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3.11.13 It's a new day, Monday, daily. (Read 49 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Sorry to learn of your injury, Karin. But it seems that you are setting yourself up to rebound as strong as ever.


    So sorry about the liquid fire, TomW. As other have said, feel welcome to rant as long and as much as it helps.


    Some greta runs Saturday and yesterday by just about everyone - what an impressive group! You can feel the excitement building as people are turning their laser focus to upcoming target races, be it Boston or whatever else is around the corner.


    C-R, have a good and safe trip up to this neck of the woods.


    Lot'a snowplow envy around here Saturday and yesterday...  Wink


    For a variety of reasons, I didn't make it out till after 11am yesterday, and it was very weird to A) be out in daylight and B) see so many cars on the roads! One of the reasons for all the traffic was that people wanted to have a look-see at what happened because we'd had a heck of a storm surge at high tide on Friday night and again on Saturday morning. Fish houses on the shore were pushed off their foundations, sea walls were toppled, and rocks up to a foot or two in diameter were blown to the far side of the ocean road. Salt marsh that is never completely covered at high tide was totally under water. At one point on Saturday, we saw a huge wave top a sea wall and wash over the top of a car. But I digress - 6.4 racewalking miles at a better pace than I thought: I also relearned that judging pace by feel in the dark is different than in the light, which is pretty bizarre.


    No workout this morning because this time change has my internal clock all screwed up and I woke up too late (and it was still pitch-black out).


    Enjoy the day, even if it's Monday  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Karin, glad to hear from you but sorry about the injury.  As an aside, I'm always amazed at the number of former competitive swimmers who later become really good runners, like you.  The aerobic strength (and core strength probably too) must translate nicely to running.


      TomW, I always feel terrible when you're hurting.  You try so hard to do whatever you can to be out there and it's just not fair.


      I agree.  DST is stupid.  Getting up Sunday morning at what felt like 4 AM, made for a slogfest 12.5 miler.


      We're getting ready for a really BIG week for my family.  DS and his GF are getting married this Saturday late afternoon.  My parents are coming into town tomorrow, then we'll all be headed up to Gainesville on Thursday.  Can't wait.  I've got a couple of adopted DD's and (my own) DS, but I've never seen any of my kids get married - for a variety of reasons.  So I'm REALLY excited to be seeing at least one of them.


      To heck with the Bride and the Moms who are all just naturally beautiful, and the Groom in his mid-20's handsomeness.  I'm gonna look kickass good in my Tux.  Wink



      "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

      Jack K.

      uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

        Hi guys... SRD for me. Good thing as this time change always knocks me on my butt for a few days.

          Okay, no hugs TW, but rant on and loudly if needed.


          Exciting weekend ahead for breger and family! Enjoy each minute and yes, I am sure "dashing" will apply.


          Nice racing and running around these parts this weekend. I enjoyed the vicarious running. And thanks for the nice words. I am doing my best to look forward since the other options are no fun and I hardly have it the worst. My piriformis aches are all gone, my hips aren't sore and I am challenging myself to do at least 1,000 sit-ups (of various types) a week. There are collateral benefits and all that from being away from running. The transition from swimming to running did make a difference I believe especially in aerobic capacity and endurance.


          Hope NE treats you well C-R. The snow melting should continue up here most of the week.


          Thanks for the start coastwalker!  The time change doesn't bug me so much, but confused the Foo out of Supergranny---date and time escapes her a lot these days and yesterday was a prime example. Nice to have the light in the afternoon though.

            TW—You’ve earned the ranting equivalent of the bottomless soda cup.  Go for it….unless you’re in NYC.

            Jay--Sounds like a nasty storm.

            Byll—Congrats and have fun at the wedding.


            EZ 8.5 today.  I was ready for a slow recovery run but the legs felt surprisingly fresh, so I just went with the flow.  Wow, it is dark again in the morning, though, isn’t it?

            King of PhotoShop

              Yesterday I forgot about the DST thing but I didn't lose any sleep over it, as they say.  Got to the club just in time.  Today I slept in again, as we're all on spring break here and no need to get up early.  Guess I'll go out and run now.


              The Texas Independence Relay is coming up here March 23-24.  200 miles from Gonzalez, TX to Houston. I'm not doing it.  Hate relays after Hood to Coast, but I did write it up here, as we have 2 very fast teams running in it.  Also wrote up the Mansfield, TX Pickle Palooza. Small town south of me and they devote a whole weekend to a pickle parade, 5K etc. I had fun writing about this one:






                TW - rants are fine - we care about you


                Beautiful morning to run with sun and snow and high 30's with no wind.  I love the daylight in the evening, so I'll happily put up with a few days of acclimation and morning darkness


                enjoy the day!


