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    Mornin' everyone. Sorry, but just a fly-by today. 6.4 miles at 4 this morning under grey skies, and with 55F temps. Felt good to be back out after 2 days off, but it also felt like I had been off for much longer than that - strange. OK. I'm off to today's first meeting. Have a greta day. Jay

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      Dave59-Congrats to you and Cindy..Now YIKES!....................... The company's owner is trying semi retirement. As a result, I've had a new super ever since my replacement walked off. No more 40 hours in a three day work week!!!................. As I'm going in late today, Tag and I got in a rare sunrise 4 mile run. He only yelled "Tiny Bunny Yummy!" twice. Thankfully he was on a leash and both times were up hill. We also had a couple of turkey fartleks. Is it too early for his ice cream?


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          Never, ever too early for ice cream Steve! Go Tag......Hudson waves a paw and will plan on some bunny fartleks later no doubt. Thanks for the start Jay! 6.8 miles for me 3.4 miles to CrossFit and then 4x 90 seconds (30 seconds rest) of rowing, kettlebell swings, weighted plank holds, and double unders---getting the jump rope under each jump twice/double rotation before landing---I STINK at those!) We did other stuff but there is always a timed intense workout part of the session. Ran home and now I'll do my best to stay awake for the rest of the day. NE Grand Prix series 5k tomorrow night in NH with my teammates.....and just in time for a N'or Easter to arrive. Sun is out now and I may take a photo since we don't see much of it lately. Not caught up here at all, but always with y'all in spirit. Hoping you continue to feel better Dave and happy anniversary!
            An easy paced muggy 5 miler this am. The gnats have been making any outdoor activity almost unbearable. I've been running with safety glasses to keep them out of my eyes. We're supposed to be in for some trecherous weather here this afternoon. The forecasters have been all over this since yesterday , 70 -80 mph straight line winds, large hail, yadda yadda yadda so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's over forecasted as usual. I did skip riding the bike to work today just in case though.
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                This morning I met my old training partner for a run. We covered a bit under 9 miles. It was great to catch up with her again. It has been a long time. It is kind of funny our relationship. My DW is totally confused. My old training partner and I are like guy friends. That is we are only in contact when we are planning to do something (run) together. Otherwise nothing. It turns out this is typical of men but not women. Yes, people do study this kind of thing! We have to keep the social psychologists busy here after all! Big grin Hmm, just noticed the smiley menu, the formatting menu and html editor are all gone! But adding in br codes seems to work see the old post on how to do paragraphs on an iPad for details on what to do.
                About those zombies. You do not have to get the zombie thing to make good use of the Zombies Run! app. It is just a way to make fartleks more entertaining and I think effective. I know that on my own I never run fartleks. Worse, on those very rare occasions when I would try I would cheat. You know run a shorter distance than I should at a slower speed. The app puts the kibosh on all that. When the zombies 100 meters announcement comes you go! There is no cheating since the zombies will be coming for (I think) about 100 meters. Also, you have to run it fast enough to get away. What can I say other than even something like imaginary zombies are enough to improve my fartleks. As to enkephalin's questions about sandbagging a bit between farleks to have the energy to outrun the zombies - you bet! But mostly I worry about hills! The app has no understanding of hills. Zombies go the same speed whether you are going up or down hill. If the hill is steep enough that is that, you are zombie toast!

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                  I'm getting better, but right now I can't imagine ever even wanting to run again. (Keeping it short to avoid paragraph problems.)

                  And so it goes


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                    Hey all - sorry I've been away for a bit. Crazy busy at work. CNY - sounds like an awesome workout - you are tough! No running this am - just fizzy lifting, spinnerooni and stepperfication. Felt good to hit the old gym. Latest news - I ran the Hatfields and McCoys marathon on Saturday. Really nice race T-shirt with their motto - No feudin', just runnin'. I like it. 3:36. Good for 1st AG and 11th OA. Nice little hill at mile 7 called Blackberry Mountain. The barbeque after the race was very tasty. NYRR emailed me - I'm in! NYC marathon 2013 here I come. I just need to remember to take the upper deck on the bridge... Hope you all have a good day.
                      I've been meaning to post but haven't found the time. Some of you noticed in the 40/40 thread that I took a break from running. I had met with the running doc (free!) and he thought I might have a stress fracture in my right fibula and told me to back off the running intensity and cross-train. I got some bike gloves yesterday and tried them out on my ride this morning. Very nice. I rode around town and stopped at the park. Tet, you will be happy to know I ran about 2 miles barefoot at the soccer field! Then I put my bike shoes back on and rode home.

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                        Hope that heals up Opie. Twocat, my RP's are all women. I can't find any guys who run as slowly as I do, or want to be in my company for very long. They had a bomb scare yesterday in Princeton, which cleared out my workshop for a tiny bit, while the managers ran out to text and call their employees to be sure everyone was okay, but it turned out to be nothing. I finished up at about 4:30, drove to the Phil. airport and got an 8:30 flight home. Got in just before midnight. So predictably, my run didn't go so well today. Called it quits after a mile, went home and took Lucy for a walk. Just being lazy today. Spareribs

                          sounds awful Dave. I hope this goes away fairly quickly.


                          And I hope this isn't a stress fx, Opie - maybe just hurting from overuse?  Good cross training though!


                          Going to the track tonight for intervals. David gave me a workout.

                          1/2 mi w/u

                          800m (sub 4:00)

                          2:00 min recovery

                          800m (sub 4:00)

                          200m walk and 200m "shag"

                          then 5x400 with 1:00 recovery. and he wants my paces in the 1:40-1:49 range.

                          1/2 mi. c/d . . . or until my heart rate is recovered. I told him I hope my heart wasn't dead by the end of this.


                          I never should have asked him for suggestions on an interval workout.


                          janie b good

                            I've been away as well, but with no "good" excuse-- just lazy about posting.


                            Monday 3 miles; Tuesday 3 miles; Today 3 miles.  One of these days i'm gonna really let loose and do 4 miles.


                            today is my wedding anniversary-- 31 years to the same man!  and he's still the one!


                            ETA:  oh, and had my annual physical on Monday,  my thyroid meds were adjusted again--  bumped up to 125mcg.  hoping it helps alleviate the constant fatigue.  I want my mojo back!

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                              ..........Congratulations janie//////




                              90's and no wind here..


                              ................90min hiking...........ohboyohboy


                              30min poolrun with drag


                              ...............good running guys..........

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                                Quick post as the family awaits attention.


                                My in-laws finally were able to leave (car problems plagued them), and hopefully they will make it home with no more.


                                Stopped to see my mom on the way home from work.  They have definitively decided she has ALS (Lou Gehrig's) and she and her husband are preparing for the worst of it.  He will try to keep her at home as long as he can, but it will be a rough ride.  So sad, she's not that old (76) to be going down this fast. The months ahead will not be easy.  We will do what we can, though, to ease the burden.  Sorry, not meaning to be a downer.


                                6.25 miles for me this morning in 73 degrees.

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