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Wed Feb 17 Runs and Workouts (Read 611 times)

    Good morning, everyone! I got up early today to run a 12 miler with 3x2 mile repeats (2:00 intervals). Planned "strong/comfortable" by feel. Splits(HR) 14:26(164),14:17(167),14:22(170). It got hard by last half mile of 3rd repeat. There was a cold wind, and I felt a bit like a weather vane -- my nose was always headed into the wind. Workout: 6 miles, 7:11/mi, AHR 167 Overall: 12.1 miles, 1:35 Have a great day and a good run.

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      "strong/comfortable" by feel ... ...Splits(HR) 14:26(164),14:17(167),14:22(170).
      after that, I'll bet you feel good...even if the date's off... Nice run. 5 easy miles for me. Working too much, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


        Truth be known and please don't kill the messenger....It's the 27th, Lou. Good days and runs to everyone!! Chris
          If I ran 6 miles at 7:11 pace I'd probably go back in time 10 days too. My workout today was 12 miles with 3 miles at continuous tempo pace. After reading the Long Run thread several times to glean the wisdom, I put the tempo miles near the end, where typically I'd put them more toward the front after a solid warmup. So, 12 mile MLR with miles 8, 9, and 10 at continuous tempo. 7:50, 7:49, and 7:46 min/mile pace for those. My tempo range is supposed to be between 7:44 and 8:00, just right. Have a great day! Bill

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            after that, I'll bet you feel good...even if the date's off...
            Oops. Sorry about that, everyone. Roll eyes

            Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

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              Wow..nice long runs WRFB and guys are awesome!!! Some really great paces too. Hey dtoce...I am working too much also, and not easy while being sick, but next week things should ease up on me. Glad you got a nice 5 miler in this morning..such a great distance for an easy run. Morning Chris...sorry I haven't paid attention here as much since getting sick, but are you sick too. If so, hoping for a speedy recovery for you, and all of us who are under the weather. I do feel a lot better this morning, and I slept well last night, but still too sore and achy to think about a run yet....maybe Thurs will be the day. I am starting to get edgy and irritable about not running. Have a great "hump day" all Master / Boomer's Smile Tim

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                7 miles of tempo at 9:19 pace. A little off my target tempo pace, but the effort was right and the distance was a little long for tempo. I kinda died on the hills in the middle: 8:59, 9:19, 9:12, 9:40, 10:01, 9:11, 8:51.

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                  Nice runs and workouts already to start us off. Good stuff! Sloshy, sloppy 15.6 miler for me. It rained all night on top of 6 more inches of snow, so it was an adventure this morning! This was a fartlek/tempo workout day, so I went out at 4:50 AM to run without blocking traffic. 1 mile wu at shag jog pace/2x12 minutes at 7:40 pace with 2 mins intervals (7:45,7:43) and then 10 at 8:00 pace with cd jog----mostly on track for the 10 miles--falling off at end to 8:11 pace. Tired and soaked feet, but happy to be out there and was steady on pace for the most part. The whole deal took 2:17:19 (8:48 overall) 33F-35F/overcast I timed it so that I ended up at the end of our street where the kiddo meets his bus. He greeted me with the three syllable version of Mom..."M-o-h-o-M". Poor dude---all worried that his bus mates would see his ice -in- the -hair and sodden mother jumping up and down next to him. I gave him a big smooch and headed up the street with thoughts of coffee and dry socks. Sorry Tim that you are still feeling achy----please be careful and good to yourself. Do any of you relay racers need some snow to take along with you? I'll be happy to pack some up! Craneium---I love that you are working with the kids on good fitness and health. Your story made me grin. cup is empty now---I am off to Boston for a day of meetings. Happy Wednesday CNYrunner

