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Monday's Daily, 12.9.13 (Read 36 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Nice that you got to run with DW and the running club yesterday, Sarge. Sorry about the snow & ice.


    Jeeze, Deeze, you're fast!! Greta job at Mill Cities.


    It's always good to have treadmill distractions, C-R.


    Sorry about all the ice for you and Pickles, TW. And I'm glad you got a couple o' rest days - they're good every once in a while...


    Hooray! Mariposai got back outside for a run!


    I like your "relative terms," MS. PS - you ARE a runner!


    A good day for Remi (got a cone!), and for Enke (became a computer technician and got a new power supply!).


    Happy for the moleskin fix, Dave. Sure beats getting rubbed the wrong way...


    Nice pre and post-church run, Holly. I'll bet the English Toffee is pretty nice too.


    Did you make it to Philly yet, Stumpy? Yikes - a 4-hour flight delay!


    Happy for you for the "no slips/falls" yesterday, Evanflein.


    Glad that you got to run with Ryan, Mike, and that you also got a powered shower. 9F is a bit chilly.


    SRD this morning, but I likely wouldn't have gone out anyway. We got some snow overnight, and I couldn't tell what kind of shape the roads were in. You can't racewalk if you can't get good traction, so any slick surfaces renders me pretty much useless (don't say it!!!). So I stayed in and finished a book that is due back at the library in a day or two. We got our tree at the local Agway yesterday, and got it set up in the living room. Decorating will have to wait till Thursday, when I have an evening at home. We also got most of our outside decorating done in advance of last night's and today's wet stuff.


    Have a greta Monday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good morning Jay and all to follow. I was relatively awake and saw your post this morning so no doubles to start the week. Sounds like yours is pretty busy Jay - hope there's a few breaks for some "down time" in there for you.


      How can it be warmer in Erika's world than it is here? 6° this morning with several inches of fresh snow. Not willing to take the risk of slipping on ice (been there, done that, had the back surgery), I went to the Y for a day of cross training in 4's. 4 miles on the elliptical, 4 miles on the bike and 40 minutes of weights and core work.


      We got the tree up and decorated, and I invited the kids over last night for the last of the turkey - now in the form of soup. Baby Nicholas is 9 months old, crawling and motoring around like a madman. We were all involved in a conversation and in just a split second, he got over to the tree and was trying to pull himself up to get at one of the ornaments that had caught his eye. DH was smart enough to anchor the top of the tree to some of the crown molding so there was just a slight panic when the tree tilted as he tugged on the branch. Whew! Always glad to see those boys come, and sometimes glad to see them go home Big grin

      King of PhotoShop

        Good job Craneium!


        Finally the ice is melting although all the schools are closed. In my city we have about 8,000 police cars but no snowplows, so streets are left to nature to become passable. I did go over to the Park and found an area to run in, although somewhat icy and got in 3.5 miles.


        Here are some of my thoughts on the cancelled Dallas Marathon. I am a bit peeved at this new breed of self-centered runners who, upon hearing there are no refunds in a race cancelled by weather, put up a heck of a fuss.




          fatozzig, I hope the specialist can help your back issues.  Also, my thoughts are with Shorty's mom.  Tramps, nice half with 3rd in AG.  craneium, it's always good to hear from you.  Your kids did great and I loved the trailer.  deez, good job for your relay team.  Tramps, my thoughts are with your neighbor.  What a positive attitude he and his wife have.  ribs, bummer about the ice.


          Nice long runs for Mike, Dave, C-R, Jay, Holly, and evan.


          This morning, it was in the mid 20s and windy.  It snowed some last night and I was concerned about slippery roads so work my Yaks.  I got in 8 miles at an 11:13 pace.


          A good day and good runs for all.




            Ha Jay. I get an image of one of those cartoon characters with their feet moving and going nowhere with the bongo noise in the background. Sounds like a smart move.


            Your DH sounds smart Jlynne. I had to use fishing line for our cats and they still almost made it topple.


