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The Jogger

    Right my first marathon will be Edinburgh May 25th , I have got through the ballot and paid up. Just looked at this for a 4:30 - 3:30 finish anyone doing 35m a week. I would like to finish and sub 5 would be really good. What do you think of this program? Thanks Roy
      As I've only entered one marathon, I'm no expert. I like the way this plan looks.


      The Jogger

        Thanks Steve, I like the look of it but a lot of 1/2 mara races in it. Roy
          Usual disclaimers: a) others know much more than me b) a lot depends on what you're comfortable with; what works for you, etc etc. For me, I do better with two days of rest and longer daily runs. I can't tell from your log if you're used to running six days a week but that can get tough. All those HM's should certainly be considered optional. Usually the week "off" from the long runs is a bit of a break for your body. But if you're out running HM's that's pretty stressful. For your first, I'd consider the intervals optional too. I didn't understand your comment about 35mpw; this seems to peak at more like 42-48 (depending on if you do the optional run/rest day). Are you planning on just cutting out some of the mileage? I'd consider hanging on to as much mileage as you safely can and think, instead, about paring back speedwork. Also, watch out for that long run in week 7. Looks like they're having you jump from 13 to 18 miles; that's a big leap if you're not used to it. You might want to build in a bit more of a transition. Run consistently, stay healthy, do long runs; you'll be fine. Good luck!
            i agree with tramps that those 3 half marathon races may not be that good. i'd replace the middle half marathon race with a long easy run, followed by an 8 mi marathon pace on the next tuesday. overall though, i think if you put in that work, you'd certainly finish. one thing: try to formalize your warm-up, and do the same thing for each race and each time the schedule calls for a warmup. something like 1-2 miles slow, followed by 4-8x150m strides, where you accelerate from slow to 5k pace. after a few weeks, your mind and body will realize that when you do that warmup, you're going to follow it with some serious work. ritual and running go hand in hand.

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              Usual disclaimers: For me, I do better with two days of rest and longer daily runs. I can't tell from your log if you're used to running six days a week but that can get tough.
              For me, too. I debated on adding a 6th running day to my week this training cycle, but decided against it.

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              The Jogger

                Thanks All for the sound advice, I'm still going to look at other programs. Cheers roy

                Back on Stride

                  Roy, I just hope that the course doesn't run you up to the castle and back! Good luck. Shocked

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                    HI ROY!! Have you looked at Hal Higdon's programs yet? I just seem to gravitate towards his plans - plus the mid-week runs seem doable for me. Good luck and let us know what you chose. ~mary


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                      I also prefer Higdon plans, because they are do-able for someone like me that works FT and is not willing to sacrifice much of my family time. Higdon's novice plans are just 4 days a week, which I can do. I could probably run a faster marathon if I ran 5-6 days a week, but it is not realistic for me. Higdon plans will prepare you to run and finish the race. Other plans will likely help you finish faster and you might have more time your weekly schedule than I do to run more. You can even create your own schedule with a combination of a few different plans. Of course, people use to run marathons w/o a formal training plan at all. Just sort of following a basic rule of thumb to increase mileage each week, but not by too much, and a cutback week each 3rd or 4th week. Build up your mileage so you can do a long run of perhaps 20-24 about 3 wks out. good luck with your training!



                        All I can think of in Edinburgh is that big hill with the castle on top. I've just realized that's where the start is. Lucky you Big grin Good luck!

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                        The Jogger

                          Thanks Mary & Tammy I will start Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 or2 from week 3 on Monday, which will bring me up to the marathon. They look much more realistic for me. Smile Roy

                          The Jogger

                            bap, you grassed me up Big grin If it had of been in reverse, it wouldn't have been Edinburgh for me. Roy