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Saratoga Springs RunningAheaders...are there any? (Read 15 times)

Bushrat Runner

    Thought I'd better warn people, in case there are any RA masters from the Saratoga Springs area, that I'll be in town July 1 to 4. So if you can plan your escape now, that would be best. Or if you want to go for a run with a crazy Alaskan, then stick around.


    I have been invited to be the guest speaker at the Shortwing Piper Club annual convention, which is being held in Saratoga Springs, NY this year. Lots of classic aircraft are still flown in big numbers, thanks to the level of maintenance that is required of aircraft in general. But many of these older planes have outlived the factory support, so entire companies have formed to supply parts, and type clubs have formed to maintain working knowledge among pilots and mechanics on the airplanes. The shortwing Pipers are the Vagabond, Clipper, Pacer, Tri-Pacer, and Colt.


    Apparently the fact that I wrote a book (14 Days to Alaska) about learning to fly in a Tri-Pacer on a huge cross-country adventure from Ohio to Alaska, got their attention. Summer is a challenge, but I worked it out with my boss, tickets have been arranged, and off I go. Should be fun!


    Anyway, if anybody wants a run, I'm sure I'll be out learning the city my favorite way...with running shoes on...