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    Good morning.


    There was certainly some great racing and running over the weekend, green beer and all. Nice going!


    A messy “wintry mix” for this morning’s speed work.  12 miles with 3x2mi @ tempo-ish pace w/800.  Wind, snow, rain, a little sleet.  Fortunately there was little snow on the ground so roads were in decent shape.  I thought Spring was right around the corner, no?

    Trails are hard!

      That's to remind you of spring in New England, Tramps.


      We're supposedly in line to get 6-10 inches around here tonight into tomorrow.  It's going to affect my running in a roundabout way.  I have a stress test scheduled in Boston tomorrow at 8am which will be loads of fun to drive to.  I'm hoping that they will be able to tell me how far I went, since it will be taking the place of my normal Tuesday morning run Wink.  This is a followup for my ablation of 4 years ago to make sure everything is still doing what it's supposed to.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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        Short recovery run this morning of 3.5. All packed and headed off to Springield, MO.  I'll try to drive more carefully this time.


        Here's the post about the Feetures! PF sleeve in today's Dallas Morning News:




          Thanks for the blog link, Spareribs. I always enjoy reading your blog.


          Tramps, just how many miles did you run last week? You were one running machine, it seems to me. Great training!Cool.


          No running, but that is OK. The sun is shining and new crocus are starting to bloom in my yard!

          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

            Thanks for the blog link, Spareribs. I always enjoy reading your blog.

            Me too.


            4.35 miles for me today.  (Tough 2-week stretch at work leading up to a 4/1 project deadline.  I hope I survive.)

            And so it goes

              My DS (Robbie) and his GF (Kristin) had their wedding this weekend and it was perfect.  Perfect weather, the grounds and the facilities, the service itself, the reception, the attendees, everything.  I know I'm not objective at all, but there's never been a better wedding.   No hiccups whatsoever.  I was soooo happy all weekend long.  I had so much fun being the host.  I'm very quiet and not outgoing at all, but everywhere I looked were family and friends - people I love.  For a few hours at least I ran around like a true social butterfly - the only running I did!  The Newlyweds have gone down to Key West for a few days away from school.  Real life will return for all of us shortly - but not today.


              Here are three of the billion or so pictures taken.




              During the Wedding Ceremony


              Groom's Parents and the Newlyweds


              The Wedding Party

              "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong


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                Hi All


                I'm just leaving for work but had to post...


                Bill - Beautiful pic's!  thank you!  The kids look so young, happy, innocent,   I wish them all the best!




                  Great pictures, Bill -- good looking couple and very happy parents!

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                    Many congrats to Robbie and Kristin, Byll!!  Those are beautiful pictures.


                    Ribs, you are right... that Feetures sleeve looks just like the one I have.... just the logo is different.  The jury on that is still out with me.  It feels pretty good, but I'm not sure it's really making a difference.  The heel height for the shoes however is a dramatic change.


                    Hit the gym this morning for 20 minutes of spin, then a slow 1.5 miles of 4:1's on the TM.  Foot is holding up so far.

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                      Beautiful pictures Byll. You should be proud.

                      Ah, to be young again....

                      (sekrit note to Tet....I managed to sneak in under 10:00  (9:57pace) hee hee, only because you pushed me on the long downhill)

                      Over a min/mile slower than my PR for that distance, but hey? who cares??

                      I enjoyed the announcer saying "this is no excuse weather"

                      Might run tonight, not sore at all, of course.

                      "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

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                        I'm having so much fun being old that there's not much that makes me pine for those days again anymore but those kids looking at each without any idea of all the joys and challenges to share together in the coming years is one of them. Very nice.



                        During the Wedding Ceremony

                        Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”K

                        MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                          (sekrit note to Tet....I managed to sneak in under 10:00  (9:57pace) hee hee, only because you pushed me on the long downhill)

                          Over a min/mile slower than my PR for that distance, but hey? who cares??

                          enke - there's nothing slow about sub-ten'ing anything. You would have been closer to your PR if you and dive chief wouldn't have spent so much time waiting/looking for me.  It meant the world though.  thanks.  what's next? . 

                          Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”K

                          King of PhotoShop

                            Great pics Bill. Glad it was a happy event.


                            Thanks for the comments on the PF sleeve. Oddly enough, the only tester who didn't like the sleeve was Mike E.!  You should ask for his perspective if this is something that interests you.


                            Now in Springfield MO way earlier than I wished but the victim of flight schedules.  Cold here!  Spareribs


                              Lovely wedding pics Bill. You should be proud. Here's to a blessed and peaceful life together.


                              Good write up ribs. So Mike E was the statistical outlier. Interesting.


                              6.3 in a rush today. My times are decreasing but work and life seem to be filling the gaps. Ugh. I wonder when I will get a long run other than a race.


                              Well off to the next duty.

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                                Beautiful pictures, Bill!  May they be happy and content all their lives.


                                Boy, some of you folks can't catch a break with the weather.  Come on, spring!  Arrive!


                                I survived the race Saturday and had fun at the same time.  Came in 76th out of 78th overall and 7/8 for my age group.  Not exciting placements, but I don't care as I'm usually toward the bottom in these races.  The important thing is I didn't injury anything, I had fun, and I came in under 8 hours on a hard course.  6,000 feet of elevation gain with only the first 1-1.5 miles being flat.  Only one bad turn toward the end, but the crew at the Tennessee Valley Aid Station shoved some jelly beans and Pepsi down me, and after a few minutes I perked right up.  I gotta remember that when I start feeling down and depressed but the rest of the body is doing decent, it's a sugar crash and nothing else.  Makes you feel kind of stupid, but I got over it.  Jelly beans and Pepsi - quite the pick me up!  My quads and calves are fairly sore from all the climbing and descending, but things should be fine a couple of days.


                                Will be in recovery mode this week.  Yea!


                                Another lesson learned - don't eat stuff bell peppers the night before.  Yeah.  Not a good idea.

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