                Maniac 505

                  Leslie,  Great hearing the posts about Kate yesterday,  sorry I scrambled her with Karen.  I haven't seen her blog, but the quote from her I really liked was, I think after she became an ultra runner, as I recall, one of her patients asked her "what are you running from"  She answered



                  TomW  Rant away,  we are good with it.


                  I agree with others,  DST is stoopid, but this year it worked for me.  I've been working graveyard for the last 6 nights.  It meant that one of my 14 hour shifts was only 13 hours.


                  And Tet,  You said:

                  "ps divechief - glad  your work schedule changes will allow you some training time for the upcoming St. Pat's Dash with Enke and me.  However, did anyone mention that even that only gives you four days to train?  Don't worry though.  I know the feeling."


                  Tet,  actually I don't have 4 days to train.  I have 3 days to train and one day to taperl  Surprised  Look forward to seeing you and Enke Sunday.


                  New skirt in town

                    Rant away, TW.  I just wish you weren't hurting.


                    DST didn't hit me too hard this year, probably because I fell asleep on my couch at 8:30 PM last night.  7.1 easy miles this morning, nothing special.



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                      I'm mad for you also TW. not fair I tell ya!!


                      I did bring my running stuff with me to work today to get in a lunch time run. but then I also remembered that FINALLY, it'll still be light out when I get home from work so I can go running in the evenings now also. YAY for DST!


                      another warm 68 degree predicted today. Wish I was home working in my garden again today. I got so much done yesterday and some stuff planted and now I'm in my gardening mood.


                        No one can appreciate what Tom's going through more than me Sad  3 months since my last run, still hurting. So far no relief from anti-inflammatories, PT or massages. Doctor's attempt to get an epideral of cortisone in my spine was denied by my insurance company. Not sure what my next step is, but as Tom said, "enjoy the gift" people. You don't know how lucky you are...

                          I feel bad coming in here depressed today.  I am healthy enough to run after all.  But this is the absolute worst time of year.  Everything is dirty.  The snow, roads, sidewalks, houses, and where the snow is melted all that you see is mud and dead grass.  Then there are the big ponds of dirty water all over the yard because the ground is too frozen to absorb anything.  The sky is gray and a dirty fog covers the first 10 feet above the ground.


                          Double, triple yuck.


                          I was supposed to be leaving for Hawaii this week to run a marathon but I wasn't feeling good enough to train for it, Cindy has been out of it most the winter with a neck problem, and now I am dealing with an unreasonable end of month deadline at work so I wouldn't have been able to go anyway.


                          Oh well, what are you going to do?


                          6.1 mile run today.  Did not improve my mood, but no doubt I would be feeling worse without it.


                          Actually, I kind of feel better after unloading all that.  Hope I don't pass it on to anyone.


                          Maybe my next shipment of craft beers will arrive today (my Christmas present from Cindy.)

                          And so it goes

                          MM #6177

                            I feel bad coming in here depressed today.

                            And I feel guilty coming in here feeling great today. Oh well, what are you going to do, indeed. Hang in there Dave. The promise of spring lives in the mud and yuck and all that. Which flower is it, the lotus, right? Out of the mud, it blooms, bringing with it a universe of potential. Soon, very soon.


                            I'm angry with you too, TomWhite. Stoopid stinkin' pain, enough already! Having had chronic pain for the years that I had it, I know too well that frustration. Be angry, that's ok, just don't give up hope.


                            I think I slept 9 hours last night. Maybe I should feel guilty about that too... I got out to run late this morning, with 8 miles at a moderate pace on my schedule. Well it was all I could to keep slipping into MP, my legs felt so wonderful! And the best prize was when I got home, and spoke a bit with DD who's home for spring break. I was wearing a running skirt, as usual:


                            DD - "Didn't those fit you a lot tighter in the past? Is this a new style? Seems looser on your hips and thighs."
                            me - "Nope, same model and size as all my other ones, just a different print."


                            Heh, maybe this running thing IS working some miracles after all... Wink


                            Have a great Monday, folks!



                              To heck with the Bride and the Moms who are all just naturally beautiful, and the Groom in his mid-20's handsomeness.  I'm gonna look kickass good in my Tux.  Wink




                              and we expect to see pictures!!!

                              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                                Hi folks!

                                Time to come back out of lurkdom, as I'm finally back running a little bit.


                                The PF had decided to remain at a low grumbly level after finishing my PT and shockwave therapy thru January.  Since I was getting nowhere, I finally dragged my sorry rear to the podiatrist just over a week ago.  Voila!  I'd been wearing too low a shoe around work and the house!  That, and he ordered me a PF compression sleeve.  Within a few days, I was good enough to start the rebuild on the TM.  Not 100% yet, but a good start.


                                2.5 miles of alternating 4 min slow run: 1.5 min walk.

                                .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!