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Thursday December 20 Runs and What-Not (Read 398 times)

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    NYRR finally came to a decision regarding the NYC Marathon cancellation. Guess they felt the pressure to get it done before the end of the world...



    Wow, lots of storms in the Midwest, had no idea. Hoping everyone there stays warm and safe...


    Welcome back Maine! Hi Econo!


    It's a good thing little Noah doesn't know how to check the caller-ID yet...


    Answers are a very good thing. Sounds like you got a lot of them today, Ribs, as well as explanations and further information regarding your heart. Here's to many more years of healthy running to you!


    I had a trifecta of crosstraining today at the Y. First I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike, which I'm learning to dislike less and less. Then I had a half hour swim evaluation to determine if I would need private lessons or if I could fit into a group class. The good news: I didn't drown! The better news: I'm fine for the intermediate adult class, where we work on breathing and other techniques. I still can't make it completely across one length of the pool, but at least now I understand what I'm doing that's making my heart race (I'm panicking because there's no air to breathe at all times). Funny how the mind just doesn't like being limited like that, eh?


    And finally I had a 45 minute strength training orientation on the upper body machines. Still have to schedule the second session for lower body stuff. I hadn't done that sort of thing in ages. Good to mix it up, ya know? And my shin was very happy that I didn't run today. The mind, eh, not so much, but we're working on it. Wink


    Happy Thursday all!

      Mainerunnah!  Good to see you here again and it was fun to see you right before the start of the Boston marathon---near the starting corrals. Glad all is getting back into the groove.


      The kiddo got his braces off this summer and his teeth are gorgeous. He needed them mostly to deal with an issue I passed on to him and that required oral surgery and the braces held it all together. The oral surgeon must need to make a boat payment though since he said the wisdom teeth should come out sooner than later. I have my wisdom teeth and so does DH, so we aren't jumping on that one just yet! 


      4 loop de loops around the reservoir this morning for 12 miles at 7:57 pace (trying for 8:00 pace---right on!). Sunny and clear then, but cloudy now. The storm isn't supposed to be much by the time it gets here. When did they start naming winter storms anyway? This one is Draco? 


      Glad you saw the doc Ribs and will be able to adjust your meds.

        maine, it's good to hear from you and that getting back to normal is going on.  Econo, I'm glad to hear you're still around.  I hope both of you keep posting regularly.  Dave, good news on the job front for your daughter and her boyfriend.  ribs, I'm glad to hear the doctor's report.  Knowlege and a plan are always good.  Holly, good luck with your daughter and her teeth.  Both our kids had braces for a few years.  My son's situation was worse than my daughter's.  Both now have nice, straight, teeth and great smiles.  My teeth are a bit crooked and jaggedy but not so unusual for someone of my generation.


        There have been some consequences of the tragedy in Connecticut in our area.  A whole bunch of schools closed for Christmas break several days early.  I am aware of a couple cases where there was a threat.  It's unclear from the news whether there have been other threats or just the fear of what might happen.  There are two counties that I am aware of where every school was closed.  I sure hope things calm down with a couple weeks off.  My wife and I have wondered whether similar things are happening in other parts of the country.


        Nice long runs for Mike and CNY.


        This morning, it was in the low 30s and there was some wind.  I got in a miles at a 10:51 pace.  Shortly after I got done, the wind picked up and it started to rain.  The wind and rain has continued to get worse as the day has progressed.  It's really yucky out there. 



        A good day and good runs for all.


          Having a fun snow day here!

          might be having a couple days worth of snow days actually! It's been coming down thick for about 5-6 hrs now and should keep up throughout the night.



          Marathon Maniac #957



            Old Guys Rule.  Cool



            I agree!  (at least the ones in this group)   Smile


            Ribs - I had to look up mitral valve prolapse.  Since they are just scheduling you for next year, they don't seem too concerned about it.  I hope the lowered dose of BP meds makes the difference for you.


