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    May all your celebrations be filled with joy and peace.


    4 miles for me this morning to test out the post marathon legs. I am ready for longer runs, but the heat and humidity at 5am did not allow me to do more. It was near 80F at that early h our.


    Off to keep preparing the house and the meal for our mid-night family Christmas dinner (a national tradition here)


    Cheers and Feluz Navidad to all,



    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      I slept in till 5:30 AM. I didn't sleep well last night as my 18 year old came home from San Diego last night. He's in the Marines. The chaos in the house gets "turned up to 11" when he is home on leave. It's good chaos though. He's full of stories of blowing stuff up and planning his partying. His friends also stop by to visit,we need a revolving door. He is a very popular kid,and a leader by nature,so everybody wants to stop by to say Hi. So,not a lot of sleep here,which usually means I'll have good day running!

      I go to midnight service tonight,and I know the younger kids will be up early tomorrow tearing into presents,so I'll take tomorrow off most likely. So I have a park with hills in it just south of me. I think I'll run down there and do some "hill intervals" seeing as how I can take tomorrow off.

      My daughter baked my favorite cookies last night,the peanutbutter cookies with the Herseys kiss in the middle(don't know what they are called).So I have to work off a few extra calories today.


      Somebody asked yesterday the temp here. It was about 15-20 degrees at run time. Same thing today,20 degrees,no wind,but overcast today.


      Mariposai,have a great Christmas dinner!


        Mariposai,  dang! I live in FLA and it was 50* with (relatively) low humidity! Have a wonderful dinner with the family.


        Drake, good to hear that your son is home safe and sound.


        AFM, did an 'easy' 5 miles this morning in relatively quiet surroundings.


        And to steal Mariposai's line: May all your celebrations be filled with joy and peace.


          Mornin' everyone!


          Hi Mariposai! Nice 'test' run this morning. But I can't relate to 80F temps...


          Drake, it sounds like an incredibly busy household, but it all sounds good, so forget about sleep and enjoy the hustle and bustle while everyone's there.


          Flatrunner, sounds like a nice, run this morning.


          We're at a B&B in Madison, CT, where we'll be celebrating Christmas with a good friend. I didn't want to head out on my workout too early and have to wait too long till the 9am breakfast, so I read in bed till about 5:30, and then headed out. I racewalked about 5.8 miles  along the shore road on Long Island Sound. It was 31F with a refreshing breeze coming off the water. I saw 10 friendly runners, some gorgeous shore-front homes and the beginnings of a beautiful sunrise. What a great way to start the day! We spotted a fabulous bookstore on the way into town yesterday, so we'll probably mosey on down there today and help their economy.


          I also like Mariposai's sentiment, and will also hope that your celebrations are filled with joy and peace.



          Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

            Good Morning all!  Wonderful running Maraposai especially your second marathon in your home country---what a fabulous experience and a meaningful way to log the miles.


            I ran with Hudson this morning---4.2 miles at a relaxed pace with some I see squirrels and rabbits fartlek segments at the end. It was a fast finish run I suppose!  I ran 19 hilly miles yesterday and was a bit creaky this morning, but not too bad once we got going.


            Peace to all


              Sounds like a busy morning for the masters runners. Couldn't sleep well so I hit the bricks at 5:45 for a nice 7 miles.


              Ran a 5k this weekend. Lots of ice on the road and several spills by others. A good reminder for us northern runners to be careful out there this winter. One of the reasons I like trails. Black ice is not an issue.


              Here's wishing everyone a nice holiday with the warmth of family, laughter and good cheer.

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              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


                Nice special marathon Mariposai


                Drake that is wonderful that  your son made it home


                Ate and drank too much last night at MIL's 80th BD

                Get to do it over again tonight at DW's rich uncle's with party of 30 and tomorrow with 27 at MIL's .  Practice, practice, practice Big grin


                40 minute on the elliptical and push ups BC (before coffee)  Dead


                Yesterday 6.2 mile club run on the crunchiest snow ever! 18F and sunny, very beautiful.  sung Let it Snow the whole timeSmile


                Peace and be Safe!!!

                Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                Jeff F

                Free Beer

                  Good morning everyone.


                  Drake, my youngest daughter and I are going to bake cookies today and one of them will be the peanut butter kisses.


                  Today was Week 1 Day 1 to train for the Illinois Marathon. Five easy miles on the bike path; a little icy in patches but still runnable.  I haven't trained for a marathon since training for Boston '11.  I need to drop about 10 lbs over the next 18 weeks; if I can do that and stick with my training plan I would like to go sub 3:40.  Haven't done that since 2009.


                  Looking forward to the rest of today and tomorrow; all of our kids are home with the exception of my oldest daughter.  They live in Wyoming and my SIL is on furlough from the railroad so things are a little tight for them right now, and I wasn't going to pay for four plane tickets to get them here.  It is the first Christmas for our youngest granddaughter so we will have lots of fun.



                    4 easy peasy miles...good running Nancy!!!

