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Anyone doing the CRIM (Read 170 times)

    Sorry I have been, away lots of issues in my life.  I have not ran since mid June, work, the new house, injury (bad back), and son and his wife having problems have kept me busy.  I am going to do 3 miles Monday, and if my back holds up I am going to register for the 10 mile race this Saturday's  CRIM festival of races.  Wondering if their is a meet up at the clock  as usual?  7:45?


    DS2 and wife have seperated, outlook not promising, at all.  Son has drinking issues, she has ghangi issues.  How kids who come from families who do not drink or smoke can get so screwed up I do not know.  I do put most of the blame on DS2, they are seeing counselors but .....


    We have told them both how feel about their behavior, they say they are working on it.  DW's grandfather killed her grandmother and himself in drunken rage,  my brother was killed in car accident while drinking, and my dad was a heavy drinker most of his life, DS2 should know better....


    pray for them


    House is almost done I'll post pictures

      Sorry about the family stuff.  You still working too many hours?


      I'm signed up for the Crim.  I get emails saying there is a wave start this year.  I haven't seen any details and I don't know if that will mess up any pre-race meeting spots.

      And so it goes

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        Wow, Derrick...I'm really sorry to hear all this.  I will keep your family in my prayers. 

          It's been unseasonably cool for the last couple weeks.  Guess when it is expected to get back over 90°? Roll eyes

          And so it goes

            I finally registered.  The way things have been, I signed up for the 5K and expect it will take me over half an hour. 


            If anyone is going to the expo today or tomorrow, my daugter, Sandy, is supposed to have some sort of nutrition exhibit or demonstration as part of the Crim organization.