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    Welcome to all the new folks! I joined CR right before it fell apart, literally a week or two. Then I got into the NYC Marathon this year, and IT fell apart. Hmm, I wonder if there's a pattern there.... Wink


    Had a lovely 12 mile run today with some new friends from yet another running group on FB. These are all local people to my area, and we ran the length of the park and back. Then I came home and signed up for my first ever trail race, a 10-miler that will be in February. Looking forward to it!

      Then I came home and signed up for my first ever trail race, a 10-miler that will be in February. Looking forward to it!


      Woo Hoo!! Big grin


      MikeE, TomW, and SteveP should get together and write a book.  It would sell millions!!


      If I'd gotten in here earlier, I would've showed up at Ribs' house for dinner.


      Holly - So sorry to hear about your mom.  My dad is 71 and aging fast, and not in a good way.  It's hard to see.


      Happy Birthday, Tammy!!  (I know, I know. I'm late.)


      My alarm went off this morning, and The Hub came in to say good morning.  Him: "I'm going to the 8:00 AA meeting since they're worried about me." Me: "I'll be running at the McKay Tract for 11." Him (looking very confused): "Right now? What about church??"  Me: "Isn't it Saturday?" We both stopped for a couple of beats trying to figure out what day it was. Roll eyes  So it was 11 slow miles today - Saturday - then a little bit of yard work getting things ready for winter.  Now it's time to watch ND/USC.  Go, Irish!

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        Got 5.5 quicker miles in today with my Saturday group...2 weeks ago that was my race pace Smile


        Will try to go for a longer easy run tomorrow...get my body used to LR Sunday again...

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          Quick late post after a busy day.....


          My boss has opened an office south of the city (and therefore close to me) and asked me to decorate it for him, so I spend quite some time today shopping for books and knick-knacks to make the office look "lilved-in" and yet professional.   Spent $100 in hardback books at a local thriftstore in an ecclectic variety, some of which I may borrow to read. Still didn't manage to fill the 3 bookshelves (even at thrift stores hardbacks cost $2-3).  Will add to it after I get the okay.  Eventually I would love to be able to work out of this office, which is 5 minutes from home, instead of the 40-minute drive I have now to the north office.


          5 miles for me on the TM this morning,very slow.


          I have to admit to this left leg continuing to be worrisome.  I know exactly what I did: the steep downhills at Monkey were murder on my toenails, and toward the end of the race I found myself pounding downhill with a deliberate heel-strike, which gave my toes a break but stressed different parts of my legs.  So now my left leg is telling me that this was not good.  I do okay for 3-4 miles at recovery pace, but then the pain, which is left-rear thigh, left rear knee but radiating around the outside, and the left ankle, front and top.  How can the whole darn leg hurt?  Still, this feels like something that will work itself out if I take it easy for a couple weeks, so I just have to remind myself to do so.  Maybe a good chance to hit the weights a bit.


          Orange Mat - I finished the last NY bagel that you brought yesterday - can I just say again that they were AWESOME!  Thank you!

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

            Holly, yep, take it easy on that leg and it should be fine. Your races are done for now, right? Good time to back off. And yes, push to get into that closer office. Life is too short to spend all that time in the car!


            OM, that's too funny about your timing, but I'm sure it's just coincidence. Nice run for you today!


            Tammy, I can't believe I forgot to shout out Happy Birthday to YOU! There, I did it. Hope it was a good one! Loved the pictures of Bella and Bailey, they look so healthy and beautiful!


            Well, I'm not hurt, I'm not sick, and I had all the time in the world. And I did NOT run a bit today! What's up with that? Got busy cleaning stuff I've been ignoring for literally months. Of course, intensive cleaning jobs always leave a mess in their wake... I pulled out piles of magazine clippings, recipes I'd torn out or printed off, books I intended to read years ago, mending I'be been meaning to get to, etc, etc, etc, and it's all on the bed! I vacuumed thoroughly all around, and cleaned the bathroom counters to a shine. All looks great... but we can't go to bed! I don't want to pile all that crap back onto the floor! Surprised But... I guess it is a process and I made great headway today. Tomorrow will continue (but I will get a run in, too!).

              Holly S. search for "books by the yard." There are a number of online stores that sell books in bulk, for decoration, at a very low cost per book. Some offer books for particular decors, like restaurants or law offices.

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                I dug out all the Christmas decorations and put up one tree.  The other one will have to wait until tomorrow.  I got in 12.1 miles in 1:27:57, today, too.  I think that is enough for one day. 


                Oh--BerthaSlayer--according to my dad, he "got around"--so you never know...