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Tuesday's Daily, 7.30.13 (Read 47 times)


    Mornin' everyone,


    Just a quick type-by to tell OM that I'm also glad to see her posting here, and to add that I also have a hard time at times having the time to comment on everyone's posts. Doesn't mean that I don't read and appreciate 'em...


    Just some core work this morning. Looks like a gorgeous morning out there - sorry I missed being out in it. But I have too many meetings today, and I need to do some prep work.


    Have a greta Tuesday.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      I plan to fit in a couple miles of something today and get the grass cut this evening.


      I try not to share every comic I find funny, but I woke up today with no desire to move.  Just one of those days where physically I am fine but my mind wants the day off.  So when I read today's Argyle Sweater it was even funnier to me than it probably should be.  I'm the one on the right in the vertical stripes:



      In family news, my daughter in Florida started her job yesterday.  She had been told she would start on the 29th, give or take a couple days because the paper work hadn't been finalized.  She decided to head to work yesterday even though she hadn't heard anything definite yet.  She thought she could at least get a parking pass.  On her drive in she got a call confirming that she should show up and apologizing for not letting her know sooner.  She's working in the writing center at Florida A&M and summer school is wrapping up so she has time to find out how things work before she gets busy.

      And so it goes

        Mike mentioned the perennial issue of comments yesterday. This should be a guilt-free zone. Nobody has the time to comment all the time—or even most of the time.  And no one expects it, do they?  It’s a bonus, not a requirement.  I’ll go stretches commenting most days, then things get hectic and there are stretches of no comments and drive-by posts.  No one’s kicked me out yet.  Wink


        Steve—muscles?  Yeah, I’ve heard of those.  Roll eyes

        Good to see OM pop in.  Who posted recently about seeing a mat and missing her?


        Pfitz’s famous mid-week 13-miler this morning.  I swear, 13 miles seems twice as long on a weekday morning than it does on the weekend.

          Ok...Lets get this party started!


          Still recovering from RAGBRAI and it has nothing to do with biking 450's the drinking, eating and partying our way across Iowa.


          Back to back vacations were fun but my does the work pile up between job and home. And I still need to go to PA yet this week.

          King of PhotoShop

            I often come in here mid-morning, read the few posts before my own and comment now and then, but once I post I seldom come back to read what others said after me, unless there is some comment the next morning that refers to an interesting discussion.  I'm on Facebook a lot and catch up with many of you there.


            Really struggled through a slow 5 this morning, but it was okay, then a stretch at the Y. I have an easy week as far as work goes, so I'll do something with Riblet now that the family is all home.  Spareribs

              I miss you guys!!  I havent been posting much either - just can't seem to catch up on everything.  Had a great mileage week while I was on vacation, but 2 weeks in a row with less than 20 Sad    I really wanted to get to 100 this month - oh well, guess it will be my goal for August!!


              Had a great weekend on retreat with the Teens ACTS - so amazing to spend time with a bunch of teenagers alive in their faith and wanting to share with others - kept telling them I felt like one of them since it was my 1st Teen ACTS retreat!!  Wink


              Drove in to work early this morning to get in a run before starting in my new kicks!!  Ran 4.8 miles from Fenway park, down to the Charles River and back - so beautiful running along the water and watching the sun rise!!


              Running Falmouth Road race in a couple of weeks with a bunch of friends for a wedding - a couple in our group is having a "fun" ceremony before we start .... then the official ceremony at a beautiful inn later when we are all wedding presentable!!  So looking forward to it!!


              Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends!!


                Did 7 miles of hills this morning, trying to prepare for a mountain 10K on Saturday.  The 7 miles went better than I expected, I wasn't tired at the end and even charged a few of the hills.


                Ever since I had a particular omelet in Seattle with the RA group that was visiting, I have been making the same one at home.  It has smoked salmon, green onions, a bit of dill and a big blob of cream cheese on top.  Really good....


                Going to an outdoor concert tonight....Indigo Girls.

                "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                  I am also going to take a comment pass.  I have been really busy at work trying to get something to work.  So far no dice.  On to running.  It is official, I knocked a full 10 seconds off my time in my 4.68 mile race Saturday from the same race a year ago!  Wahoo!  Monday it was off for 16 and it felt great.  For the first time since last summer I think I am back in something approaching marathon shape.  It turns out my DW and I have various events we need to attend this fall (business and SIL at the national dog agility championships) so that is somewhat restricting the set I can consider.  Yes, this still means I have not booked anything.  Roll eyes  At some point I need to rectify that.

                  Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                  Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->


                    You can throw me into the pile of those sidelined by comment angst.         I know it's not required & that people (other than Mike Wink) don't expect it, but it's hard for me to post without.       But I'll get over it. 

                    Ok, Steve says it's time for the party & if anyone knows a good party it's Steve.   : )


                    Hi Denise!


                    Any input on garmin's moving pace vs. average pace?   I have read about it, and finally found a little information about it but it still doesn't quite make sense.   I don't use auto-pause, so that's not this cause.    This morning on a mile where I didn't stop once, there was a seven second difference... not much, but why?   My overall pace had a 10 second difference.


                    My last few runs were hard & slower than I'd hoped, I don't really know why.  This morning was much better,  a little faster &  lot more fun.  7.52 miles, & a hilly route.   I was writing a post in my head this morning, explaining that I usually looped around at home to get a better number, but that this morning there wasn't time, right as I over shot my street & did a loop to get up to 7.5.   sheesh.

                    enke that sounds really good.


                    have read & appreciated everyone's posts *thanks Jay*

                    Marathon Maniac #957

                      Hey Gang!


