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Jlynne's 2012 Running (and not) Awards (Read 297 times)

    I've been doing a lot of reminiscing about the ups and downs of 2012 and you can tell I have way too much time on my hands Big grin  So without further ado, here are my 2012 RA Awards in both the running and non-running categories:


    Comeback of the Year:  Twocat. Even though you've had some issues with that ankle again lately, you had an impressive return to running in 2012.


    Rookie of the Year: OM. Hired a trainer, got faster, and embraced running with everything she had.


    Marathon Maniac of the Year: Carolyn. Who runs her first marathon, then runs like three more in a one month period? And at high altitudes? And runs each one faster than the one before?


    Best Dog Award: Could there even be any competition? Avenger Dog, hands down.


    All Around Nice Guy Award: Tie between Tselbs and Tom W. You guys always had nice things to say about everyone (ok, well - there is that issue with the ladies in the pool and the geese)


    Most Interesting Family:  Slo. Wouldn't we all love to be invited to a Schmidty weekend?


    Best Running Family:  Spareribs. The pictures of you and Prime Rib and Spare Tire? The best.


    Best Runner in Any Type of Weather: Erika. Any arguments from anyone?


    Best Mom: Holly. She gets up early to get workouts in so she can bake cookies, make costumes, quiz for tests.... Her kids come first.


    Best Dad:  Mike.  Whether it's running with Ryan (did he mention how much he loves doing that?) or helping kids get drivers licenses, take to work, take home from work, helping with grandkids. A tough act to follow.


    Most Interesting Stories for 2012: A two-award year for Mike. He had some great ones (see just about any of the dailies this year Smile)


    Longevity Awards:  Henrun and Marj. They continue to battle back from injury and never stop amazing us.


    Best Go-To Guy for Running Advice:  Spareribs. He's been doing this a long time, you know.


    Most Consistant:  A lot of names come to mind, but I think Tramps gets this award. He doesn't miss a day too often.


    Best Pictures:  Troy. It would be almost impossible to match the beauty of those pictures taken out of his plane this year.


    Best Running Attire:  Steve. How many Batman shirts, last count?


    Best Christmas Gift Giver in 2012: Bill. (See the video he posted after Christmas)


    Newbie Award:  Drake. We're going to really like having him here.  And I'm not just saying that because he's a Packer fan either Big grin


    Most Reliable Daily Forum Starter and Earliest Riser Award: Jay. You also get my vote for the most descriptive tales of your runs. Thanks for getting us started every day.


    Most Missed in 2012:  Mary. I miss her pond pictures and dog stories. I hope she comes back in 2013.


    I wish there were cash and prizes to be distributed, but maybe next year....

      ...Thanks jylnne//.............the Awards are always a GoodRead...........


      be sure

      to award yourself a ''Don't Ever Skip Reading Their Post'' Award.





      tselbs is MUCH nicer

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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        Wow..thank you...I'm very honored...although, I know 8 kids who would, probably, disagree with you...

          Thanks, JLynne, greta list, but the way I've been wearing out my treadmill this winter there could be some question....


          I miss Mary, too.


            Thanks Jlynne.  but you get an award also for the most welcoming in a not cold at all climate! we had a blast at your house, with your family and the other folks up in May



            an amazing likeness

              I know she won't toot her own horn...but I really believe there needs to be something in some awards category for Ileneforward. Her body of work in 2012 includes...

              4 Marathons

              12 half marathons

              9 10K

              7 5K

              ...and a bunch of other odd distances for 42 races and over 390 miles of racing. 2250+ total miles for 2012. And she keeps the Intrepid Racers lists going here.



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                Wow, I feel honored to be on the list! Very cool, and fun to read through as it brings back stories from the year.

                  Thanks, jlynne.  What a nice post.



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                    Thanks, Jlynne - I love this!  There should be a category for you, though:


                    Most Giving: Jlynne - who volunteers in her community quite a lot.

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                      Best Running Attire:  Steve. How many Batman shirts, last count?



                      I quit counting at 80 and am currently looking into a 12 step self help program.


                      Jlynne, you are absolutely one of a kind. Tag would accept a stick or ice cream and is currently taunting me because he rated highr on your list.



                        Big Like!

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                          I'm honored to make the list.Wink


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                            I agree with Holly re JLynne.  You're a wonderful person. Smile


                            And Ilene!  Wow!!

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                              Jlynne very sweet of you to do this for which you get the board sweetie award in my book.

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                                ileneforward... just now reading about your running "body of work for 2012"...   WOW!  <3

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