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Monday May 5 Runs and Rests (Read 43 times)

Marathon Maniac #957

    Good Morning!


    Great Job Weekend Racers!  I hope we get more details about Avenue of the Giants.


    While I am a bit creaky and stiff today, I am extremely happy to report that nothing in particular hurts.


    My friend Carissa was also running the Flying Pig, and we were wondering how she did because none of us saw her after the race.  Turns out she had her first DNF, apparently due to low blood sugar.  She actually saw me go by the med tent at mile 23, but I didn't see her. I told her if I had known she was there, I would have been happy to carry her piggy-back to the finish.  Get it - "piggy" back. 


    No run for me today, no workout, nada.  Using the time to do dishes and laundry instead, so I can go to DD's softball game tonight.


    Happy Monday!  (if at all possible)

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Nice racing Holly even with all the port-a-potty stops.  Nice racing for everyone else as well.


      As expected, my weekend was a major caloric overload but great fun with many good friends.  We're going to miss them all greatly.  My Music Director (aka the Choir Practice Monster) got all choked up and had to leave early.  He really is a good guy and a wonderful man of faith.  Musically he made me feel like a Musician at least for a little while.  The toughest teachers are always the ones you remember the most.


      4.6 slow and easy miles this morning in nice running weather.  The leg didn't seem to mind too much so a successful run.



      "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

        Like Holly S. no running, cross training or other kind of workout today.  I do feel pretty good though, well relatively speaking for day T+1 after a marathon.  Hmm, I wonder if that is a good or bad sign about my race . . .   Today is mostly a travel day for me and my DW.  We are at the Cincinnati airport (which is in Kentucky ) waiting for our (oversold) flight.  There is zero chance I can get off this flight as I have a class to teach this evening.


        Happy running and recovery to my RA friends!

        Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

        Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->


          Mornin' friends!


          You've certainly earned some downtime today, Holly, but I don't know that dishes and laundry fit into that description, unless you are using them as some kind of cross-training.


          Congrats on a great, well-earned day yesterday, Breger! Nice run this morning too.


          Congrats to Holly and Twocat for what sounds like a great meet-up (chicken dance and all), and some very good racing! WTG on beating your goal time, Holly, and on setting a new Port-a-potty PR!


          Congrats to Mariposai on her BQ, and Wildchild on her PR! I'm looking forward to hearing out the rest of the Giant racers did yesterday.


          Thanks, as always, for the entertaining post and photos, Tag/AD.


          Yesterday's judged racewalks went well. We had racers from 14 to 77 years old, and from Maine, NH and Mass. A 16 year-old won the 5K in 25:21. A 52 year-old racer was second in 26:13. So there was some good speed on the track yesterday. I think everyone had a good time - I did, even though I barely had any time to stop working and actually watch part of the races. I woke up at J o'clock this morning, fed the cat, and was back asleep at J:05. My body was telling me I needed sleep more than a workout today. So it goes.


          Have a greta Monday!



          Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


            We have one more day in Cal - off to see my sister in Berkeley.  We had a glorious time enjoying Shorty & Leslie's cooking, meeting RA friends new and old & of course running the beautiful course thru the redwoods.


            we're so happy we decided to make this trip & look forward to the next RA gathering.


     thanks to steveP and AvengerDoggie//.


              .........Claire had already gone back to Knoxville,


              I sent a link to her mommy and will let her see it


              she will be Thrilled.

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                Ditto to Marj's remarks.

                We both had good runs. Marj finished 2/15 in the half. I finished 1/1 in the 10K. That's what happens when you outlive your competition in this area. Actually it was my fastest time in the last year and a lot of fun.

                Jay, at the finish I saw a young lady wearing a Seacoast Half Marathon shirt. It turned out that she and her husband were from Durham, NH and knew you. It's a small running world,

                Sayhey! MM#130

                  Good Mornin' y'all!


                  I read on FB yesterday that Ribs was still in the hospital; now it's a bowel problem, so we need to keep tabs on our Mr. Man and try to keep up his spirits.  He said he's walking, but no solid food.     Hoping there's a change in status for the much improved today.  I would be so so so sick of the hospital after a week, and now no food and just pacing.  Yig.


                  Congrats again to all the Avenue racers; I posted on your thread.  PRs and AGs all over the place!  Here's to a next meet-up soon.


                  And Holly, biggest take-away from your report is that your foot is behaving. YAY!   Glad twocat 'splained that you did much better than you predicted, too.  Sorry about your friend in the Med Tent at 23, but I am hoping there are pictures of the chicken dance.  Also, I think you could do a very humorous write-up of your Tour d' Port o' Potays at the Pig.  Ribs might even print it as a guest entry on his blog.   And that race is HUGE, so lots of potential peeps out there want to know this vital info!


