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Post-Christmas Daily, 12.26.12 (Read 373 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Leslie, I also hope that you caught this early and can get beyond it quickly.


    Great doggy/puppy, Noah, and frozen run/beard photos yesterday! It seems that most people had a good day yesterday, which is wonderful. The friend who we came away with was coming down with something yesterday, and so left for home a day early so he could climb into his own bed and deal with whatever he caught. Bummer. DW and I discussed going home early too, but decided to stay and make the best of an extra day away (which we've done with an afternoon walk in a nearby park on Long Island Sound, and a nice dinner with just us.


    My last workout in Madison, CT this morning: 5.6 racewalking miles in 24F temps and an easterly wind. I worked on kicking my knee forward and maintaining a quick turnover rate. Sciatica is coming back to harass me, but didn't get in the way too much today. Just a few other walkers out early this morning, and the local garbage truck was already making some pick-ups before dawn. Most of the homes that were lit up for Christmas yesterday morning were dark today. I guess folks are getting back to whatever their "normal" is.


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good morning Jay.  I was up and out early (for me) and ran 4.21 miles.


      Great snow and dog pictures yesterday.  I wish we would get a big snow.  The current storm will miss us to the south.

      Humanity runs on coffee.

        Hey All


        For all those in the path of this latest storm..Be careful !


        5.65 this am. Nothing exciting, just a slog jog.


        Round one of the Holidays done. Round two begins this weekend with a Very Schmitty Weekend. A different twist this year. After all the kiddo's open thier gifts the adults are having an alcohol exchange. I have a feeling that there may be an abundance of flavored vodka.

          Hi people.

          I did 6 "easy" miles this AM. Not one of my better runs. I guess I shouldn't have had that last double of Jim Beam last night. Then I headed out with the wind to my back,then ran into a 30 MPH+ headwind the way home. Running 90% of the route between open farm fields that wind can kill you!

          I was also pretty sore in my lower calves today. I was wearing my new Asics Cumulus "14" shoes,but the calf muscles felt a little sore right off the bat as I remember,so I think they may be a little sore from the "hills" I ran Monday morning. I don't know if any of you run in the Asics Cumulus? I'd like some feedback if you do. I've ran in the Cumulus 12 and 13,but these 14's are a fairly new model I guess. I could feel/see no difference when I went from the 12 to the 13's over the summer,but these new 14's look like they have a few changes to them. I hope they work out,for what I paid for them I should get a free leg massage after every run!

          I was planning on getting a pair of "Knuckle lights" in my stocking for Christmas,but the DW said she could not find them anywhere. I wish she would have told me sooner as I was looking forward to having these on my pre-dawn runs. I think they are sold only directly through the manufacturer,at least from what I know,so she was not going to find them at a sporting goods store. Well,my birthday is in January,maybe I'll order a pair for her to give me for the B-day!

          I did get 2  fluoresent lime green T-shirts for my warm weather running from my daughter-score! The DW also got me a running belt. I've actually never seen one of these. It's not bulky like a fanny pack,just a slim belt with a pleated compartment to put a wallet,cell phone,keys,whatever into. I'll definitely use this!

          Have a good post Christmas day people.

          King of PhotoShop

            You can do so many good color combinations with lime green or krypton green.  I've tried them all Drake.  Good score for you.


            We got snow here yesterday, not really enough to accumulate, but it did leave the sidewalks and park trails pretty icy.  It's 25 out there now and i did just 5 at a good clip, as I wanted it over with!  Did I read somewhere that there are gloves or mittens that are battery-warmed?  I may buy them as my hands really feel the cold as I age.  Spareribs

            delicate flower

              Happy Wednesday!  364 days until Christmas.  Is everyone done with their shopping?


              Rest day yesterday, but that does not mean it wasn't filled with running related activites.  I bought $180 worth of stuff from runningwarehouse (YAY gift cards!) and I registered for my first three races of 2013.  Two half marathons and a quarter marathon cost me a total of $90.  Love those small local races.


              I'm planning 8-10 easy treadmill miles after work, because the weather is going to suck and that's how I roll.


              Drake, DW gave me Knuckle Lights for Christmas.  She said they were tough to get because they kept selling out.  I'm not sure if you can get them elsewhere but she bought direct from the manufacturer.


