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Saturday 04/05/12 - A West Coast Start (Read 41 times)

    Everybody must be sleeping in or racing!  I'm waiting for my iPod to charge, then I'll be headed out for 14 trail miles, hopefully before the rain comes in for the weekend.


    Good luck to all our racers!!

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      Have fun on the trails Leslie.


      15k race this morning. Never have run one so it was a guaranteed pr. Managed a decent run although one of my quads is really sore from a hill workout earlier in the week. I guess I need to see the massage guy.


      Now off to watch DW and DD in their horse show.


      Have. Great day everyone.

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      New skirt in town

        6.5 easy miles this morning, then picked up my DS from  a "sleep"-over ("wake"-over might be more appropriate) and got our hair cut.   We zipped by Target to find the perfect birthday present for his cousin tomorrow, and now we're at home, noshing on lunch and both ready for a nap!!!



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          Mornin' everyone.


          Good luck and have fun on your 14-miler, Leslie.


          Nice PR, C-R! Congrats on your first 15K. I hope the quad rebounds quickly, and that you have a greta time watching DW and DD horsing around at the show today.


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          So, I'm not glamorous, I can't sing, and I've lost whatever value I had?  Hmm...  Big grin


          Wildchild, part of the second largest estuary in the state is in our town, and it is at risk because of overuse, misuse, and from sea level rise which is also endangering properties that border the estuary. If no one addresses these issues, there will eventually be environmental and economic impacts to the town and to those property owners. Our new group is going to tackle these issues because, unbelievably to me, our town seems to not want to address them because they are afraid of the potential costs of doing so. As the man said: You can pay me now, or you can pay me later. But 'later' will cost a lot more.


          DW and I were out late at a play last night, but I still woke up at 4 o'dark, so there'll be a nap in my future. We had our racewalking training session indoors this morning. That was a good thing because it was 30F with some serious wind outside, which is less than ideal for a training session. I got there early and did 4 miles. Then I went another mile with one of our walkers as she warmed up. I had everyone do mile repeats today, and I tagged along with some of the walkers on the last few laps of a couple of their miles to help them step up the pace at the end of each of those miles. I went a total of 5.5 today.


          Have a superb Saturday!



          Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

            Mornin' Leslie, CR, Robin and Jay!


            It's a shame your local council won't get involved, Jay.  None of our politicians can seem to see past their current mandate, can they.


            Got in 6 miles of trail this morning with friends..... about a mile more than I'd planned to.  Am hoping that the foot behaves, so have a compression sleeve on it to help for the afternoon.


            Lost my car key somewhere on the trail, but thankfully still had my cell phone.  Called DH, who was about to leave for the day with a buddy to come and unlock my car at the traihead for me, as I'd left my house keys and spare car key in the glove compartment.  By the time we were done he'd been and gone.  Was afraid I'd be locked out of the house until he got back this aft.

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              tetsujin209 I think you should quit and look for a new employer.  Really, this guy is so out of control about all the running he demands of you!


              janie b good Where? Where?  Everybody wine and dinner around the fire at janie b good's place!!  Yahoo!


              Opie I hope you find something full time and have to bail on the clinic.  If not I have to admit I hope you have very few takers for the clinic. Alas, I suspect you will be busy.


              fatozzig you have had more nightmare inducing avatars.   Just to be safe, however, until after the Boston Marathon I cannot read any of your posts.  Sorry.  Wink


              C-R congratulations on the PR!  Horse show?  Cheap hobby, no? Big grin


              rtravers ah to be young and not need sleep again!


              coastwalker nice of you to get so engaged in your town.  Good luck with the estuary.


              Hemerocallus close call on the key!


              I went down to where the local Joggers Club meets this morning to run 13 miles.  But, as seems to always be the case with the club these days, they went off at a pace I had no intention of keeping up with.  So I just ended up running alone anyway.  Since that $50 annual membership fee got started the number of people running has dropped way down and those that remain all seem to go out in a clump and end up returning alone.  Next fall it may be time to find a new running club.

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                 So, I'm not glamorous, I can't sing, and I've lost whatever value I had?  Hmm...  Big grin

                Geez, try and pay a guy a compliment...  Wink


                Nice running C-R!

                Heme--what a drag losing a key.  Glad you got out okay.

                Ribs--I couldn't find the link (obviously) so I googled his name and found his site.  Interesting stuff!  Plenty to be proud of.


                Decided on another unscheduled rest day today and will ice my foot again.  But I'm doing a little rail-trail run tomorrow with a friend, so I'll be back out there soon enough.

