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Tuesday Daily, 11.13.12 (Read 389 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Breger - Congrats on doing so well in your I-Tri! Great job of racing, even with a slow-down toward the end of the run.


    Mariposai, we choose a different local social services oriented non-profit as our beneficiary each year so we can help as many groups as possible. This year's beneficiary, Families First, provides preventive and medical care to people in need, regardless of their ability to pay. I'm glad you enjoyed playing in the new snow yesterday!


    I'm going to hire MilkTruck to do all our race publicity in the future - thanks for the nice write-up! I hope we'll have more time to talk when we meet again at another race.


    Great blog, Ribs, and oh so true!


    My back was doing a lot better this morning (thanks, I think, to the core work I've been doing over the past few months), so I headed out for a workout. 5.3 miles at 4:05 - 60F (in NH in November???), windy from the SE, and misty/damp. I just took it easy today, and worked on some technique tips I picked up at Saturday's racewalking clinic. It felt good to finally be back out on the roads after 4 days off. It was also nice to get back home before the wind-driven rains arrived. There is a cold front coming behind the rain, so this may have been my last day in shorts for a while (although I've said that before...).


    Enjoy your Tuesday!  -  Jay

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      Morning Jay, and all that follow. 


      Weather forecast last night said low 50's this morning, so I got out my bright green shirt from Jay's last year's race and shorts.  When I got downstairs it was 62° and too late to change.  So 3.1 miles around the lake, with the last half shirtless.  Not too bad for Nov.  No rain down our way, but it poured going north to NH.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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        Can someone point me in the direction of Spareribs' blog post?


        Still behind here, but wanted to congratulate Holly, Carolyn, Byll and everyone else who raced this weekend. I'm proud to consider myself part of this great group. Smile

          A brisk 21 degs this am. Not a cloud in the sky and no breeze what so ever. This was a gorgeous morning for a run except for the no breeze part. For the 2 or 3 cars that drove past, the lack of a breeze meant that I tasted car fumes for the next qtr mile.


          A very nice 6 miler. Started with a 1 mile warm up then did three 1 mile "tempo's" that started off at marathon pace, The next at HM pace and the final mile at 10k pace with 1/2 mile recovery in between. Not a hard workout but felt great!


          Jay...I said it yesterday but awesome job again on the RD'ing.

            My right foot was a little sore after the half on Saturday and then again after yesterday's little run, so I went over to the gym and did 30 minutes on the ARC trainer and some weight stuff.  I think the ARC trainer gives me a better workout (in some ways) than a run.

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              OM, we're friends on FB so the link is there.  But here it is anyway:



              A bit disappointed today. After Sunday's hard wave run and just an easy 1 mile jog yesterday I figured I'd be good to go today.  But not so.  2.2 miles on the dirt was all I could do and my knee is now twingey.  So let's see how tomorrow goes.  Spareribs

                28min poolrun




                20's again tonite,,,,,,,,,,,hiking, poolrun, and MAYBE a short BikeRide tomorrow



                ................good running guys...............Easy on the back jay..........

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                  I did finally find the link on your FB page, Spareribs, thanks. Great blog post. I've recently realized about myself that the biggest thing holding me back in succeeding as a runner was my disbelief that I could. Though I consider that to be more of an issue of lack of fierceness, for me at least. Might be a gender+age thing actually, that feeling of not being entitled to competitiveness. But I'm working on it.


                  Rode the stationary bike yesterday for 45 minutes, and today I walked 3 miles. Recovery's done, I'm ready to run again tomorrow.

                    Too many awesome race results over the weekend to comment on, and if I forget someone, I don't want to offend.  But you all inspire me.


                    It was 35F and raining hard on Sunday so I skipped running.  Yesterday I did 5 running miles on the hiking trail at the cottage.  Always a great workout.  There was snow on the bridges at the top elevations, so I was happy I wore tights.  Apparently I ran faster than I have on this route, a nice surprise as I didn't feel like I was pushing it at all.  I've got a 4 mile race on Sat coming up that I am woefully unprepared for.  But sometimes you just gotta do it.

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                      Thanks OM.  A similar issue occurred after Roger Bannister broke 4 minutes.  After that, the seconds kept coming off.  The supremely confident runner always has an advantage.


                      I'm headed back to the cardiolgist tomorrow.  Hope it's nothing, but my physical shows my mitral valve prolapse (murmur to the rest of us) has grown in severity. It used to be a one on a scale of one to five, and remained that way for quite some time, but now it's a three and the PCP physician suggested I go to the cardiologist now, rather than wait til next year and my 5 year checkup.  It was discovery of the murmur several years ago that sent me to the cardiologist, who dismissed the murmur as being unimportant, but noticed the aortic valve issues, and that's where the whole thing started.  So we'll see.  Spareribs

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                        Too many awesome race results over the weekend to comment on, and if I forget someone, I don't want to offend.  But you all inspire me.



                        ++1 !!


                        Ribs - Will keep you in  my prayers that murmur isn't anything to worry about.


                        4 miles this morning with hill work, followed by an hour of core/strength training.  I've decided I need to be doing the C/ST 3x a week, so for now it'll be Tues, Thurs, and Sun.  The third day will probably stay in play until I begin B2B's again, which brings me to a question for your ST buffs.  It's my understanding you're not suppose to do ST 2 days in a row to allow the body to recover.  Yes?  No?  Old Wives Tail?  I'm not getting the results I want from two days a week, but once I start up the B2B's again, I don't see myself doing strength training on either Sat or Sun after (or before) my LRs.

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                          otherwise you

                          start looking Lumpy





                          I just made that last part up.

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            Mike, a belated comment on you being called into work on Sunday.  I can understand being bummed about it but really like your attitude after it was over.  Jay, you and your group put on quite a successful race.  Also, I'm glad to hear your back is better today.  breger, nice tri with 4th in AG.  ribs, I hope you get good news tomorrow from the cardiologist.


                            Nice long runs for mari (solo trail/mountain run) and rhoon.


                            This morning, it was about 30° and there was some wind.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:51 pace.


                            A good day and good runs for all.


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                              I hope it's nothing too, Spareribs.  Add me to the list of those who liked your blog post very much. As my runner hero once said "Mind is everything."


                              Jay, great job on the race you organized!


                              Congrats to all the weekend racers.


                              About 3 miles for me today in town. Not as much fun as yesterday's rainy mudfest on the towpath, about 5 miles there. Yesterday felt sproinky, today not so much.

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                                Spareribs nice article.  But I am pretty sure I will never qualify for the Olympic trials, beat Ryan Hall, grow to be 6' tall, . . . But I can dream I suppose!


                                fatozzig you are slipping again on your avatar.  This one is just not all that disturbing.


                                rhoon phast I have no idea how you can train in the winter weather you train in.


                                tetsujin209 if I were to try doing a triathlon I would need a motor boat to make a cutoff let alone a wet suit.


                                My PT suggested I try using the elliptical again.  Sunday was day 1 and since there was no pain Monday or this morning today was day 2.  My PT returns from vacation tomorrow so we will see if there will be a day 3 later this week.  Friday I head out to Berkeley CA to celebrate the retirement of two of my former colleagues out there.  I cannot believe they are retiring!  When I worked there they were active members of the department.  Boy am I getting old!  Sad  Quick trip though.  I will be home Sunday afternoon.

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