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    Mornin' everyone!


    Deeze, what a scary event at the Feaster Five, with a great outcome. Major kudos to whoever orchestrated your wrap-up last night - what a greta way to remind everyone that safety is the first concern of every race organizer, and to congratulate and thank those who did good and saved a man's life. I've never had any complaints at all about the organization of the Feaster Five, but today I have new respect for the crew there.


    Speaking of race organization, I went to the group for which I organize our Oct. 5K last night to ask for new race committee members. Most of our current members have been with us since we started the race 15 years ago, and a few are now in their 70s and 80s. One retired from the committee this year, and I imagine that others would like to. So I want to line up replacements so those who are ready to move on can do so without guilt or worry about how their jobs will get done.


    6.5 miles at 4 o'fog this morning. It was 45F this morning (shorts weather), and the clash of cold and warm temps created some thickness in the air. I wore my headlamp, more to be seen that to see. However, all it did was light up the fog in front of me, making it harder to see where I was going than with no light at all. So I turned it off after about half a mile, and was fine with my red light arm band and lots of reflective gear. I did running/racewalking fartleks, running miles 1, 3 & 5, and racewalking 2, 4 & 6+. My running pace was around 9:30, and racewalking averaged around 11:30. Twas a fun workout!


    A favorite niece is coming from NY later today so we can go to the Button Factory independent craft studios for their once a year 'open house.' All the studios will be open to the public tonight and tomorrow and the artists will be selling their marvelous works. We've learned from past experience that if you don't get their early, a few of the artists' best work will be gone. Tomorrow I also have a racewalking training session, and then we'll go to the indoor farmer's market, and try to be back home in time for our town's Christmas parade (one of the largest in the state). Is it nap time yet?


    Have a greta Friday! Good luck if you are racing, getting your Christmas tree, decorating and/or shopping this weekend.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ...mornin' jay//..............good to see LT posting........




      anybody doing weights, try holding it for a 10-count at the top

      Much Tougher work-out


      .......Pickles off to get Claire for our ChristmasChoir

      70's yesterday, 30's today

      we agreed if it gets Iced Up she heads back sans Claire.



      our town is hosting the StateChampionships in HS Football this weekend,

      they can get in 3-GAMES PER DAY


      watching them move the teams (and fans) in and off the field is AMAZING.


      Pickles asked me if they play football in Ice,

      I told her I think only Tornados would stop a PlayOff Game

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


        Greetings from the Pacific!  Up early on Eastern time, waiting for daylight so i cann run a litle before the conference. long day yesterday. Our non-stop flight from Boston had to stop in Las Vegas to refuel due to headwinds. Got here hungry and tired but squaked in maybe 6 miles on a path by the ocean. pretty nice at sunset. Hop ing to hit some other trails tomorrow before flight home. Quick trip! Happy Friday!


          Jay - greta start as usual.  Henry's DS and family frquent  the farmers market - they walk over from kittery


          Deez - Dave M. is incredible - we heard him a couple of months ago.

          Doris Kearns Goodwin was the speaker at my graduation in the '90s and she talked how Carter had offered her Peace Corps leadership, but she turned him down because this was going to be year the Sox would go all the way!


          Ran 6+ in shorts before the rains and cold come in.  Family Hanukkah party this w/e - lots of rugrats!


          Good luck to w/e racers - I heard a 'pro' is joining the northampton crew this w/e!


          (((hurting folks)))




          mta - hi lamerunner and tw - you posted while i slept!!!!


            P.S. hard to post from iPad

            King of PhotoShop

              Great post Denise.  Thank you.


              Very upset today. It's a non-running day before my big Sunday race, but I volunteered to do packet pickup duty at the Dallas Convention Center, but last night we got sleet, then snow, so there is ice covered by snow and it's very bad. Can't get car out and the rail service isn't working. I hate to be a no-show when I volunteered, but there is nothing I can do about it.  This morning it dawned on me that if I can't get to the Expo, then the runners can't either, so maybe I can work tomorrow when it will be really needed.  Spareribs

              mustang sally

              Bad faerie

                Jay - I appreciate the offer, but I'm not volunteering for your race.  Smile


                Deez - what a wonderful celebration!  


                Holy gamoley, it's cold outside (by PNW standards).


                Snow flurries yesterday lead to Great Excitement Everywhere and the usual spate of Very Bad Driving.


                I was able to bundle up and ride home uneventfully.  When I got there, I noticed that we'd had a little more snow than downtown and that the driveway and walk were like ice rinks.  DS18 came busting out the door to announce the power had gone out just as I started searching for the salt (missing) and shovel (busted).  For our safety and that of our neighbours, my run was going to have to wait until we got the sidewalk cleared.

                So we started this crazy odyssey, ranging further and further from home as we discovered that the blackout spanned a huge section of the city, taking traffic lights down and causing mayhem.  I dove for the waterfront road and kept driving (no stoplights there) until we found street lights and navigated our way to an open home centre where necessary salt and shovel (along with unnecessary but tempting grass seed, Christmas light timer, cat-proof tree decorations, and some hose clamps) were purchased.  Then DS announced he was starving to death, and then the chicken fingers at the grocery store and then home, and somehow - no run at all, at all.  So, today.  I shall run today.  If I get myself and my bike back home in one piece, that is.

                Trails are hard!

                  Good morning all.  Sounds like some rotten weather in the rest of the country (ETA and our neighbors to the north).  Drive and run carefully!