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                    Some real examples to set for others on the thread today. Lou, when that final two-miler starts to feel a bit hard, then you know you have paced it perfectly. You should be "pleasantly tired." Nice workout. Same for you Bill, putting the hard part toward the back end. And PDR, that's a pretty sustained effort to get 7 miles in at a harder pace. Good for all of you. I had a funny experience yesterday. After work in Bethesda all day, I drove to Reagan to catch a flight to Chicago and then Minneapolis where I have to work today. At the counter the guy said, "You can't get to Minn. through Chicago as there are weather delays, so we have to send you via DFW." So I flew all the way back to my home airport, only to immediately board another flight to Minn. Finally trudged in here at all hours, after renting a car and riding around for a while to figure out where I was. My work is easy, but getting to it is sometimes harder than an ultra! Spareribs

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                      Ah, that's too bad Mr. Ribs...right at home and not able to stop and say hi... Tim, hope your feeling sproinky soon. It has been sugeested that I post some of the stuff I have in my blog here for you all to see. So, I thought I would share this with you all today. /blog on/ I miss running. Yes, I am able to do 3 miles, cautiously most times, and that does feel good. But I miss running. The kind where you can just go out and not worry about is this going to hurt this or that. The kind that allows me to do 10 miles instead of the planned 6 if I so feel like it. The kind that lets me run for hours on the weekend, when I have extra time to run. The freedom. I miss the freedom. The physical exhaustion, the breathlessness, the sweat. Yes, I even miss the sweat. Swimming is a good cross training. And it does leave me tired. But it is not the same. Nothing takes the place of running for me, and not being able to do that has left a void. A void that I really don't want to fill with anything else. /blog off/ Yep, I miss running...hope to do an easy 3 tonight. Good day and good runs all!!!

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                        Liz best of luck getting back to where you were with your running. Tim I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. hermosaboy is off to see the Foo Fighters tonight! Wish I had tickets I really like that band! My plan was to run 6 miles this morning and 4 this afternoon. But some friends are running 5 in the afternoon so instead it is 5 in the am and 5 in the pm. The am part is done! The only downside to all this is that it is supposed to get colder as the day goes on. It maybe 29 or so by this afternoon. Tomorrow is the real ice box day. I may be running in sub-20's. Yea, yea, I know WWED. In weather that "warm" head out in shorts. Bunch of wise guys around here . . . Big grin Have a good day all.

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                          4.07 miles last night in between some much needed rain showers. I recently made it to a runjning career total of 2,000 miles. This is a good base to build upon and I am extremely thankful for being healthy in order to do this. My first year or so was very light mileage wise, but that allowed me to slowly build so that now I am on the plan to do 1,000 miles per year. This is all very satisfying personally. NYrunner asked about traveling and getting up in the middle of the night. This reminded me of the time back when I was traveling, that I woke up needing to use the washroom. I laid there in the dark and tried to figure which place I was in and when I figured that out went to swing myself out of the bed only to find it was not the location I thought and I hit head first into a wall, basically knocking myself out until morning. Another time I had been flying from city to city around the country for days, and had fallen asleep in one airport while waiting for my flight. I woke from the sleep with a start and couldn't figure out what airport gate lounge I was in and panicked that I might miss my flight. I had to pull my ticket (in those days that was the way it was done) out of my jacket and see which boarding pass had not been used yet in order to determine that I was in Rochester, NY. Traveling does give some interesing stories. Speaking of which I am off in an hour to South Carolina for a basketball game this evening. Have a great day everyone.

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                            Glad to see so many people running long and reporting in already today. You're all an inspiration and I hope to be joining you again soon. 30 minutes on the elliptical, which at least will help keep my endurance up while I'm still in non-running mode. Have a good day, everyone!

                            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                              Nice run Lou. CNY's bagging some big miles for a tempo slush! Great work. PDR, that is a long tempo. Nice job sticking it out. Feel better, Tim. Hang in there, Liz. Good luck on the doubles, Twocat. Congrats on 2000, Vista! 7.5 easy miles @ 8:46 pace for me.

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                                Wow.. Lots of great running this morning..awesone! Liz.. i know what you feel. Injuries suck. That's why when all is good it's important to enjoy the gift. You'll be back soon. 6 Magical Healing Miles with Tory in cluding 6 x100m strides in the sceond half. Overall 9:12 pace AHR 145. Have great runs! Steve

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