                  And what was the kittyboy's time, anyway?  Sounds like under 3:30, yes?  I saw Ryan Hall won the 10K.  Maybe's he's changing his distance from the marathon?


                  Starr, super run, and I love the image of you jotting down your Garmin times while at that concert.  Sounds like a scene in a novel.


                  rhoon, please to explain "color run" as DH loves loves loves airplanes and reading about flight as much as Tag loves to run.


                  Jay, our local racewalker finished our 5K Saturday in 34 and change; not bad for a 67 year old, yes?


                  My race news is somewhat ironic.  I won the 5K Saturday, just besting running club buddy Lori by 3 seconds (when I passed her at mile 2.7 or so, I urged her to "pick me off!" as she is training for Grandma's) and she almost did.   At the 50K Sunday (Palm Bluff Trail Race), I came in second to a lovely new friend, Laura, by yup, 3 seconds!  I had admonished her "don't make me come back and get you!" and she obviously is a good listener.   If you want to read more about that run, see note to Tag, below.


                  It was delightfully non-humid this morning.  Put on my big bouncy Skechers and did an easy 6 and a third in just under 10 minute miles (well, the first one was 11+, gotta test everything out and all .)


                  Happy Cinco de Mayo!





                  Sayhey Tag, at my house, I have a bird, Simon, who likes to get down on the floor and chase the cats, Coco and Caroline.  He puffs out his feathers, makes a growly noise, and runs runs runs (on his funny bird feet) at the cats and they run run run away!  Then when they feel stoopid about getting chased by a bird, they run run run back at him.  Guess what he does?  Yup, he fliles up to the top of his big white house (it's a cage, but he calls it his big white house, "just like Barack Obama") and then he chortles at them.  He does NOT get ice cream for that.  When he IS good, he can have a little yogurt.  I love choklit yogurt, but banana is good too.


                  So I ran this race yesterday and I thought of you.  It was in the woods on trails, no pavement, so I bet you could smell lots of critters.  There were cows nearby, and we had to open and shut cattle gates every so often.  We also had to be careful not to step in cow poop!

                  The reason I thought of you is because the RD promised we would get wet!   There were some stream crossings, and we ran 4 loops of the same trail.  So the first time through, I went across the stream around mile 2 or so and thought "that wasn't so bad." My feet got wet but I knew that would happen.   Heh-heh, little did I know what was to come.    Well, it had rained a lot, and LOTS of the trails were under water.  There was one spot where we waded through water that was up past my mid thigh.  I was worried my power bars in my pocket were going to get wet, and I had good ones with me!  You could have dog paddled across.  So after I did the one loop, I had gotten pretty wet.  Also very muddy.  I  figured I couldn't stick with my plan to run 9 minutes and walk one.   I was confused about what to do, and some people were muttering about quitting.

                  So here's what I did.  FIrst, I figured I should be happy because: I felt good; the weather was really good, sun shining, no rain, not cold; there were very few mosquitos, even with all the water; I wasn't doing the 50 MILER; and, here's the BIG thing:  it was OK for me to be muddy.  I remember the times I got in trouble when I was little for coming home all muddy (once when Georgie Onderbeke and I played baseball and I was in my Sunday dress, wooo-boy, ).  I thought, what would  I have thought when I was 9 if my mom had told me: "Go outside and play, and be sure to come home as muddy as possible.  Go splash in ponds, run and slide in mud, and if you fall down, just get up so you can keep playing and getting muddier and wetter."     THEN that made me think, and what if Tag was here right now, what would HE want to do?    ANd that made me all happy and I knew then just what to do.  When it was dry, I ran ran ran.  When it was wet, well.... I went out there and just had a blast.  I splashed in the puddles and ponds on the trail and assured the other runners I was scaring away the alligators for them.  I slid in the mud, and the only time I fell was on the dry sand, so I just had  mud splashings on me.  (There was one time I ALMOST did a belly smacker on a big ol' puddle, but managed just barely to stay on my feet.)  And my new friend Laura was fun too.  She has 3 dogs at her house and she told me all about them.  And since it was a small race and I think people didn't want to have fun with us, she was the first lady finisher in 5:40:23 and I was the second in 5:40:26.     So thanks, Tag.  You were part of my inspiration.  I just wish you REALLY could have been there!

