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Thursday Daily, 6.13.13 (Read 44 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Steve, seems that you and Tag had a good "wild animal" run yesterday. Is it ever too early for ice cream?? Good luck with the new super.


    Good luck in the 5K tonight, CNY! Is that in Hollis? I hope you get it done before the rains come, but it may not work out that way. Nice run, CrossFit, run yesterday.


    Slo, I hope your weather yesterday didn't do any more than clear out those annoying gnats.


    Twocat - so, there's a science to men's and women's friendships? Who would'a guessed? Glad you had a good run with and got caught up with your RP yesterday. Zombies? I guess I choose not to go there.


    Dave, I'm glad you're getting better. Hang in there, and you will (want to) run again.


    Hey - PBJ is back! Nice job in the H&M Marathon, and congrats on  the AG award and nice OA placement. Congrats too, on getting into NY.


    Hey - Opie is back too! Take care of that stress fracture, and keep up the good cross-training. Enjoy the new bike gloves.


    Is anyone surprised that Spareribs RPs are all women? I didn't think so... Sorry about the bomb scare in Princeton. I'm glad there was no bomb, and also that you got home safely late Tuesday night.


    So now David is coaching Tammy? And he seems to be a tough task-master. Nice intervals - hang in there, Tammy!


    Nice runs, and Happy Anniversary, Janie B. Yeah - DW always introduces me as her first husband...not that there has been a 2nd. I hope the new meds mix gives you your mojo back.


    Hot stuff, TomW! Nice hiking and pool running in drag.  Wink


    I'm sorry to read about your mom's diagnosis, Holly. But I know she and your dad will get great support from those around them, starting with you.


    Seems that you had a great time on your run yesterday, Mariposai. I wish they could all be like that.


    Sounds like an active weekend for you, DH and the dogs, Wildchild. Travel (and climb) safely and race well.


    You are a great freaking catch, Leslie. And I have confidence that you'll find a great employer who realizes that.


    5.8 racewalking miles at 4:10 this morning. It was 54 breezy, dry and refreshing degrees, vs. the 55 muggy and warm degrees yesterday. There is so much more than just the temperature that makes up the weather (and no, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...). I saw a deer staring out at me from between 2 bushes that were only about 10 ft. off the road. It and I were both surprised to see each other pop into view. I didn't stop moving, and it didn't start, so it was just a moment in time for both of us. With all the rain we've had, my sump pump is getting a good workout. And what do you know, we've go more rain coming in tonight. A sister-in-law is riding her bike from Bloomfield, NY to here to raise funds for a girl who lives near her who was hurt badly in a car crash. It's a 400+ mile ride, and hasn't been easy, with all the rain the northeast has been getting. But she's sticking with it, and hopes to arrive her late on Saturday.


    Have a greta day!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos. THAT'S Biking.


      ..........nice work-out jay//........but you have started sleeping in til 4:10,


      did you get NEW SHOES with more laces?????

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        I always appreciate Jay's summary! It sure helps me know what is going on around here. Waking up at 4:15 that is wayyy too early for me Smile


        I was up at 5am, did some home-caring then I took my free weights outside to enjoy the early morning breeze, drink on the beauty of the sun-rising over the mountains and did some upper body and leg exercises.  Running 5 tonight with the Easy Pacer.

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          I am finally rested up after that whirlwind Princeton trip.  Got in 5.5 miles at the park and finished up with one by 1//4 mile and one by 1/2 mile, about 7:45 pace.  That was enough.


          Conference calls all morning, then I'm treating myself to lunch somewhere.    Spareribs


            another thanks to Jay!  Ran 12 yesterday, so this morning ran errands by bike to 3 different stores before the rains come - again.


            have a lovely day everyone!

              Jay, we missed out on the severe weather. It all started brewing over our head and was East of us before turning severe. About 70 miles North was a different story. Those storms had an earlier start.


              The gnats are still bad.


              Holly, I'm sorry to learn about your Mom.


              Alaska...13 days and counting.

                Good luck to your sister, Jay! That's quite a long ways to bike and then adding bad weather on top of it can just make it dreadfully long. But the good cause should keep her focused and positive.


                After a couple cooler and overcast days, we woke to sun this morning. yay! Although my spinach and kale sure liked the cool days. they grew a lot! Now it's the beans turn to love the warmth again.


                David and DH start their junior bowling league tonight, which means I'll have about 4 hrs alone, so the plan is dog walking and then take advantage of an empty house and clean floors. yeah, i'm living the life here. . . Roll eyes


                  Holly S. my sympathies to you and your loved ones for what lies ahead.


                  fatozzig I do hope you get a position you like.


