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TGIF Daily - 2 November 2012 (Read 390 times)

    Good running to the racers:


    11/03 wildchild - Moab Trail Marathon, Moab, UT

    11/03 Milktruck - Moose Pond Half Marathon, Bridgton, ME

    11/03 Coastwalker - Moose Pond Half Marathon, Bridgeton, ME

    11/03 Henrun and Marj - Run for All Ages 5K, Wakefield, MA

    11/03 pfriese - Race with the Stars 5K, OKC OK

    11/03 tetsujin209 - In Unity We Run NYC Commemorative Marathon - Kent, WA (barefoot)

    11/04 OrangeMat - New York City Marathon, NY NY

    11/04 Ileneforward - Santa Clarita Half Marathon, Santa Clarita CA



    5.06 miles for me this morning.

    Humanity runs on coffee.


      Good luck racers! I'm pacing a friend to a sub 2 in a half tomorrow. Let's see how good of a pacer I can be.


      Have a great and safe weekend.

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        Good Luck to all the racers! Have fun!


        I ran 4 miles last night, waiting for my son to finish up basketball. averaged 9:10. started with a 9:40ish and ended with an 8:28.  Today he finds out if he made the team or not. Around 20 7th graders trying out and only 10 or 11 will make the cut.


        leaving work early for the 2nd half of our company bowling tournament that started last Friday. Currrently, I'm in 1st place for female bowler with a 169. People generally bowl better the 2nd half though, so I think I need to try and do better than that if I have any hopes of winning $$.


        Tomorrow I'm in an all day gardening symposium - 4 different seminars. I signed up for my 1st and 2nd choices for each of the 4 sessions, but I won't know what I got in to until I get there tomorrow a.m. So many good topics were offered. I'm really hoping I got into the GMO session, but I imagine that was a pretty popular one.


        Have a great day everyone!  I hope more and more of the east coast gets power back, clean up makes progress and they get some normalcy back to their lives.


        King of PhotoShop

          Got home last night.  Travel is over for the year!


          Walked 1.1 and ran 1.1, kind of like a day off.  Half Marathon Sunday.


          Nice rant Twocat. I agree.    Spareribs

          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

            Enke- How’re ya quads doin’?
            The pain all over my mine from Saturday’s Carkeek 12-hour Run localized enough on Wednesday to realize how sore everywhere else was but subsided to just low-level soreness yesterday.  Somehow, today I feel like running another marathon this weekend too,  Oh, I am. Wish it was on the Moab trails though.
            NYC Marathon - based on the similar scenes I’m still seeing when I go to Japan, it’s going to be pretty overwhelming for 40,000 runners going through all that same kind of destruction in the New York City Marathon. I bet a lot of runners make donations, stick around to volunteer, etc.
            ps - I’m going to agree in advance with any rant 2kat might be making too about the Duke University economist’s NPR comment that $25/gallon would not be unreasonable under the circumstances there. Yuk. It should be $1.00/gallon, if that. .

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              Legs are finally good to go!!!  But I slept in again......

              I can't find any info about the Kent Marathon Tet, do you have a link?  Since it is on Saturday, perhaps you could run on Sunday too if I get Erika to come out running with me?


              Good rant Twocat.

              Your son is an amazing athlete Tammy....

              "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                Hello Crew


                I just shared my thoughts about the NYC Marathon in the regular forum area. I think the better decision would have been to postpone it for a week or two.


                5.6 miles this am...maybe a few more latter.

                MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                  enke - the In Unity We Run Marathon is going to be an out-and-back on the annual Green River Marathon course from Kent-to-Alki Beach every June.  It used to commemorate the 2001 NYC Marathon.  This year it will be for 2012. There’s a half mary with it too.



                  Discovery Park up on Magnolia where you had your 5K race is probably going to be the best bet for an Erika run.  Nice views of the Sound along the beach, occasional sea lions, forest canopy from any rain, etc.  Otherwise, it’s just concrete and cars downtown.  Sunday, when it’s still light, would seem best.  However, I’m tied up with relatives still in town. They sold my aunt’s house in three days!  I’m pretty sure divechief still runs up and around Discovery Park from downtown too. Unlikely but, if I can get away, I’ll meet you at the park .

                  annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978, running barefoot (1990)

                    Enke and Tet, Discovery Park sounds great! Looking forward to seeing you, and Divechief too if he's around.