                    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                      Well I wrote up a long post and then due to a pile of pretty annoying events it got deep sixed.  What a way to start the day!  Oh well.


                      Econo hand out a few F's and nobody on campus will mistake cold weather tearing up for crying!


                      tetsujin209 and Spareribs I sure hope this ease into it thing works!  If all goes well, I will start running again on Wednesday.  Then I have to go from zero to Boston ready by April!


                      Mariposai I would have passed out long before a midnight dinner even started.  I cannot imagine cooking one up. Sleepy


                      Today my DW is finally decorating the tree.   It has been up for a couple of weeks why wait until now?  Confused  Later today my SIL, her DH and their pack of dogs will arrive and spend the evening.  Tomorrow the rest of my DW's family will show up.  As for me, most of the grocery shopping is already done for tomorrow's dinner so actually I am just working (you know the kind I actually get paid to do).  After a month of banging my head against a wall, I finally figured out the programming language I am using (Perl if you care) has bug in it.  It was not my code after all!  Angry  A month to finally figure this out.  Well I wrote a subroutine to get around the bug and hopefully that means I can finally get past this stage of my work.  Oh I so hope so . . .

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                        Merry  Christmas Eve, masters!


                        Lots of folks checking in early today!  I haven't been for a run yet - can I post early anyway?  In the winter, I wait till it gets warmer at mid-day to run.  It's only 15F right now, with snow in the forecast this afternoon and evening.

                        This is the first year my 19-year-old daughter isn't coming home for Christmas.  Sad  I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but it's tough.  She's in Chicago visiting her boyfriend's family (he came here last year).  But we'll be seeing her in less than a week, since we're taking her on a trip to Spain and Morocco over winter break, so I have that to look forward to!  And my sister is here for Christmas, which is really nice.  We've been baking up a storm.


                        Hope you all have fun running and eating and spending time with family and friends!

                        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                          Wow - it's busy here already this morning. It sounds like everyone has great plans with family and friends for tonight and tomorrow. Drake - it's great your son is home for Christmas. Please thank him for serving our country.


                          Mariposai - I'd love to know what's on your menu for tonight. Will you share it when you have time?


                          I'm just getting over several days of "the crud" and tried to run this morning. My lungs would not even consider such a foolish idea. So, another day on the eliptical and bike at the Y.  I've got a house full of family coming over tonight so my day will be spent cooking, cleaning and disinfecting. Wink


                          Have a safe and blessed Christmas everyone.

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                            Mariposai, can you at least chase some critters and play with sticks?


                            Drake, bark at the kids when they come over. It helps them be good.


                            Jay, I love good books too! But Mom gets loud then vacuums whats left of them up. Then Dad gets made because I eat his crayons before he finishes his good book.




                            Two good job on what ever you just said. Have fun with the dogs! Sticks and ice cream always work.


                            When it was dark out, me and Mom and Dad and dumb Honey went to a race!!!!!! There were lots of people and dogs and even kids too!


                            We had to get dressed up.


                            A dog's life is sad


                            What we endure to go run run run!!!



                            Dad isn't any better though.


                            The run run run was very rexciting! The roads were not in the woods so I did not see any sticks and everything was very covered with ice. When we went around corners or down icy hills, Dad would get more slow but I pulled very hard to help him run run run fast fast fast! He said bad words about it.


                            Every time we went past more dogs I would look back at them and laugh. When we were getting close to the end, a big dog was going to go past us, but I went run run run harder! Dad did too. The dog did finally go past me though and I was sad about Dad bringing me down.


                            When we did finish, me and Dad went to go find Mom. She still had Honey and Honey was getting petted by lost of kids. She does not know what a race is I guess. When we were all done, we listed to a guy use lots of words. But he did not say much....Except....wait for it....He called Mom's "number" (?) and she won a piece of paper that said we can have ten dollars of ice cream! I am going to find out if the paper tastes like ice cream.

                            Sniffing Butts, Tag

                            delicate flower

                              'Morning, gang!  I have got a long day at the office ahead of me today.  *sigh*  Well someone's gotta make sure these 10,000 employees get paid Thursday.  And at least I do get tomorrow off.  Big grin


                              9 mile TM speed workout already done this morning (7:35 avg pace).


                              1/4 mile @ 6:30

                              1/4 mile recovery

                              1/4 mile @ 6:15

                              1/4 mile recovery

                              1/4 mile @ 5:50

                              1/4 mile recovery

                              Repeat until 9 miles are done.


                              That was a hard workout.  I will spend the day refueling with this tray of Italian cookies that my boss brought in this morning.


                                9 mile TM speed workout already done this morning (7:35 avg pace).

                                9 miles of 1/4 mile repeats. Shocked  I'm speechless.


                                Mariposai - The midnight tradition sounds like a lot of fun.  May I suggest cooking frozen pizzas to make it easy?


                                This morning's run was 10.01 miles.  The goal was double digits and I made it (barely).  In the immortal words of Hawkeye Pierce, "Never let it be said that I didn't do the least I can do."

                                Humanity runs on coffee.