                Augh! I thought I was doing well with my snow-envy, then rhoon phast goes and posts more! Maybe I just need to head for the mountains and get my fix, or sit tight & wait until January. We always get a skiff in January. 3 miles at 6:00am with my track buddy today. Hey e-van! Thank you for asking. Ben is doing fine, but my DXH and I are still behind the scenes working hard on the logistics of assignments. Winterbreak is a welcome relief from the college homework grind. He is doing beautifully in his German classes, thanks to his superb auditory & rote memory (left brain stuff). Other subjects are very hard. During the semesters, I'm putting in about 20 hours/week getting him to do his homework.

                King of PhotoShop

                  I suppose I shouldn't have asked about battery-warmed gloves, as I just googled it and there are jillions of them.  Maybe someone has a recommendation on the best ones to get. Signed, big chicken in Texas.


                  May I make a suggestion to the rest of you regarding race fees and how many races to run?  I used to look back on the previous year and think, "Gee, I spent over a thousand dollars on race fees!" as if this were an expense.  Then one year I said, "My goal is to spend $1,500 this year on race fees."


                  This changed my perspective entirely.  Instead of seeing it as an expense, I now look at it as a goal I have to achieve. I hope you will consider doing this.  Ilene, how much did you spend in 2012 on race entry fees?  How about the rest of you?  For those who run a lot of marathons, it's pretty easy to get over $1,000.  Spareribs

                  delicate flower

                    Then one year I said, "My goal is to spend $1,500 this year on race fees."



                    HA!  I like that!  I just do the races that I want to run, and the fees are what they are.  It just so happens that two of the three I signed up for are dirt cheap.   Twelve bucks for a no-frills half marathon!  I am doing a 5K in Disney in May that will cost $125.  For a 5K.  $125.  But I will be there on vacation anyway, so it must be done. 


                    Marathon Maniac #957

                      The DW also got me a running belt. I've actually never seen one of these. It's not bulky like a fanny pack,just a slim belt with a pleated compartment to put a wallet,cell phone,keys,whatever into. I'll definitely use this!


                      Drake - running belts of one type or another are a general must-have for many of us for long trail runs, marathons, or LRs of 18+ miles.  I have a couple different ones, depending on how much I want to carry (which is never much, but at least they hold 4 gels for a marathon, maybe only 2 for a LR).  They are very useful.


                      Baboon - $125 for a 5K?  Ouch!


                      Woke up to blizzard warnings and 7-12 inches of snow predicted (which is huge for southern Ohio).  I hated to make the 35-minute drive to work (make that 50-minute today), but had to get some files for a meeting tomorrow.  Still, I only stayed a couple hours before gathering some work to bring home and heading out.  Saw 10 cars in ditches and one collision on the way home. Thankfully, none were me.


                      3.5 miles on the TM this morning.

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                      Shirtless wonder

                        Great running everyone.


                        Out for I think my last walk/run on the schedule, Friday I start running w/o walk interval.   Today was 20 mins run + 2 min walk + 10 mins run for total of 3.9 miles with overall pace of 8:24 [which included the 2 min walk].  Total time 33:04 for the entire work-out.  Temps were COLD but not as cold as Bob's.  It was only 32F, overcast, damp, and a little windy.


                        Perfect weather to try out my new running jacket [a Christmas gift from DW] that converts to a vest.  I have running jackets but always feel too hot or cold when using them.  Saw one a buddy who had purchased at an expo years ago, so I started looking for it on-line and in stores.  I found some  but just couldn't justify the $$.   However DW stole one of my running catalogs [prior to me seeing it]  and found it on sale.  Color is bright reflective yellow for extra visibility.


                        I used it as a vest today, which allowed me to keep cool but comfortable with minimal layering.  Actually looking forward to see how  this puppy  works in colder weather as a jacket.   I hope she enjoys the kindle just as much.Big grin


                        Enjoy the holidays folks.


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                          I suppose I'm a wimp, but the wind is blowing 29 gusting 46. I think I'll hang out inside today.

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                            I suppose I'm a wimp, but the wind is blowing 29 gusting 46. I think I'll hang out inside today.

                            no excuses, what would Sir Ernest Shackleton have done?

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                            ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

                              no excuses, what would Sir Ernest Shackleton have done?


                              Big grin


                              I wimped out this morning, too.  I was still licking my wounds and refused to stump out to the shed in the pouring rain to ride my stationary bike and do strength training.  However, I need to suck it up, so tomorrow I ride!


                              Have a doctor's appointment for January 3, exactly one year to the day of my last appointment with him.  As I told the lady who made the appointment and commented on the date: "And I was doing so well!!"

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                                Leslie, I love this line from your blog:


                                "But I can say that I love the feeling of accomplishing what only a few shorty years ago I would have told myself I could never do."