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Cloudy Monday (Read 421 times)

Bushrat Runner

    Just a quick, slightly after midnight, missive before I disappear off the grid tomorrow. It is raining cats and dogs here right now, which we can hear on the roof as we sit in our living room as no normal family should since it is after midnight. But we appear to be abnormal, because if there is one thing we have a lot of trouble doing, it is going to bed. 


    So it is pouring, it is supposed to continue pouring. And I am supposed to take somebody backpacking. I've done lots of rain camping. Not so sure about my partner in this venture though. Guess we'll see. 


    Since I want to think happy thoughts, here are some scenic cloudy photos from my flight back from Wasilla Saturday...


    First is the MacArthur River glowing in the sun below a cloud deck. 



    Next is a mountain above Blockade Lake before I dropped into Lake Clark Pass. 



    Finally, clouds at the western end of Lake Iliamna.



    Happy runs folks. 

    Marathon Maniac #957



      No run for me this morning, just some light weights and core work.


      Off to a seminar today on VA benefits.  Concert tonight at an outdoor venue - Colbie Caillet and Gavin DeGraw.


      Happy Monday!

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      MM #5616

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY JLYNNE!  You're gonna rock the new AG!


        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          Troy!  Wow!  You must get some amazing views up there.

          Happy B-day, Jlynne!


          The U.S. won a gold medal in skeet shooting yesterday and it's synchronized diving day in London.  So that means it’s time for my quadrennial rant about what constitutes a real sport.  I’m a little pressed for time but, thankfully, we have archives here and nothing’s changed.  So, mostly for the new folks (I see the rest of you rolling your eyes!   Angry ), from 2008:


          With apologies to those of you who have heard this rant before… Synchronized diving is not a sport. Neither is gymnastics. Nor synchronized swimming. Nor skeet shooting. It’s simple really. Just two rules.


          #1. A real sport must be based on some objective measure, such as goals/runs/points (field hockey, tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc), time (running, swimming, biking, etc) or defeat of an opponent (boxing). Any event whose outcome is determined entirely by subjective judging is not a sport (gymnastics, diving, etc). (Referees are allowed to enforce rules, issue penalties, and call points.)


          #2 A real sport must involve physical exertion, not merely precision, and must be entirely human-powered. Equestrian events? Not a sport; get off the damn horse and run. Sorry you skeet shooting fans; not a sport. Archery? Heck, once that door’s open we’re one step away from Olympic darts. Sailing? Yes, it has an objective outcome but depends upon wind (not human) power; not a sport.

           I hope I’ve helped clear things up.


          […Also,] things that are not sports, such as gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating can entail astounding athletic ability and be entertaining to watch but as non-sports, they do not belong in the Olympics.


          But that is not the trend. Instead, we live in perilous times in which baseball and softball—perfectly good sports—are being dropped from the Olympics. It’s unconscionable, really. […For] those of you who don’t see the profound importance of drawing a clear line between sports and non-sports, let me just add two more words: Olympic poker. Don’t scoff; no one believed it would ever be broadcast on ESPN either...until it happened.


          Finally, for my last piece of evidence regarding the significance of this issue, let me note that when you allow “sports” that involve no exertion, you get Olympic “athletes” like this (Yes, this is real.): “BEIJING (Reuters) – [2008] For most athletes in Beijing, the Olympic Games mark the culmination of years of sweat and sacrifice. Few will come looking to Jay Lyon for training tips. Lyon is Canada's best hope for an archery medal, although the 96-kilogram [212 pound] Winnipeg native admits he is probably not the archetypal Olympian.’I'm not much of an athlete, I eat a lot of McDonalds,’ said the 22 -year-old on Tuesday." Mr. Lyon advanced from a field of 64 contestants into the final 8 and came very close to winning a medal.


          I rest my case.


          Easy 5.2 miler today…running…which is definitely a sport.


            Mornin' all!


            Phantastic Photos, Troy!


            Enjoy the concert tonight, Holly.




            I got out at 4m this morning for an E-Z 3.5 miles: It was a surprisingly cool 60F (not complaining!!!), just a smidge muggy, moonless and dark. I think my days of seeing the sunrise are over for this year, unless I head out later on weekends. It was fun while it lasted!


            I have meetings scheduled for every day this week, and a ton of email to catch up with from last week. I have a feeling I'm going to need another vacation by the end of the week.


            Enjoy your day, even if it is a Monday.



            Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

              Happy Birthday Jlynne.


              Great photos Troy.  Glad you didn't run into the mountain.


              5.29 miles for me this morning.


              Now what channel is carrying the Olympic chess qualifiers......Confused

              And so it goes


                Great photos Troy. Holly,we went to an outdoor concert last evening and danced and danced (of course we did'nt run your mileage during the day). We took Marj's 2 grandkids with us (ages 4 & 5) with us. We're babysitting them for 2 days while their parents move. Marj says she'll come alive on Thursday and post then.


