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Saturday August 11 Windy Runs and What-Not (Read 345 times)

Marathon Maniac #957

    Good Morning!


    No run for me today, just a light core and upper body workout.  Spent the morning taking a load of cabinets to the dump and running some errands related to the kitchen demo. Now we're off to DS' soccer team picnic.


    Happy Saturday!

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Yes it is!


      Oh, You had more to say. Your using my trick to opening the daily so no one sneaks in before you.


      I ran a 5k last night. I am out of racing shape. Still managed to eek out a 3rd place AG finish. It was the kick in the pants I needed though to get motivated.


      The Monkeye lottery results will be out this week. I'm thinking this could be a pretty darn good weekend.


      Holly, hope the kitchen is coming along. My garage is finally getting close. It's taking nearly 2 years...I can't wait to have room in the attached garage and the basement.


      Moving DS back into the dorm room today.

      King of PhotoShop

        A belated happy anniversary to Mariposai, and Nancy if you want to know what happened to Randy Travis just google his name. He got himself in a spot of trouble with the law.


        5 miles with my RP who is back from vacation.  That wraps up my planned 40 for the week.  Beautiful day here, clear and crisp and cool. at 76 degrees. Everyone who runs was out today basking in it.


        Which NFL team was formerly known as the Dallas Texans?   Spareribs

          ...HappyAnniversary mari///...........




          ..........30-min poolrun


          Man, I wished I had known about these things a decade earlier.....



          ..........took Claire to ''WiggleTime'' last night.



          picture a ChineseFireDrill with #50 Under 8-year Olds,


          throw in a cat.

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

            After watching every step of the way of the men’s 50K Race Walking on the high speed/density/etc. tv next to me (that takes 10 seconds to change stations) for three-and-a-half hours earlier this evening (Saturday), I got up to do the same for every sway in the women’s 20K this morning (Sunday).  There may be rhythmic this-and-that’s in the Olympics nowadays but none of ‘em can keep it up for an hour-twenty-five minutes like that. I’d even say something about the men’s race except I’m a man.
            However, though they are just doing their jobs, it’s just sickening to see some officious official, who comes across as unnecessarily pompous and arrogant, stick a red flag in the face of an otherwise powerful athlete who might have inadvertently lost contact with the ground or lifted a heel too high or something.  Even if it was vertent, why can’t they have an increasing time penalty or something for each violation instead of, after three violations, so drastically trashing four years of the kind of dedicated training and sacrifice it takes to be an Olympian?  Yuk.  Quite frankly, it kind of ruined the viewing experience, especially when the announcers couldn't even figure out what happened.  However, each athlete seemed to accept the DQ and turned off the course without apparent comment to the official. 

            Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

            T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


            MM #5616

              Slo, congrats on 3rd AG!  And I'm looking forward to the Monkey, too.  Nice to have an inside track with the RD!  (assuming he lets us all in!)


              Ribs, I don't think 76 degrees qualifies as cool, but I guess it's all in what you're used to!  I try to avoid running if it's above 70. 


              This morning it was in the mid 50's here, which definitely qualifies.   I ran 5.5 miles around the neighborhood with my favorite furry running buddies, and probably gained weight from all the wild raspberries I ate!  Looking forward to a long run up to the divide tomorrow.


              Happy trails!



              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                My barefoot Alaska/Seattle/Japan friend, I don't know where the pollock came from, other than the grocery store.  The sign said, "American wild caught pollock" and was only $1.99/lb.  I would have gotten Alaskan salmon but they were out.  It was pretty firm.  I made a little foil boat, coated the foil with olive oil, covered the fish with cajun seasoning and cooked it on the grill.  Not bad.  I have one fillet left and plan on devouring that this afternoon.  Lunch was a green smoothie, good for you but looks like baby diarreha.


                Slept in but woke in time for yoga downtown.  Then with cooler temps (80's) was able to run afterwards, from the Y to the river trails.  Paul, if you haven't been over the Skydancer bridge yet, it's interesting.  It's the barrio on the other side before you get to the river trails.  I saw a couple of cyclists and chatted with them briefly.  It's a fun game to do my strides in different places since the high school track's been locked up, so I did them there at the base of the bridge over the new I-40.  About 5 miles total for my run.

                "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

                  Spin Your Wheels 46 mile bike ride this morning. Beautiful morning, 70 degrees, light breeze at the start of the ride, 84 degrees at the end. Hopefully it will be that nice tomorrow for my long run. Opie, I didn't know the Skydancer Bridge was even open. I'll put it on my to do list, maybe even tomorrow morning. Does it connect up with the river trails? Boathouse to the bridge and back might be just about right.

                    Ribs, 76 is too hot for me for running, but then again, even in the summer months, due to my schedule I am forced to run very early.

                    Pfriese, 46 miles of biking sounds just a perfect way to spend a lovely Saturday.

                    Opie, what do you put in your green smoothie? Not much of a smoothie fan here, but my son Daniel really enjoys it.

                    Ohh, Wiggle time sounds so much fun! I can just imagine Claire having a blast.

                    Slo-hand, way to go with your race last night, race shape or not.


                    Thank you for your good wishes for our anniversary yesterday. We sure had fun in the woods. We really had to chase the huckleberry patches all over the place. With all the rain we got this year, it was not conducive for a good year for the wild berries. Anyway, it was such a relaxing outing and we came back home with about a quart of berries.