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                  tetsujin209 I think you should quit and look for a new employer.  Really, this guy is so out of control about all the running he demands of you!

                  yeah, if it wasn't for that idiot, I'd be running down my beloved Yakima River Canyon Marathon a couple of hours behind Mariposai.  Oh well, at least he's exactly as happy as I am to be wrapping up this prolonged project that's been bogging us down.  Have fun.

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                    Tammy, great pictures of your son at his successful track meet.  Mike, I hope the job interview leads to a good opportunity.  ribs, congrats to your son.  C-R, good job in your 15K race.


                    Nice long runs for maine, Mike, and Twocat.


                    This morning, it was about 30° and there was enough wind to be bothersome.  I struggled through 8 miles at an 11:18 pace.


                    A good day and good runs for all.



                      following the non-running theme -

                      twocat - henrun saw your mention of grand marnier chicken, i googled a recipe, followed it sort of and it was good.  the only differences from your recipe - i didn't use buttermilk and used garlic powder instead of garlic.  it was good, but i might try the orange concentrate in the future.  thanks for mentioning it.


                      good racing c-r and walks and runs everyone else.


                      no running today because too many 'chores'



                      Marathon Maniac #957

                        Heme - very frustrating.  Will you go back tomorrow to see if you can find it?


                        Only 3 miles for me today with a few striders.  Tomorrow I'm running a HM embedded in my last LR before the Derby marathon. I plan on running the HM hopefully at roughly 8:50-9:00 pace, then run back out on the course to find my friend Renee, then run 7-8 miles more with her.  Weather is forecast to be 52-58 degrees with 25mph winds and 40% chance of rain.


                        I got my haircut today, since tomorrow's temps sound like short sleeve weather.  Every winter my hair grows long, and in the first warm-weather runs the tips of my ponytail whip the backs of my arms in a very annoying way.


                        Now I'm going to embark on an adventure - upstairs to do a spiral perm on my DD.  Never done this so I hope I don't mess it up.  Wish me luck!

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                        Bushrat Runner

                          Failed to make it over to YRCM. I had found a private strip in the canyon I was going to try to fly into, but first the contact number for the strip was out of service, then the winds were vile such that I didn't really relish flying into a mountain canyon for I failed on this round.


                          Hopefully Mariposai had a great run.


                          I went out for 6 consolation miles. I really need to maintain some marathon fitness so if I ever find myself in marathon territory I can jump in next time...this is the first time I can remember being near a marathon with time to do it but not in shape to run it...

                            Ok - I am officially exhausted!!  Not sure if it was the 9.3 easy?/windy  miles this morning or more likely the 4 hours of packet stuffing for the marathon this afternoon -- we did have fun dancing as we filled the bags, but that concrete floor is not very friendly!!


                            Oh - and wait til you see the COOL gift in the runner's bags this year!!  All the volunteers were given on today too ---- VERY COOL!!CoolCool


                            Have a relaxing Saturday evening my friends -- I certainly plan on it!!





                              C-R congratulations on the PR!  Horse show?  Cheap hobby, no? Big grin



                              Ummm. No.


                              Never had horses only dogs until about 4 years past. I've been hounding DW to get a hobby since the day we married. I have golf (albeit not often anymore) and running. Well after her first bout with cancer she says its time to find something. She gets connected with some friends that ride and show and falls head over heals into riding.  Paso Fino breed. Lovely animal. Smaller in stature but beautiful to watch. Well it started out as trail riding and now its shows. And DW  and DD are into it big.


                              No complaints from me as I started the whole thing. Worth every red cent in my book for what it has done for them both. And that's saying something as I am German and Irish which means I only spend money on alcohol and do it begrudgingly. Wink


                              So enough blather. On to movie night. Looks like Indiana Jones.



                              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                                mrrun instead of orange concentrate try adding the zest of an orange instead.  I made that dish tonight and did that in response to all of the comments about the original recipe and it worked out great.  The original recipe still needs some work in my book however.  I found that the bread crumbs did not really stick properly to the chicken.  Next time I see a cooking show where they coat something in bread crumbs I will have to pay attention to all of the tricks instead of just letting it go past me as usual.


                                deez4boyz sounds great!  Money are we getting money?  How much!!  A real good swag bag would include say $10,000.  Am I close?  Big grin


                                C-R my SIL used to ride show horses when she was younger.  It must be one of the most expensive hobbies out there!  Well I guess Formula 1 racing, America's Cup Yacht racing and a few others cost more.  But not many!  I am glad your DW and DD like the sport and that you are able to take the cost in stride.  The shows are often magnificent to watch.

                                Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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