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December and 2012 Year-end Masters MIles (Read 368 times)


    I originally posted this in the beginner's forum, but since I'm way past 50 I probably should have just posted it here.


    225.8 for December, and my highest mileage month ever, which is not bad considering I just resumed running 10 weeks ago after "retiring" from it in June. Average pace was 7:31 per mile. That includes 1020 running laps on an indoor 200 meter track, about 127 miles worth. There was also a whole lot more walking laps, but I don't count those.


    1421 miles for the year, at an average pace of 7:21 per mile, with little to no running for 4 months. This is about even with what I did last year.

      101 miles for Dec

      1174 miles for 2012


      Thanks wild


        132.6 monthly miles, 1514 for the year and a good year it was for a marathon PR at St. George.  Hope you're having a good trip, Carolyn!

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          *fist bump* to stumpy for joining me in the Minimalist Miles portion of the list. 14.3 miles for the week, 55.5 for the month. 607 for the year; and this included training up for the Portland Marathon in October -- rolleyes.

            lowest mileage year since I started running 6 yrs ago. and lowest mileage month for 2012! I guess that must mean I'm hitting a new all-time low in my life, right?  Joking


            27.1 miles for December

            657.1 miles for 2012


            The highlights for 2012 would be running my first trail race (SOB15K) on an actual mountain! lol


            and running 3 HM's in 5 wks, with two of those being 6 days apart which qualified me as a Half Fanatic (#3011).



              270.5 for the month


              2023.1 for the year.


              No PR's but I'm getting in shape for 2013.

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                145.6 for December and 1900.8 for the year. Given all the deep cold we've had and the mysterious shin niggles I've dealt with, I'm really happy to have missed my annual mileage goal by only 100 miles. Never thought I'd make up that much, really.


                Only 2 marathons this year, but Boston was a high temperature "PR" and Equinox was a course PR, so that works for me!


                  244.6 for December.


                  1,624 for 2012


                  Two Pr's, one in a half and one in a 10K.


                  Three injuries to recover from.

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                    Thanks for doing this all year, again, Carolyn!  I look forward to seeing how everybody did each is very motivating for me.  


                    2012 may have not been the best year for me professionally or in some other personal areas of my life.  Nor did I ever run a PR in any race at any distance during the year.  BUT 2012 will go down for me as my most fun running year ever.  I got to meet John and Julie McAllister at the Knoxville Marathon--I got to spend the the whole dang week and run with Carolyn at the Wyoming Marathon, as well as meet and run with Cindy (Mtnchk1) and Doug (her DH)--I got to meet and run a couple miles with Skip during one of his cross country tours.  I was also able to develop closer friendships with so many more of you through this forum.  I can't even tell you how much I appreciate you guys putting up with all my complaining and whatever else I come up with on here.  And you'll never know how many times, when I just needed a break from the rest of the world, that I snuck on here and read through the antics going on and, somehow, that got me through the day.  Okay--sorry--I'm getting all mushy, now.


                    Oh...and I also ran the most miles in one year EVER!  (I ran 2002 miles in 2002)


                    Dec: 176.5

                    2012: 2139.1

                    Marathon Maniac #957

                      Thanks, Carolyn!


                      December: 190.8 miles


                      I can't figure out how to find my ytd totals in the new log.  When I run a report all I get is a graph.  Sad

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                        Thanks, Carolyn!


                        December: 190.8 miles


                        I can't figure out how to find my ytd totals in the new log.  When I run a report all I get is a graph.  Sad


                        You have 2202.5 for the year.  (I looked at the November miles...I had to do the same thing for me)

                          December  88.3

                          2012    987


                          No PR's  No marathons  No half marathons Confused 1st time I haven't since ? long time... 17 years maybe

                          Still running 3 days a week and feeling good Smile

                          Did run 4-10k races I had only ran 2 in my life before 2012


                          Did over 3,000 bike miles including the D.C. to Pittsburgh trip


                          Thanks Wildchild !

                          Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                          Shirtless wonder

                            Only 38 miles this month - best in the last quarter since injury.  Overall for year 1208.9 miles.



                            • Ran my first marathon in October;
                            • Earned 5 AG awards 3(5k) 1(15K) 1 half marathon;
                            • Captain my River to Sea Team in R2C17. 

                            Only regret was not "training better" post marathon...This year going to do better.  Just need to decide which marathon(s).Wink


                            Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                              121.86 - December

                              1200.43 - Year 2012


                              My highest total for a year since I started keeping track.


                              2 bouts with stomach troubles with 2 DNS's, a DNF, and 3 PW's (8k, 10k, 10-mile).


                              But also 2 AG wins (5k & 10k) and a 3rd AG in another 5k.

                              And so it goes

                                158 miles in December

                                1231 miles in 2012 (at least I beat Byll)


                                No PRs, but it's another year of running--that's an accomplishment.  3 marathons and I qualified for Boston 2014.


                                Thanks, Carolyn.