                      I often sneak over and read during my sandwich break at work, but usually don't have time to post then, or if I do, not many shout-outs, but while I don't always shout out, I almost always read the entire thread, then or later or the next morning.


                      Last night I programmed my Garmin for an interval workout that looks like this:


                      10 min WU

                      1 mile interval/ .25 recovery

                      2 miles interval/ 1/2 mile recovery

                      1/2 mile interval/ 1/2 mile recovery

                      1/2 mile interval/ 1/2 mile recovery



                      Unfortunately, I somehow programmed it as an “other” sport, instead of running, so I didn’t understand the screens that were set up when I began running this morning (and didn’t know how to change it).  “Pace” was apparently not one of the presets, so I had no real idea how fast I was going.  So pretty much I went for tempo-ish, not sure how my stamina would hold out.  When I checked at home afterward, this is what I found for the intervals:


                      1 mile @ 8:10

                      2 miles @ (8:42)

                      1/2 mile @ (8:14)

                      1/2 mile @ (8:24)


                      Somehow it felt like I was going faster than that.  Oh well, it’s a start….


                      6.75 miles total

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        steve, where were you?




                        Tag and I unloaded the crew at Scottville's Riverside park. It's a tradition with DW and her sisters.


                        steve, re. the above exchange.  You got my attention with Scottville's Riverside park.  In the 70s and 80's that's where we had our annual family reunion. It was a nice park then and has been enlarged and made even nicer.    When I was in early elementary school, about 1952, the park was not developed, just a short dirt trail that went down to the river.  My dad and uncle took me sucker fishing there.  My dad was born and raised on a farm a couple miles south of Riverside park.  Is your wife from the area?  If so, we may have more to talk about.


                        CNY, nice speedy racing with Iron J.  Coast, good job in your 5K.  Dave, it's good to hear your daughter started her job.  I hope it goes well.


                        Nice long runs for CNY and dg.


                        This morning, it was in the low 50s and almost calm.  I did 8 miles at an 11:21 pace.


                        A good day and good runs for all.




                          we do support each other,,,,,,,,,,,but  it's not necessary to comment



                          I think mikeE was Messing With Us just a Wee Bit




                          ...but I digress......


                          32min belt

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                            my Daily


                            look like



                            ''32mn pr nb''

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            MM #6177

                              OK, full confession time here. Based on the photos I saw recently on FB of the Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon and ensuing RA get-together, I realized I had missed that major event... as well as Wildchild's birthday... and also another 50k of hers.... and who knows what else... And that made me feel lower than low that I can't keep up with the important goings-on here, not only the daily happenings. So that's why I've stayed away. I felt ashamed that I had no clue. Cry


                              So that said, I am SO flattered that Holly took the time to come drag me back. Maybe I'm just lazy, and have gotten so used to FB spoon-feeding me my social interactions. Here there's no easily consumed fancy pictures and pretty colors (well, except for the gorgeous running scenery, happy muddy dogs and occasional dancing bananas). So yes, I supposed we could blame Mark Zuckerberg for my absence.... nope, sorry, it's all my own sloth and disregard.


                              Like Spareribs, I do see and hopefully interact with most of you on FB, so I haven't completely cut the cord. Though last week I saw a link that explains how introverted people view the world, and while I never thought to consider myself that way, perhaps that might shed some light on why a forum setting like this tends to intimidate. DG, good to see you here today, because I specifically thought of you when I saw this post:


                              Nice tempo-ish workout, Holly! I used to program workouts into my Garmin, but ever since trading up to the 610, I'm lucky if I know how to just upload the thing, let alone change the screen displays.


                              Deez, congrats on the big week for you last week, awesome! Are you training for anything in particular these days?


                              Dave, everyone knows that vertical stripes are more slimming than horizontal, so you're much better off just as you are today. Wink


                              Tramps, 13 miles midweek? Wow, and I thought my 12-miler last Wednesday was a big deal...


                              So Steve's the party man? So sorry I won't be attending the Flying Monkey party this year, though I wish I could. Just too many dang races to choose from...


                              And just for the record, I NEVER say the word "dang". I think that's MikeE subliminally influencing me there. So I haven't been away THAT long after all!


                              Enke, that omelet sounds delicious! Hope things have been going well for you and your kids. Smile


                              Hi to TomS, Jay, Twocat and tomwhite, and anyone else who posts during the time it took me to type out this monster... whew, I'm exhausted!


                              As for my running today, I was supposed to do 6.5 easy recovery miles with fartleks thrown in. Just wasn't in the mood to run today, and I think my Garmin felt the same way. Drove to the park for my run, and as I'm walking to the start, the low battery alarm goes off. I get back in the car to drive home and get my other Garmin (because everyone has a spare, right?) the FR10. Ended up wearing both watches because I wanted the HR data too. The 610 died after 4.5 miles. Meh, should've just run naked...


                              Have a great Tuesday, all!

                                Now OM, don't forget that the dancing bananas were at Kickrunners, not here.  There're only a few of us left posting over there, and half of those are also here and on FB.  But definitely Kick has the best emoticons!!


                                Count me amongst the many who have problems keeping up, wanting to be able to comment regularly, and shy away because we just can't do it with any sense of regularity.  Glad I popped in today, as this discussion is helpful and got me out of lurkdom (again).


                                My PF is still in the background, a minor rumble, but still keeping me aware of its presence.  Got in a nice 11.4 mile run on the weekend, which has been the longest in a while.  Ran 3 easy yesterday, then mountain biked last evening.  Most of my trail friends also bike, and I wanted to learn.  The single track looks a whole lot different on two wheels than 2 feet, that's for sure.  And the bruises are in all kinds of new places! Blush

                                .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!