            Last night we were watching Nature on PBS, a special about Yellowstone National Park in the winter.  Our cat, Max, has never shown an interest in the TV, but for some reason last night he jumpted up on the low table where the TV sits and began watching the screen, right up close.  Several times he pawed at the foxes or bison on the screen, and once, when a coyote trotted out of the picture to one side, he ran around the TV looking for it.  We were rolling, watching him.  Big grin


            Half day at work tomorrow, then four days off.  Whew!

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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              Hello everybody!  Ah, yes, the orthodontist--he has a whole lot of my money.  Five of the kids and the DW.  I really wish I had gone ahead and had them put on, too, when DW did hers but decided not everybody in the family has nice straight teeth, except me...poor me...


              Anyway...I did 10 miles on the treadmill, tonight in 1:15:08.  It was 20o outside but the wind was blowing at 20 mph and I just didn't feel like messing with it.  So, to keep it interesting, I played with the speed--7:58--7:42--7:47--7:31--7:41--7:20--7:35--7:08--7:30--6:57.  It felt harder than I think it should have but I did run 10 miles last night, too, so maybe the legs were still tired from that.  Then I did a quick circuit type weight workout--it was only for about 15 minutes but it wore me out. 


              I feel bad for all of you getting hit with the snow just missed us...stay safe!


              Okay--that's all I got.  See ya!

                Finally managed to get a little time to myself. It's snowing out so I did 2.25 on the TM. I would have went farther,but that's all the time I had.


                Holly,I remember in high school I had 2 labs. Neither payed any attention to the TV. We finally had to put one dog to sleep due to old age. The younger  dog acted "depressed" at not having his buddy around.  About a week later we were watching David Letterman and he was doing his weekly "stupid pet tricks" segment. A lab walked out on the stage on TV. My dog went up to the TV and stared at the screen wagging his tail. He must have thought his buddy came back home.Cry  I'm not a sensitive person,but this choked me up. 

                  mainerunnah and Econo good to see both of you back.  You are both among the few RAers that I have actually ever met in person!


                  Spareribs I sure hope the dosage modifications pre-hard workout do the trick.  It seems like the other issues are currently in check and I hope they stay that way.


                  stumpy77 speak for yourself!  Commuting in the snow really sucks!


                  TammyinGP nice break!  Have fun.


                  CNYrunner nice getting on pace like that!  My guess is a Garmin 7:57 pace is in fact about an actual 8:00 race pace.


                  tselbs hey if it is going to rain it may as well do so after you are done!


                  Drake sad story about your dog.


                  Went to the orthopedist today for a followup.  He gave me a cortisone shot to the ankle with the view that he wants to work on one problem at a time.  That is, make sure his diagnoses are right.  He also suspects I have a minor case of plantar fasciitis.  Pretty minor though.  In any case he said, post shot, do nothing for 4+ days then try a short run.  See what happens and report back.  He thinks the ankle pain, at least, should be gone.

                  Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                  Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                    Holly, we had a cat awhile ago who would sit in front of the TV when a nature show was on. I remember once a show about birds was on, and a whole flock took off at once. She was batting at the screen like crazy trying to get those damn birds. We had a good laugh over that. Max going behind the TV looking for the coyote is hilarious.


                    Nice snow picture, Tammy! How much have you gotten so far?


                    Good to hear the cardiologist isn't too concerned, Ribs. And those BP meds can be a mixed blessing, from what I hear.


                    So good to see Mainerunnah and Econo! And hey Twocat, I've met both of them! Big grin 


                    I hadn't run since last Saturday and even with an elliptical and core workout yesterday, I have been feeling pretty sloth-like lately. And fluffy, but that's a whole 'nother problem. So.... it worked out that I could get home shortly after 5:30 tonight and get on the treadmill. Our cold is continuing (getting worse?) with temps in the -40's all day today. Bleh, so tired of this! So... even a treadmill run in the garage was a nice thing. 8.1 miles with 4 x .5 mile @ 8:00, then 2 x .25 @ 7:30 so it felt good to shake off the cobwebs.


                    After tomorrow, the university is closed till January 2 but I'll be going in to the office for a few hours on a few days. But it'll be nice and quiet, so I can actually get some things done!