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    Late start. No running for me, but I thought I would just say I am alive as I have been off the board for awhile. Have been very sick with a chest cold and now a regular cold. Seeing the doctor tomorrow to see what is up. Have lost a full solid week of training. Last few weeks have been very stressful. Lots of activity on the legal front with my ex-wife. Corporate tax year end as well as personal taxes. Tons of sports tournaments and music concerts for my girls. Very very busy at work. My salvation have been the girls and of course my amazing lady friend who has been getting me to slowly slow down my life and enjoy. Take care my friends hopefully I will be running again soon Tall

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      Good to hear from you Tall. Hang in there, get better, and this too shall pass. 18.25 miles this morning in a Pfitz-style progression run. The plan was to run really easy and pick it up toward the end. I ran the first 10 miles at about 9:50 min/mile pace pace or so. Then ran the next 2 miles at 9:30. Then finished off the last 6.25 miles at 8:45 min/mile pace or so. Average HR only 137 - though the last 6 averaged 155 or so. Now for some carbo-loading with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. (Ribs is totally responsible for this.) Bill

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        Well it took me a little while to be able to type! It was 8.5 mi of goodness today, but I was a bit underdressed, so needed to thaw out a bit here before checking in. No sign of what I guess was a stitch in my side yesterday. Ran a little bit of everything: beach, sea wall, street, boardwalk. Took it nice and easy. More runners out today than usual! That made it a bit nicer. Guess a few others are getting ready for the Ocean Drive 10 miler or Marathon at the end of this month. Or maybe just getting ready for Spring! I hope everyone is running well today. P.S. Bill, those cinnamon rolls sound great!

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          Yes, good to here from you Tall, "this too will pass" GWS As usual, Excellent run Bill. The high will be mid 60s today, eventually No run yet. going to do about 8 miles, half of on the AT east of Damascus, across the Cuckoo. I think the spring there is finally running, so I should collect water first. Let's go run in the mountains Big grin jjj
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            15.8 @ 8:34 in IRC. Managed three sproinky sub-8 miles late (12-14) just for fun. I can feel Spring in the air. Good runs, everyone.

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              Elix4015 – rest up, chick-let. Sinus infections are nothing to sneeze at. Lots of other good weather days will be coming soon – it won’t hurt you to miss one. Deez4boys – no need to apologize - whine all you want about being cranky and tired. We’re all friends here, and we all have those days. Teresadfp - congratulations on another PR! Sarge and Mrs. Sarge - ouch! Tall - good to hear from you. I set my alarm for 3:45 am today so I could get my 20-miler in before church, but when the alarm went off DH said, “Go ahead and sleep in, do your run, and we’ll skip church this week.” Bless his heart. Unfortunately Max, the Overly Affectionate Cat, heard the alarm and spent the next hour diligently trying to wake me up with his roaring purr and gentle head-butts, so I didn’t actually get much more sleep. I think he feels it’s his duty to make sure I don’t oversleep. 20 easy-paced miles (ave pace 10:06, ave HR 138) which started in darkness and ended in glorious sunshine, temps 30-40 degrees. I thought about trying to run the last few miles faster, but just didn’t have it in me. Seems like it’s all I can do just to finish these runs with no attempts at speed. Hat’s off to Breger and the others who are able to do progression LRs. Now I’ll join DH outside to do some yard work, now that the snow is finally melted. Happy Sunday!