          (for a piece or two of my mind)

                  MM #5616

                    Aamos,  you're truly amazing!  I'm sitting here having breakfast with Tammy, and I read her your RR.  We had guessed you won your 50k - but 2nd by 3 seconds is pretty dang cool too!    Posie, Enkie, and the Easy Pacer left early for their long drive home, but Tammy and I are going for a hike today before she has to leave for home.  Then I'm going to stay with Leslie and Shorty tonight, before I fly home tomorrow.  Life is good!

                    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


                      Hi everyone,

                      I'm trying to pop in more than weekly at best....we'll see how May goes with this :-)


                      I only jog/walk every Other day, trying to avoid beginner overuse injury still


                      Sun - Tempo run yesterday - just a training run in-a-5K for fun, at faster pace

                      Tues - Long Run  4 miles

                      Thurs - easy 2 miles

                      Sat  - easy 2 miles


                      I'm starting Hal Higdon Novice-1 in a couple weeks


                        Hi Jo!!  I joined this thread last week.  Good to hear from you!

                        Rest day today ......I think ....might go for a short run later.  Finished steady easy 9.1 miles yesterday on paved bike trail that, after a couple of miles, turns into dirt trail, yippee!!  Day was nice, about 50 degrees (a heat wave, LOL!), overcast and slight breeze in northern MN.   

                        PRs In my 50's:  10k trail=52:00;10 m rd=1:23;10 m trail=1:31; HM=1:52; 25K Trail=2:40; FM=4:10; 50k=7:18


                        Trails are hard!



                          I'm starting Hal Higdon Novice-1 in a couple weeks


                          Hi Jo_--I really liked the Higdon plans. I used the novice one to take my first half of 2:29 down to a 2:07 next time around.  Unfortunately, it hasn't progressed past that in a few other tries.  Not the plan's fault.


                          3.2 miles of walking for me yesterday.  nothing hurt afterwards.  And I jumped in with both feet and registered for the Richmond marathon.  Seems like there should be enough time to get in a complete training this time around.  I can only hope.

                          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                            68 degrees this morning versus 98 degrees forecast high for this afternoon made it easy for me to get 6 easy miles done before work.


                              welcome jo. GHigdon is good. I recommended Galloway to a freind as it helped me return from injury a few years past.


                              Az2- good to see you posting. We didn't scare you off.


                              Too funny Amy. Google pictures of HUFF from 2012. Epic running conditions like yours. Only 20 degrees.

                              Usual 10k at lunch. Legs felt better today. Reminds me I need to run trails or XC more than once every month. I like how I feel after a nice run off road. Refreshed.


                              Kiddo has City meet tonight. Super psyched for him. Wish I could watch but it conflicts with soccer coaching for the other one. I need to invent the Star Trek transporter. BTW - running kiddo gave me 10 USATF races he wants to run throughout the rest of the year. Yeah he's got the bug.


                              Nice stumpy. Sounds like the perfect incentive to get healthy.


                              Wow Jay. I know many folks that can't run a 5k that fast. Cool for the 16yo.


                              Well back to work. Have a great day.



                              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                                Nicely done, Amy!  No longer an Ultra Virgin.  AND you got to experience some of the best aspects of trail running.


                                Ribs is having a time of it, so please keep him in your prayers.  It's not always fun the way a person's body responds to the shock of surgery and anesthesia.  He has fluid and gas build up in his intestines and hasn't been able to have a bowel movement.  This has made him very nauseous and he's been vomiting.  From his FB page:


                                Day 7 of my overnight hospital stay: today they inserted a tube thru my nose to stomach to pump out the fluid and jump start the bowel. A big nose is an asset. Good news on the way.

                                Posie or Tammy may have more of an update, but seeing a show they're both traveling today, we may not hear anything until tomorrow.


                                Suffice to say I had SO much fun this weekend.  Being part of an RA meet up has been a dream of mine, and it finally came true.  And of course, everyone is as warm and wonderful and friendly in real life as they are in here.  I was not disappointed!  I had a blast hootin' n hollerin' my fool head off Saturday while clanging my cowbell almost non-stop.  Not sure why, but no other spectators were standing anywhere near me.  Hmmmm . . . maybe it was because I was the most obnoxious spectator on the course.  That's okay.  At least I had fun.


                                I have always void to never to run a road marathon, but all the RA-ers made the Ave seem like so much fun, I may have to break my rule, seeing as how this one is in my own back yard.


                                I was sad to leave everyone last evening, but my heart is overflowing with the love I feel for all those folks.  So thank you, my Ave of the Giants runners.  You are all really wonderful.

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