                    No run, again, yesterday. I did run on the treadmill at Planet Fitness for 30 minutes (3.45 miles) on Wednesday. Very hot in there! Yesterday was elliptical and abs, today is a day off. Suppose I should start packing at some point.


                    I agree with holding the marathon, but man what a mess. If they postpone it, so many folks wouldn't be able to come. They've scheduled this months in advance and would have to reschedule everything at the last minute. Just not feasible. Yes it's a lot of work, and will not be easy, but hard to say no to the economic boost it provides. Have fun, Orange Mat!


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                      I just don't know what the answer is.

                      I have been watching the citizens of Staten Island cry for help because they have no water, food, clothes, gas, places to sleep... And then the camera pans to the marathon organizers trucking in water, food, toilets, etc. to Staten Island for runners. The citizens of Staten Island have lost their homes and do not know what to do and have no place to go. There are some hotels that have power but, they have to tell the citizens that they cannot shelter them because they are holding the rooms for runners. Of course the hotels are businesses and have to hold the reservations for the the runners because the runners are depending on those rooms. I ran the NYC marathon in 1997, fantastic experience! But I know I would not have enjoyed it at all if I knew that someone else was suffering in the way that the Staten Island residents are suffering. If the provisions that are being staged for the marathon could ease some of that suffering, I don't know. I just don't know what the answer is. I can see the big picture re: economics for the small business etc. I also know that I would not run it this year if I was entered. 

                      I think that there is no clear right or wrong here. Both sides of this issue have valid points.  

                        once I got out my magnifying glass Wink, Barb, I have to agree with you.  I'm really torn on that issue as well, for the very reasons you mentioned.


                          Good luck runners!

                          Look at wildchild, another marathon!! Way to go gf.


                          Busy day around here, but the good news is that it has stopped raining, so I will RAW sans rain for the first time since last Tuesday and tomorrow I have plans to visit the woods for a run!


                          tetsujin, the mask you gave me was a huge hit on Halloween nite. Sorry, no butterfly kimono, it was tooo cold for that.

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                            While picking up my race packet at lunch and seeing all the prep being started for tomorrow, it struck me again as a stretch that NYC would go forward. We will have wonderful weather here tomorrow and no resource issues and a few thousand less runners and it will still impact the community.


                            I get the economic impact and the need for small businesses to serve some folks but if it was anything like what I experienced in Alabama in April last year, I find it hard to imagine anything short of everyone in the country hitting one's business stoop will make things close to normal or survivable. I say cancel, offer free deferments to next year, ask runners to volunteer for the number of hours they would have been on the course or whatever will help those in need survive to tomorrow and the next day and the next.


                            I'll think more about this during my evening run and after I've had a chance to send a donation.

                            "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                            "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                              The marathon either goes off on time or not at all until next year.  Rescheduling something like this would be nearly impossible.


                              As to what you see on TV.  There are 470,000 plus people on Staten Island.  The supplies you see trucked in the for the race will have a trivial impact on their lives assuming they were actually diverted to help them.  The number of people impacted by Sandy is too large and the time over which they need help is too large relative to the marathon supplies to make any material difference. If the residents of Staten Island need port-a-potties the problem is not that some are being used for the marathon.  The problem is that available supplies are not being delivered to Staten Island.  There are 36,000 police officers in NYC, about 11,000 firemen and the emergency medical system about another 3,000.  The marathon is going to absorb a trivial fraction of this staff of 50,000 people.  There are more emergency related workers in NYC than there will be runners!  It is a big marathon, but it  is a BIG city.  For the people of Staten Island to really see things improve you need a much, much bigger and sustained effort than any diversion of anything used in the marathon can deliver.  Depriving businesses of business will only make it that much harder to further fund the resources that will be needed over the next several months.  Everybody wants to see Staten Island recover and do so quickly.  But it is possible to want to "do good" and then take actions that inadvertently "do bad" instead.


                              A mini story to go with the above.  Today I was talking to my PT.  Due to Sandy she said business is down 50%.  Her payroll?  Down 0%.  Her rent?  Down 0%.  Her maintenance bills?  Down 0%.  There are many businesses just like hers in NYC.  Cancel the marathon and you will only dig them deeper into a financial hole.  Other than feel good about how canceling shows solidarity with the afflicted people of Staten Island what real materially detectable good will it do?

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                                They canceled the marathon.





                                Twocat. Wow. I was just trying to see both sides of the issue. I honestly did not know which side I was on. (If someone is required to choose a side).
                                After reading your last post, I am leaning more toward supporting canceling the race. Although, I am not 100% convinced either way.