet the 68 year old who ran a 1:44.  Believe me, I hung around to chat with him. What a great athlete.


                      We had a gorgeous day here too, low 60's, light breeze and no humidity.  Fun time.  Spare Tire ran his first Half today also, bad cramp at 10, meaning he had to walk it in. But I was so proud to be out there with him.  Spareribs

                      aka FlyingFinn

                        Tomwhite,  you slay me. Big grin
                        Nice racing today Jay, and Ribs & Spare Tire,  and yesterday TomS.
                        Somewhere around 4 miles of hills for me this morning then Jocelyn came for a visit. Here's a pic. I will try to restrain myself from posting too many pictures. Smile

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                          What a Beautiful Baby paavo......

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            That baby looks VERY content!

                            Nice job for you and Sparetire Ribs!  Never fun to have to walk, but still better than eating chips in front of the TV.


                            It was 63F today!!!  And not raining, until after I got home.

                            Met Ms. Alaska and we went to Discovery Park for a run.  I managed to talk while running!  She escorted me on the first 3 mile loop, then I let her go run her own pace on the second (she was out of my sight in no time).  Then she even did more after that, while I recovered in the car.  Good workout for me and with the humidity, lots of sweat.  6 miles total.

                            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                              Tall, it's great to hear from you.  marj & henrun, nice 5K.  Jay, does your half make you a half maniac?  Tomw, I loved the bike saga.  Twocat, I hope you (and the others in your area) get the power back soon.  ribs, good job for you and sparetire in your half.  paavo, neat picture of Jocelyn.


                              Nice long runs for mari (part with DH for his longest run ever) and holly.


                              This morning, it was in the low 30s and there was a light wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 9:53 pace.  A couple of years ago, I would have been disgusted with that pace but it's my best training run pace in quite awhile so I'm happy.


                              A good day and good runs for all.


                                Paavo, no need to restrain yourself, please post away! Beautiful baby, looking very content.


                                Nice racing for a lot of you out there. I hear Manchester picked up a few NYC runners so that was probably a full field. That's a really nice course, by the way, so if any of you get a chance you really should run it. And meet Lamerunner, too!


                                Thank you, Enke, for a really nice outing today! Yes, it was pretty steamy but no rain which was nice. Although I was pretty drippy when I got done... 3 laps around Discovery Park Loop Trail and like an idiot I didn't start my Garmin at the beginning. When Enke's went off I checked mine and it was still at 0:00:00 so oops... add a mile to what I ended up with. I almost went down the South Beach Trail on my last loop, but it was getting really windy by the water, and lots of steps down on what looked like a pretty challenging trail. So... if it had been my first lap maybe yes, but by the third I wasn't looking for that much of a challenge. Enke was waiting at her car anyway so I didn't want to delay. Lots of folks out walking their kids and dogs so had to negotiate those obstacles, but a good trail with hills and nice views. Always nice to see Enke when I get to town! I hope we'll be able to do something again some time this week, I'm here till Saturday evening. 8.6 miles in something like 1:20.... Longest run for me in awhile!