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Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

    Me First? Really??? Out at 5:15 a.m. - calm morning - light snow falling - 9 degees and NO wind!! Smile It is so cold that the snow is sparkley. Very pretty morning. 3 miles - 10:44 pace - I guess you could say they were negative splits - barely: 10:54 10:39 10:33 Garmin seems to be working beautifully. Cheers! ~Mary


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      Nice running Mary and thanks for starting off. I am celebrating the last day of the month by not running. I had a pounder of a migraine last night and hit the snooze button this AM. No matter----an off day is a good thing. Happy Thursday to all and I'll hit the roads tomorrow. CNY
        Long mid-week run for me today. 11 miles in 1:46:37 for a steady 9:41 GA-like pace. Glad that's done. We're getting an ice storm tonight, so I'm especially happy that tomorrow is a rest day. Have a great day everyone.

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          I started out today intending to just book some easy miles, since I'm just getting over this cold. But it felt so good to be out running again and I changed things around and turned this one into a Progression MLR. 10.25 miles total in 1:29. I never looked at the pace, just ran by feel.
          9:56Warm up mile
          9:01 and 8:48Supposed to be MP + 60 secs. (too fast!)
          8:51 and 8:40MP + 30 seconds
          8:25 and 8:26MP
          8:03 and 7:52Tempo/HMP
          8:48 and 2:09 (8:38)Cool down
          Hit the paces pretty well, except for those 1st few which were too fast. Gotta do more of these. Bill

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            Yet another day off for me -- getting to be tiresome even though it's just been a couple of weeks. Hopeful - Glad to hear your Garmin's working now. I was wondering about all those problems on your first one. SteveP - Hey, my DS is up your way this week at the Grand Traverse Resort, working at the Winter Special Olympics event along with a bunch of other CMU students. Fortunately they canceled yesterday's outdoor events due to the brutal weather. Good runs to everyone who can make it out there today!

            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

              Morning, all! Hallar - congrats on breaking 100 miles for the month - way to go! Mary - your morning run sounds lovely - thanks for the kickoff. Bill - pretty nice pacing job - good run! Doug - I guess I didn't realize that there is a Winter Special Olympics - very cool! 6.25 miles on the treadmill this morning. Another round of Britney on the news along with politicians ad nauseum. I boogered my left shoulder lifting weights yesterday - made for a very uncomfortable run this morning. I couldn't find a position that wasn't painful. Good runs to all!

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                Holly... you mentioned storage problems (for stabilitiy balls)-- I'm so behind. my best solution is have the kids move out. Big grin
                Big grin Nice tempo discussion yesterday. I learn so much by listening to you guys. Today is DS’s 11th birthday. I spent the time before running blowing up 30 balloons, and strew them across the living room floor for him to find when he woke up. He later got the joy of chasing them around and popping them. I’m going to check him out of school and take him out to lunch at the restaurant of his choice (prolly McDonald’s). I’m already wishing I could sneak by home for a short nap before returning to work, but I prolly won’t have time. My local running store had a meeting last night about a 2-session Women’s Rock Climbing Workshop being held at a local university in February, advertised as “learn to climb in a non-threatening environment.” I’ve always wanted to try this, but sort of felt foolish, at my age, not wanting to look like an idiot if I froze half-way up the wall and had to be rescued by some 17-year-old kid. What the heck - I signed up for the workshop. 11.10 miles for me today in 14(feels like 8) degrees, with 4 trips up and down Big Hill Ridge, 2 times up the hill on the next block, and the last mile at MP (8:44). Overall pace for the run, 9:40. A good workout.