                    My running today was divided in three parts:

                    6:85 @ 8:55 average pace; 

                    11.50 @ 10.52 average pace;

                    2.25 untimed during the   Omak Stampede Parade (hi Troy) to promote the Autumn Leaf Run and other community wellness activities. 

                    What a fun way to run 20+ miles.


                    Here is the posie clan getting ready to hand out fliers during the parade. It sure was a fun family outing.  Each one of us are wearing the race's shirt from different years. I started this race 12 years ago. It sure feels good to see the whole community taking ownership over the event.

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                      Paul, I'd be happy to meet you there in the morning. Don't let me slack off, though! Look at the maps on Garmin Connect and you'll see where it connects to the river...Mariposai, I throw in two handfuls of spinach, 2 ice cubes, a frozen banana, handful of oats, cinnamon, sprinkle of chia seeds, cup of milk or soy milk, spoonful of peanut butter, spoonful of plain yogurt and then whatever fruit is handy.

                      "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

                      i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

                        Mari... it sure looked like a nice day for a parade!


                        Nothing but rain, cool and clouds yesterday and today. But ahhh the cool (60's) feels so good but still a bit warm for good running Smile


                        I was pretty amazed watching the women's race walking. THe announcers said the leader had 'walked" 10 miles in 68 minutes. That's about my fastest MILE pace RUNNING! Pretty impressive but it looks like it would hurt the hip flexors to move like that?


                        Ran 8 misty miles this morning along the raging Clinton River. Way up from all that rain lately.

                        Perch's Profile "I don't know if running adds years to your life, but it definitely adds life to your years." - Jim Fixx "The secret is to make in your mind possible what was not possible before. The secret is to make easy what was difficult, instead to make difficult what really is easy." - Coach Renato Canova

                        The Goofinator

                          Congrats on your placement, Slo.


                          After 5.5 hours of bush whacking, we were all too pooped to pop.  Shorty spent the entire time on the business end of a weed whacker, while Karen and I hacked at pamas grass, berry vines, and alder trees.  I predict that tomorrow I won't be able to raise my arms and my hands are going to be sore, sore, sore.  The arms are pretty cut up, but at least I was smart enough to wear pants, even though I sweated like a frigging pig.


                          A before pic, and this wasn't even the worst spot:


                          Partially After:


                          Shorty weed whacked probably 1/2 to 3/4 of a mileage of trail.


                          A path through pampas grass that Karen and I chopped out:


                          My weed whacking hero, showing off his ability to whack through the pampas grass in a quarter of the time it took us (but that's okay) :



                          The Work Crew:

                          Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


                          Trail Runner Nation

                            Shorty is my idol!

                            Welcome to come here to create a trail path too!

                            Girls you are so lucky to have Shorty to do the hard work!

                            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                            The Goofinator

                              Karen treated us to ice cream after, and he got to eat half of mine after finishing his. Smile

                              Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


                              Trail Runner Nation

                                HOLLY, don’t the old kitchen cabinets go to the garage for the guys to organize all their garage stuff.   


                                Slo –Good job on 3rd AG win, I am hoping that an upcoming 10K race in 5 weeks will motivate me to finished the next race, a half marathon two weeks after  the 10K.


                                I’d Say we had a beautiful day with crisp and cool at 75 also. 


                                Leslie, lovely trail that you and shorty and Karen made today.  Have you ever tried controlled fire?  Maybe there isn’t such a thing.


                                We went to Sioux Falls, again, to get my bicycle seat and stem replaced,  There are other things I would have rather bought with 80 bucks, but I guess the seat was necessary.  DH had a pile of stuff to get at Menards so I left him there and went back to the stores I was at last weekend.  Trying to look around for my bike seat on the gound or pavement somewhere,  I did have stuff to return to the stores but didn’t buy anything else.


                                I tried on every brand (and style) of women’s running shoe in Kohl’s department store (he was at Menards a while).  None of them were anywhere close to the comfort of Brooks Adreneliene.  I guess I’ve done that for the last time today.  We bought some stuff at Sam’s and then headed home.  By now it was 75 and just perfect for a run.  I ate some craisins and a half a peanut butter sandwich,  I debated taking a water bottle, but it was so cool, I didn’t think I’d need it.  It does take mental fortitude and planning to keep me running,  It seems like 8 miles is such a silly distance to get worked up about, but it took me 1:52:39.   I thought about bringing some gummies, but left them at home with the water.  I could have stopped at the YMCA or the campground, but didn’t really need it.  After mile 8 I started walking a bit, but no one would have noticed that I wasn’t running.


                                Last weeks long run of 7.44 went so much better than this.  I should have planned this as a 5 mile run with a 5K at the end.  All said and done, I have a new PR distance and it’s one that will be easy to beat.

                                The 10 K is in 5 weeks and the Hal in 7 weeks.  I would appreciate any helpful advice in my game plan between  now and then.

                                Postrun, I  ate  a pile of watermelon on the patio, had to put a jacket on to stay warm.  Then a long shower, dry hair, dye hair, shower again and get ready for a date.  We saw The Music Man produced by local talent right here in SW MN.  They auditorium is amazing and has escaped the wrecking ball for good this time.