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I am heading to Florida the weekend of the 19th, does anybody live down there? (Read 205 times)

    I am heading to Fl. inabout 2 weeks and was wondering if anybody on the site was from the Ocala, Marion County area. I plan on running some while I am there, and would like to hookup if possible. My mother is not doing well and will be having some back surgery in near future, so this is the reason for the visit. We will be there till Wed. morning. She lives near 200 and I75 Run long run well Marathon Derrick
      Well, I live about 2 and a half hrs. from Ocala so no "hooking up" here but that area is absolutely gorgeous. If you're even the slightest bit a nature lover, there are trail heads leading into the Ocala National Forest that you can get to very easily off of any of the "country roads". The forest is HUGE so don't forget your garmin/cell phone/water. My sister lives out that way and has photographed a couple of big black bears crossing the roads. The wildlife is incredible. Juniper Springs is right there as well and may be a better choice as that area is more populated by humans and you wouldn't feel so isolated. Good luck and hope you have some great runs. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to your mom. Jewels
      But in the end, I'm more afraid of not trying, than failing. JJJessee
        Good luck with your Mom Derrick. Mrs P and I will keep her in our prayers. Steve