                I ran 2.4 miles this morning as my L leg recovers (either sciatica or piriformis

                Off to the science museum now

                King of PhotoShop

                  Regarding sports that are really not sports, I have just one word for you Tramps:  Nascar


                  3.2 slow recovery miles this morning after yesterday's 13.  Felt okay.


                  Happy birthday Jlynne, you child you!


                  Wrapped up the trivia quiz answers today with props to Tet included:





                    Tramps...How I would love to add to your post. You are only scratching the surface.


                    Jlynne...Happy Birthday !!!!!! Hope you have an awesome day


                    Me...I'm freshly back from RAGBRAI XL (40).  I had the funnest week of my life despite having 4 days where the temps broke 100 degs. I'm trying to get caught up at attempt to chronicle this on Facebook was a complete fail but I am still laughing at things that happend this past week.


                    rhoon, Great photos. Thank you.


                    Run well.

                    MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                      Thanks again Troy.

                      Have fun in the rain but it it's like it used to be I bet your friend'd rather go fishing.

                      ps - we wouldn't mind a photo of as many yogi's as possible fishing at Brooks Falls. Smile


                      I've given up ever beating spareribs in real but I'm going to check out Bikila's tiger vs. puma shoes for sure when I go over to Japan next month. It's always so complicated when runners wear shoes.


                      happy birthday lynn.

                      Are you ready for a red dress,

                      or shall I bring one back for you?



                      Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

                      T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                        happy birthday lynn.

                        Are you ready for a red dress,

                        or shall I bring one back for you?




                        That little black dress is soooo over-rated, I'd love a red dress - size 6 please! Thanks for all of the good wishes, my virtual friends.


                        Incredible pictures Troy. Both you and Carolyn live in pretty spectacular places.


                        Hey Slo - what happened at RAGBRA stayed at RAGBRA? Or will there be a story told at some point? Glad you had a good time.


                        Tramps, my DH and I have that "Olympics discussion" all the time. Really? Skiing and then stopping to shoot a gun? Confused 


                        In keeping with the 60 karma I ran 6 miles this morning. Wish I could say they were 6 minute miles, but that won't be happening. I AM excited to be in this new age group though.


                        Oh - got some big news last night. Will and Ben are going to have a baby brother/sister next February!!! What a perfect birthday gift Smile

                        MM #6177

                          Happy Birthday Jlynne! And congrats an the wonderful news! Ran 4.5 trail miles this morning with the group, now at 8000 ft, so the breathing was slightly easier but still not like normal yet. Ran in the new shoes we received as part of the camp, Altra Intuition. Felt ok but kinda too roomy in the toe box. I think we're running again this afternoon, some form drills at the track, so we'll see how that works out. Right now I'm listening on the "class" time as the head coach is lecturing his employee coaches. My friend Lucy and I are the only "civilians" here, interesting stuff!

                            ....Happy B'Day jylnne////////

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            Back on Stride

                              Happy Birthday, Jlynne!


                              We need more than vague comments, Slo -- how was it really? I heard from someone else about the brutal temperatures. I can't both ride and camp in conditions like that, which is why I dropped out of the Michigander last year. I have the Shoreline West ride next week, but that's far enough north that at least the overnight temperatures should be cool.


                              We had our min-vacation last week in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area of northwest Michigan, and it was as beautiful as we remembered it. We took our bikes along and rode a couple of new bike trails in the area. I'm sure we'll be back up there again to visit all the places we missed.


                              I ran 5 miles yesterday morning to get back into my routine, then did a longer 8-mile route today. The trail through the woods was nice and cool, but the bugs attacked as soon as I stopped to take a drink. That made for a very short break!


                              Keep cool and bug-free out there, everyone!

                              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                                Here is a succulent Iris bouquet for a gorgeous lady! Happy birthday Jlynne!


                                Gorgeous pictures Troy! Alaska is in my bucket list, for sure!

                                A concert after a training sounds to be a perfect way to end a Monday!

                                Erika, glad to hear that your longish run went well. I was worrying about  it!

                                Ohh wiseone, great 13 miler yesterday!


                                Well, that is all the shout out I have time for during my lunch hour since I still have to put a chicken in the crockpot so we can have dinner ready after work today. 


                                Our sweet cat, Moondancer died overnight on Saturday. Daniel, our son, found her dead yesterday morning. She was very ill only for three days (old age), so it is good that she is resting in peace now. We had her for 12 years and she was already around 4 when she came to us, so she had a great life. As you can imagine, tears are rolling from our eyes every time we think of her. The house feels so empty without her.


                                Running? 3 miles this morning chasing the Easy Pacer around the Omak Stampede arena, then 2 additional miles for my wings. I hope to do some biking after work.


                                Ohh, yesterday was 4.5 easy Recovery miles.Wink

                                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard