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    Went in for my fourth treatment of Pamidronate today and was happy to find out my results were back. Dr. H came in and said they were okay. The spots are slightly larger and another very small one has showed up on my left hip. He wants to keep going with what I'm doing and see if my tumor markers come down in the next couple months. He said sometimes the spots will get inflamed and worse before getting better. I should find out tomorrow or Thursday if my markers are down. During my exam he took his fist and tapped down my spine to see if I had any pain. When he got to the spots it felt a little different, but didn't really hurt. Dr. was glad to hear that. Will post on this thread when I find out about the tumor markers. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!
      He said sometimes the spots will get inflamed and worse before getting better.
      Hoping that's the case. Feeling "different" rather than painful sounds encouraging. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

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        Thanks for the update Donna. I am keeping you in my good thoughts.
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          I'm Keeping you in my prayers munch.
            Dr. H came in and said they were okay.
            Smile Thank you for keeping us posted. Prayers continue your way.

              Lots of good vibes, prayers, good karma, hugs and anything else I can think of coming to you!!! Keep us posted!
                Thanks for the update, munch. Continued thoughts going your way. TomS
                  Thank you for keeping us posted. I'm praying for you. Jem
                    {{{{{{{{{Munch}}}}}}}}} Sending hugs and prayers your way. Keep us posted.

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                      Hi Munch, There are some encouraging signs in your report, which I am very glad to see. Good luck on the markers report! You continue to be in my thoughts, and I wish you nothing less than excellent reports, and the good health that comes with them, from here forward. Jay

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                        Stay strong munchkn! You are in good hands. Smile


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                          Ditto the above. We're all in your fan club. grins, A
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                            we love you, munch
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                              My markers went up to 57. This is not a good sign. I'm pretty much much bummed out right now and need to cry.

                                Oh Munch, I am sorry to hear this. You can use my shoulder if you want. Sometimes a good cry really does make us feel better. Cry We are all here for you. C-mom