                  Spareribs I have had a false fire alarm clear out a talk I was giving (for a job no less!) but never a bomb.  Hopefully, everybody took the situation for what it was and you had a  successful trip.


                  The rains have started here in CT.  The forecast is for this to keep up today and into tomorrow.  At least the weekend looks like it will be nice.  Well, today was supposed to be an elliptical day anyway!  It looks like tomorrow will be as well.  Such is life.  My bigger problem is that the part to repair my oven has not yet arrived and the grill is going to be off line for two days.  I am not psyched about going out to dinner tonight.  Maybe I will dig up a skillet based chicken dish.  Anybody got one they particularly like?

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                    jay... thanks for starting the daily and for the updates!

                    holly... prayers for you and your family.


                    the worst of the weather missed us last night too.  but still pouring rain this morning.


                    3.3 treadmill miles for me.

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                      Holly - so sorry to hear about your mom.  And no, you are not a Debbie Downer - you are an Ursula Upper.  Hang in there.


                      Yesterday afternoon, I picked up the family's Disney World tix, and a quart of native strawberries (from AAA Travel and Rose's Berry Farm, in that order).  Each of those things is great; together they are mega-great).


                      This morning - seven on the TM.  The rains have begun.


                      Answer this Biblical trivia quickly - "How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on his Ark?"



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                        Morning, all.

                        Back home after three solid (and I mean, like working all the time except for about four hours' sleep a night and a short trail run I stole while the rest of them were checking their email) days of Management Planning and Vision in the big smoke.


                        I thought I'd be able to blow off steam spinning a tough workout on the car deck of the homeward ferry last night, but found myself swept into a delightful conversation with a few others on the team and couldn't resist the buffet, where we gossiped, vented, and stacked on yet more calories when I should have been belowdecks burning some off.


                        So I dragged my turgid self out of bed this morning and decided I'd ride the crusher on the trainer in my back yard.  Got warmed up, started into the second workbout, blew up, and came sulking back in here to my espresso machine.


                        Will try another easy run this evening and then go ride with friends tomorrow.  I'm subject to peer pressure enough that that should keep me plenty sharp.


                        ETA:  Just went back through Wednesday (not that I'm not grateful for the recap, Jay).  Holly, you've been around here long enough to see how this group upholds its members.  It's what we do.  We can't hold a candle to the hands-on care your family and friends will provide, but don't apologize for bringing the hard bits here.  And I don't, in fact, think that sharing your mother's terrible news is, in fact, a downer.  We're all old enough to know full well that life has ends as well as beginnings; that aging is hard; that parents and dreams and marriages and all kinds of things fail; and that human spirit grows and loves and perseveres regardless.  Go ahead and add your tears and fears to the whole complicated, messy, beautiful tapestry.  We're here.


                        All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

                          Thanks for the catch-up Jay!!


                          5.2 miles for me this morning before mass and prayer group.  Baby Maria has been coming to mass and group with me and I have some cute pics on FB .....if only I knew how to get them over here Roll eyes


                          ((Holly and family))


                          PBJ - LOL!!  I know that answer but won't be a spoiler!!Smile


                            PBJ, congrats on the Hatfield & McCoy marathon with a great time, 1st in AG and 11th OA.  Janie, happy anniversary.  Holly, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother.  Years ago, I lost a friend to ALS.  It's a terrible disease.  fatozzig, I wish you good luck in your job search.  opie, "hi", and take care of that stress fracture.


                            Nice long runs for Mike and marj.  Good job on the speedwork for Tammy.


                            This morning, it was about 60° and there was a little wind.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:48 pace and negative splits by several minutes.


                            A good day and good runs for all.


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                              Jay, when I've taken a few days away from the threads, it's so GREAT to read your summary.  I feel like I'm cheating, though...


                              This morning came with bright sunshine and cool (49F!!) weather, so I hopped out of bed and got in a good run before an early morning meeting.  I'm taking a few easy weeks and then it's back into Fall marathon training, but I'm loving the mental and physical break of just easy running with no mileage or time goals for now!



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                                Hey everyone & thanks for the shoutouts.  I really don't think it's a stress fracture.  My calves get tight and painful when I run so at least I need to use the foam roller more often.  I know that.  The spot that's tender is near the fibula on both legs but the doc never poked on the left leg.  Did the same routine as yesterday, bike for about 10 miles, hillier this time, then run barefoot in the park, about 5k this time, then bike home.  I'll take a rest day from running tomorrow, I think.  Saturday I may do a 44-mile bike ride if I can get up early enough.  I missed online registration and would have to register there.


                                Leslie, I hope for the best in your job search.

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