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                Tall - good to hear from you. I'm starting to think that maybe we should all give ourselves a break and declare the last few days of February a running holiday. So many of us are being forced to miss runs anyway, at least if we weren't "allowed" to run for a few days, we wouldn't miss the running and also feel like slackers. Take care of yourself; chest colds aren't anything to sneeze at. (Bad pun NOT intended!) Nono - Ocean Drive is this month?!? Eeek! There was a time when I was hoping to make it my first 10-mile race. Not gonna happen this year. Maybe the 5K. I'm determined to do Broad Street this year, though. Maybe next year for the OD. I love to read about your beach and boardwalk runs. Two weeks until spring break and I'll be right up the road for a few days. Slept almost 14 hours straight, essentially sleep-walked through the grocery store and decided it was time to stop whining and at least try to run after 5 days off. Managed 2 miles at around Slug Pace. Would have tried for more if I weren't so sore from over-wearing the orthotics and didn't have to stand on a marble floor and sing this afternoon. (It's Mozart, though, so maybe I'll grow a few extra brain cells?!?) Besides, since I didn't do a long run today, I can look forward to a few miles in SHORTS tomorrow - now they're predicting a high of 60! Whoo hoo! Good runs, rest, and carb-loading, everyone. Smile Eliz


                  Holly who was that marathoner that thought the Pace Leader was going too slow and took off on her own and finished off a super-strong marathon with energy to burn? I never attempted a progression LR before Dtoce started saying I should be doing them. They're not easy. I just happened to have IRC and you didn't. That's all. Bill

                  "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

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                    Afternoon gang, Tall you sound like you are over the worst of it and your good lady has the right idea. Cracking run and HR Bill (thanks for the advice ) Nono good 8.5 and a tidy pace, Holly what time do you need to go to bed toget up at that time and what a great long, long one. Good run Tramps, whats IRC I started the program which will definitely have some changes, see other post. Anyway: 10m 01:51:06 @ 11:07 AHR 154 73% very hilly trail run. Good Runs All Roy

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                      Great to have Tall check in with us, and pretty cool run by breger, getting his feet wet on the progression activity; that was very well done Bill. 6 total miles today, 3 of it at an easy jog. Just finished stretching and icing it. Off to shower and then on to KS this afternoon. I sense there is good news on the way sometime today from our relay team. Won't surprise me either, considering that cast of all-stars. Looking forward to their report. Spareribs
                        Holly - I'm really glad you didn't get up at 3:45, but you seriously need to teach your cat to fly. Our cat has learned that he must not bug us early in the morning, or he will find himself airborne. I actually slept until 6:20 this morning. Unheard of! And having gotten both work and my vist to dear-old-dad out of the way yesterday, I have the whole rest of the day to putter around the house. I'm really happy about that. 18 miles progression for me. I was going to just go out and plod along with no real plan, but WRFB encouraged me to join in the progression fun. Sooo... Miles 1-5: 10:54 (MP+16%) Miles 6-10: 10:19 (MP+10%) Miles 11-15: 10:08 (MP+8%) Miles 16-18: 9:22 (MP) Now onto those waffles!

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                          Great runs all... NIce to hear from you Tall....hope things get better.. And a great LR... Today...oot at 7:00 AM.....for a standard 20 miler....just hoping to log in a better one than a couple of weeks ago, when it took me 3 1/2 hours to complete 58 cloudy and windy (20 mph from the south) Managed 20 at an average of 8:44...took 2 hours and 54 minutes... Now off to IHOP...

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                            Did several miles of X-C skiing yesterday in perfect snow and weather conditions, but my leg is feeling it a bit more than I'd hoped today. Now I'm not sure about running tomorrow, but will wait and see how it feels in the morning. DS came home for the first time since Christmas break. He said he'd get in "late", but it was 5AM when I woke to the sound of the garage door going up. Grrrr... Now it's noon and I haven't laid eyes on him yet, but I guess I should be used to it by now.

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                              10 slow miles for me today. I really tried to slow down this weeks long run. I tend to run them a little faster than I think I should and as they are about to get a lot longer (14 next weekend) I thought I better practice. Anyway first 9 slow then the last mile at MP for a total of 1:44:00 . Roy, Good luck with the new plan. Sickies get better!! Ribs, Sounds like the foot is doing better. Good luck as you start back up. I think its roast chicken and potatoes with carrots in the crock pot today. Smells good already, mmm

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