            Some people can't be happy unless they grip ribs. happy = gripe????? sounds like an oxymoron or wait just a regular moron. Forget 'em and move on. They aren't worth your effort but nice blog post.


            Good work in the yaks Tom.


            I got 11 today. Nothing special. Still feel like crud. Glad no one else in the family has this especially with DW surgery coming up on Wed. I guess barricading myself in the cave has helped some.


            Cheers all.

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              G'day to all of you... C-R sent me here to meet the group in response to my short intro and question about FIRST here.


              It's a bit of a mystery to me how I did manage to miss this group in all the time I spent reading and lurking on this site. I am sure glad I did because you all really are very inspirational!


              As for my plans for the day: 4 miles later tonight with a running group that I joined a month ago or so. Up until then, I have run most all my runs solo. Who knew, running with others, even though they are still strangers, could be so much more fun!! Alas, I run most of my runs "during lunch" at work as I am blessed with a workplace close to one of nature's treasures.

                Welcome sunkid. I am glad you found us.

                I see that you are in CA. Did you know that a large group from here will be having an RAfamily reunion during the Ave  of the Giant marathon.  See the separate thread for the gathering, you are welcome to join us.


                This morning was burpees day for me. 10 burpees, 1' of ab x 8. Black eye.

                The plan is to run on the TM after work today. We are still enjoying very, very low temps.

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                  Welcome sunkid.  I have no info on the FIRST program but I am sure others along with C-R have information.


                  tselbs - Nice job keeping the racing streak going.  I thought about going to that race but Cindy likes to go out to breakfast on Saturday mornings and I wanted to run 10 or so.  I will definitely be there at the next one since it will be my birthday and it is a treat to have a race on that day.  That happened once before since I moved up here (2003??)


                  We got about 4 inches of snow overnight.  I got up and shoveled the driveway and sidewalks and then worked for a few hours.  I snuck out for 4.27 miles in-between meetings.  The cars had packed down the snow perfectly and the footing was pretty good.  After my next meeting, I put my "Ice Spikes" into a pair of shoes and tried them out with a little 1.16 mile run.  They worked real well.

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                    I am a bit peeved at this new breed of self-centered runners who, upon hearing there are no refunds in a race cancelled by weather, put up a heck of a fuss.\


                    For the most part the runners I know were accepting of the no refunds policy.  After all, the money goes to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, and all the workers are volunteers. It’s not like we’re getting ripped off and someone else is making a profit

                    Sounds as if  dallas is doing a lot better than when the seattle marathon came under fire a couple of years ago after a Seattle Times article revealed that the named charity received but 1% of the event’s gross.  Charitable donations are now made directly to one of several "charity partners" listed on the event web cite. Either way, it's all good exercise that some of us would not otherwise get if left to our own devices.

                    Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                    T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                      Well we got home shortly after 6, and the power was out. We've had wet heavy snow recently and lots of power outages. Optimistic me though, set up the crockpot today with a 3.3 lb cross-rib roast with veggies for a pot roast... Glad the power didn't go out earlier! Temp for the roast was 180° so fully cooked, just couldn't do the finishing sauce/gravy part. Oh well, it was still good. And we had candles and wine, and a nice dinner with the kitties, the new one nervously pacing about noticing the change in routine! Power just came on a couple minutes ago, so we'll charge up everything and be ready for the next round.


                      Originally I'd thought of a treadmill run tonight, but since my TM also requires power (don't they all??), that plan was replaced with Plan B: Rest Day. My sore hip flexors could use the break. DH suggested they're sore from the snorkeling we did... and that makes perfect sense. So... rest day it is!

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                        Jlynne – Big grin




                        Sunkid – welcome!  That looks like a beautiful place to run.


                        Erika – though you are warmer than usual right now, with some of the cold you get, I would be worried about power outages in the winter.  Do you have a backup generator?


                        No run for me on Monday, just 20 minutes or so of weights and core.

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