                  As for NE--it was shorts in December today.  Actually overdressed a little with a heavier than needed shirt.  could have gotten by with short sleeves to go with the shorts--52° when I went out at 5:45 this morning.  Very low ceiling, so spent some time wiping the glasses to avoid collision possibilities.  4 miles and they felt sort of hard.


                  Deez--great to see what results you get with great planning.  Lucky guy.

                  Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                    Just plain old gray December Michigan here.  We're out of this batch crazy looking weather.


                    When I am in semi-ok shape, I like to try running a 9:00/mile pace in a half marathon.  In my loosely defined training plan, today is a HM pace run.  But I am not in semi-ok shape so on the fly, my pace run became a wave run.  After a warm-up, I ran 5 miles: 8:55, 9:53, 9:05, 10:14, 8:58.  So I got in 3 miles at HM pace with breaks in-between.


                    That's good enough for me.  I'm only using the HM down in Tallahassee as a way to go visit my granddaughter again.


                    Speaking of the grandkid, I was on the phone with my daughter wishing her a 27th happy birthday (2 days ago), and the kid got on the line and started telling jokes.  About 20 of them and they were all the same, "What did the xxxxxx say to the xxxxxxx?"  Every answer had the word "poop" in it eventually.  For example, what did the tree say to the dog?  Shake, shake, poopity, poop, poop.  She laughed pretty hard after telling them so they must be funny.


                    MTA: Forgot to mention to tselbs that compression socks seemed to help me out with calf problems.  A few years back I kept getting a major pain right in the middle of my right calf.  I got some compression socks and started wearing them for anything over a few miles.  Now that the problem is gone I haven't worn them much but it probably wouldn't hurt to use them on long runs more often.

                    Humanity runs on coffee.

                      Dave, that is so funny.

                      There is this developmental phase that apparently is very predictable - when kids are about 4 years old, they start making jokes.  The jokes are usually knock-knock jokes, and make no sense at all, but send the kid into fits of laughter.


                      My 13 and 11 year old have been calling each other "you're a big poo" "no, you are" "who is the poo in the room" etc, lots of variations, but DD does not address him any other way, and they both find this hilarious for some reason.


                      Loving this cold weather!  No ice, etc to deal with unlike MS and SR.

                      "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."


                        Hey all.


                        That was a great story Deez. We had something similar here in Carmel recently. It was a state semi-final football game and one of the officials (a Dr no less) had a major hear attack. The crews were there immediately and he survived. Oddly enough at the same time one of the players fathers also had a heart attack in the stands. He also received immediate aid but sadly he did not make it.


                        Nice temps Jay. I'll trade you for our 20 and sleet.


                        3 games in one town - awesome tw. Must be some good players.


                        Enjoy the Pacific lame and the rugrats marj.


                        Hope the power is back MS.


                        Good luck with the race ribs. Mother nature threw a major curve.


                        I have two 12 yo boys so poop is always funny.


                        I'm still fighting this cold. 6 miles on the treadmill seemed like an eternity but its good to build character.



                        "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                        "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                          Dave, that is so funny.

                          There is this developmental phase that apparently is very predictable - when kids are about 4 years old, they start making jokes.  The jokes are usually knock-knock jokes, and make no sense at all, but send the kid into fits of laughter.



                          I had Claire cracking-up at the word ''Booger''


                          but then

                          everybody made me stop doing it


                'll be amazed at what a Bad Influence you will find out you are dave...

                          ...............usually from the In-Laws

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          Marathon Maniac #957

                            I have two 12 yo boys so poop is always funny.



                            Fart-throwing is big in our house, but usually it is DH who is the instigator (much to my chagrin)...


                            Due to dire forecasts of freezing rain and snow (and the schools being closed), I decided that driving 3.5 hours round trip to Day 2 of the Medicaid conference was not a good choice, so stayed home and logged in, putting in a full day of work in my sweats with no make up.  I could get used to that.


                            Looks like we ended up with 6" or so, and DD is joyfully playing outside  in our yard, in the dark, with neighborhood friends, while DH snowblows the drive.  Looks like I will be going sledding tomorrow.


                            7.5 miles for me this morning before the storm.

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              TM diva reporting: Just 4 miles this morning with 3@tempo.

                              Great weather for staying inside, drinking some warm cider and reading a book.

                              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                                Home again. Got in around 2 a.m. this morning and didn't get to be until after 4 a.m.. Was at work by noon. Spent the afternoon catching up on what I couldn't do while on vacation. Isn't amazing that I was just expected to do what I could while on vacation?? If I hadn't, it'd take me three days to catch up. As it was, I got a lot done today to clean up what I couldn't get done while out of the office.


                                Mustang Sally, I know exactly what you mean about let the bad driving commence! We have warm temps and intermittent freezing rain, so of course, there are skid marks all over where cars have run off the road. I hope your conditions improve soon.


                                Deeze, we had a case summer of 2012 where someone went into cardiac arrest after the mile race on the track, July 2012. Quick action by those who knew CPR and the University of Alaska EMTs saved his life. He was named most inspirational runner last year. Lots of CPR classes last winter after that....


                                Needed to go shopping after work today, and got home close to 7 so any thought of a treadmill trot went out the window... it's ok though. I already have 24 miles for the week, and 8 days in a row of running so a rest day after that long travel day yesterday sounded like a good idea. Should have mild temps this weekend so a good opportunity to get some miles in outside (without sweating so much!).