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                  Mary--thanks for getting us started. (Brrrr.) Roch--hang in there. PDR and Bill--nice MLR's today. Sue--take care of that shoulder Holly--rock climbing's probably a great upper body workout Easy 8 miles today at sproinky 8:40 pace. Gotta go catch up on yesterday's thread. I'm back: good stuff yesterday! Thanks to all who contributed. Ribs, I was looking for something to mix it up with this weekend, so I'll probably try one of those "wave" runs on Sunday. Glad to see Craneium's back running.
                    Holly - what's with this "at my age" stuff? You're just hitting your prime! You know that once you get into that class, your next conquest will have to be Mt Everest! Mary, glad the Garmin is working well. Breger - great times for your"easy" run. You make me feel like a slacker. 6.1 miles for me this morning in 57:10. That puts me at 137 for the month of January. I'm ahead of schedule for training for a half marathon in May. Hope I can keep it up. Got hit from behind at an intersection on the way home from the Y after my workout this morning. Her Jeep Cherokee did a good job bashing in the bumper and light on my Nissan. Can' t wait to get the estimate for this. Shocked Driver carefully out there, Boomers.

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                      Good morning! Thanks for starting us off Hopeful! PDR.. stay safe in the ice strom.. ug! Byll.. glad you're feeling sproinkier today! Bitter cold 22F here today (ok I'm a wimp Shy ) 6 Magical Helaing Miles with Tory including 11 x 120m strides (about 6:50 pace for the striders) total 55:34 (9:16, AHR 142) then some strength training. Have great runs! Steve

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                        Nice pickup at the end Bill. Holly reading McD's for the "restaurant" of his choice cracked me up. Hopefully, in a few years he will suggest Peter Luger's instead! Ran for the first time in several weeks with my training partner. The good news is she made us charge up a number of hills. The bad news is that, uh, she made us charge up a number of hills. Tongue 12.16mi@8:41 by the time we finished our "11 mile" run. Cold here in CT today. Guess that is better than the rain storm that is supposed to hit tomorrow.

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                          Holly - what's with this "at my age" stuff? You're just hitting your prime! You know that once you get into that class, your next conquest will have to be Mt Everest!
                          My climbing buddy Dan Mazur, who was in the national news a couple of years ago for rescuing a climber on Mt. Everest who had been abandoned by his own team, invited me to climb Everest with him this year for the rock-bottom price of $6,750. This price is so low, I suspect I misunderstood him. In any event, I strongly suspect it doesn't include the cost of: --getting to China and back --transportation within the country --food and lodging --equipment --support on the mountain --oxygen --ropes --you-name-it. I suspect the quoted price would cover nothing but my share of the climbing permit, and the real cost of a realistic effort would be over $20,000. I have the money, but when I asked my wife, "Hey, why don't I climb Mt. Everest? It would only take a month," she replied in her "sensible" tone of voice, "Why don't you not climb Mt. Everest?" Also, I know for a fact my friend wouldn't take me until I have shown my resistance to oxygen sickness by climbing at least one other 20,000-footer first, and gone to ice-climbing school, so I would have to include those costs (although he would let me into his ice-climbing school for free). Dark Horse
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                            Roads are like a skating rink this morning so no running for me... Dark Horse, the best part about the people I work with is...running a marathon is like climbing Mt.Everest in their eyes...
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                              Thanks for getting us started Mary. Doug, I'll keep my eye open on the news and if links are available, I'll post them. Maybe you can see your daughter. They're having a race there next month as well. It's also just a few miles where I met Adam West. I was the one in the Batman shirt. Is the Purlple Pickle still open???? Heal quick like Sue Holly, I highly recomend Chuck E Cheese for lunch today...Oh yeah, take DS too. Is the local media going to do a segment cause some one your age is climbing rocks???? Then don't worry about it. I don't know about others, I've had enough of the winter conditions to not want to climb Mt. Everest. I'm thinking unpleasant bathroom brakes......Bbbrrrr...... A whole 11F out there today. 3.6 miles with FIL's Samoyed, whom I call "The White Thing". This run had something resembling sproink.



                                Nice run Bill, Who could imagine you'd get carried away with a run Smile It seems I've got a barky adductor. Enough so to merit looking up the name. I'll test it later, I've had it snipping at me for a while. I think it was a near spill I took last Sunday on the trail that got it. JJJ
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