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Tue Feb 26 Runs and Workouts (Read 589 times)

    It's late! Easy/recovery 5 miles on wet roads, a bit warmer at 34F. Workout: 4.1 miles, 8:42/mi, AHR 139 Overall: 5.1 miles, 44:43 Good runs!

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      Morning! IRC this morning 42F, perfect for 13 mi in shorts and a tee! First 5 miles with Tory at 9:18 pace then 8 miles at 8:06 pace. Feet were whisper quiet and sproinky. One of those days Big grin Have great runs!

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        "Feet were whisper quiet and sproinky". I like that! 6 easy miles in 54 minutes accompanied by David Bowie. With 5x100 meter striders in the last 2.5 miles for turnover. Today's going to be a hot one - near 90 degrees expected. It's forecast to be in the upper 40's for the low on Thursday/Friday. Big difference. Bill

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          "Feet were whisper quiet and sproinky". I like that!
          I really like that too!! I was quite indecisive this morning. First of all I didn't really feel like running at all - just tired - but knew that I had better. Turned out to be a great morning! 31 degrees, about 1/2 inch of new fallen snow, and the first to make a mark in it. Couldn't decide between running 4 miles or 4.5 miles - so I decided to run 5 seeing as it was so nice out. 10:50 pace. Last day of work until next Tuesday! Cheers!! ~Mary


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            Drove from Salisbury to Bethesda last night and checked into the Marriott here. Spoke with my client when I got in, and asked her if she would like me to give her a ride to today's training location. She couldn't figure out what I was talking about. Finally she said, "Don't you remember that the training is here in the hotel?" Well no, I forgot. That's how tired I am. But I have a cup of coffee in me now and today will go great. No running. Spareribs

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              Fueling up my mp3 player with music from the soundtrack from Happy Feet - including this one. Feel like getting a little funky this morning? Turn it up, now…

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                Spareribs not to worry. I have a memory like a steel sieve even when I am not tired from traveling! Something of a sad and happy run today. I had scheduled to run 6 with a good friend of mine but she wanted to go out for 8. It seems her marriage is ending and she just wanted somebody to talk to. Sad because she is sad at the moment. Happy because I think it will mean the start of a new, and I suspect better, life to come. From what I can tell active women always have pretty good prospects because they are so rare. (All the better to see so many of them here!) I cannot tell you how jealous my friends are that my wife launches herself down double black ski runs with me! Big grin My friend will do quite well with the guys . . . Good running all.

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                  Mr. Ribs, I don't know how many times I've come out of work or head out to work, and forgot what kind of car I had. I'd look for plates from the state I picked the vehicle up in, then look to see if I had any of my gear in it. Speaking of traveling, I'll be gone for a week and I only have 46 Batman shirts. Hopefully we can find laundry facilities near by.


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                    Good morning, The weather is getting more like spring here everyday...almost 50F today and overcast...great running weather. 10.06 miles of hills @ 9:10 pace. 24 days 'til spring! Smile

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                      I ran 5 miles and DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE WALK BREAK! This is hugh for me. I don't think I ever ran much more than 2.5 miles without walking. Eliz
                      Eliz4015 - nice job! Okay, finally have a minute to post my workout this morning. It was 35 degrees when I woke up (woo hoo!) but sadly accompanied by freezing rain (boo hoo), so I did this on the treadmill: 2 mile WU (10:00) (3 min @ 8:20/1 min @ 9:40) x 5 5 min walk (3 min @ 8:20/1 min @ 9:40) x 5 Plus CD @ 9:40 made it 10 miles total. Forecast for tomorrow’s run: 40 mph wind gusts and 7 inches of new snow. Drat! Good thing I’m scheduled for an slow-paced run. DD (age 5) came into the garage while I was running, wearing her night shirt and sneakers and carrying a white cloth, like those I use to mop my brow. Without a word, she began running in place beside the treadmill, stopping occasionally to theatrically wipe her forehead with the cloth. She lasted about 2 minutes before her Pogo-Hopper became of more interest. Big grin (Btw – need a gift idea for a 5-year-old? – get them a Pogo-Hopper. This and her Heelies were the favorite Christmas presents.)

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        Tempo Tuesday: 5 miles @ 7:23 + 2 miles warm-up/cool-down. Rain's a-coming.
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                            We love anecdotes with your kids Holly. The dog with the bottomless bladder and I went 6 miles. The wind changed up on us a couple of times. I think I may have bruised the top of my foot last weekend. The miles were a bit tender.


                              Twocat I am with you. My wife is a joy to run with, mountain bike with, etc. Your friend should have no troubles when she comes to grips with everything. Heck choosing to run 8 to sort things out seems like a positive step to me. Perch whisper quiet and sproinky sound like a great combination (or a morning DJ duo, not a dynamic duo, that would be SteveP and his youthful ward). Eliz running 5 without walking is a great accomplishment-I would reward myself with something expensive. I was going to run an easy 5 during my lunch time today but with various colleagues calling in sick I will have to attend 2 meetings in their place so my run report will have to wait until later. Good runs all, enjoy the day!

                                good morning! a short post, busy day. as usual the daily left me smiling. Steve, that license plate tip will come in mighty handy. how do you remember the state? Holly, thanks for the DD tale Smile. another tm walk/run this morning. 2.96 miles. & yes, Holly, & Tammy, I would have gone further if I'd noticed. It didn't seem like too much till I was in the shower, (?) but there was no time to ice because I still had to shovel mass quantities. thoght I'd bring my icepack & ice on the way to work (really) but I forgot it. Drove along looking longingly at the snow I'd left on the hood of the car... decided against it. Twocat, hugs & best wishes for your friend. nice runs, everybody.