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    Hi. I'm PapaB. I never really posted much on the CR site but used it for two years to track miles. Let's see. I'm 40. I've been running three years. Last year I did about 1,000 miles. This year, I'll do around 1,100. Three years ago I was at my mother's pre-mature funeral in a suit that I was exploding out of. It was a wake up call. I've been running since. First couple years I was more into the weights, not so much now. My big goal of 2007 was to run a sub 20 minute 5K. I ran a 20:04 trusting the accuracy of my GPS too much for managing pace. Oh well. Maybe next year. I ran a first marathon about a year ago. 1/3 on street, 1/3 on packed snow, 1/3 on 2" to 3" deep snow on trail where my feet were probably pair #10 after the snowfall. Ugh. I now run for many reasons but I think the most important now is just to have the meditative time to self. I do like speed, but I don't really like races. What I love is mountain trails all to myself. I think my favorate place to run is the Section 16 trail outside Colorado Springs. It's a six mile loop in the foothills of the Rockies. The first 2 miles are up about 800 ft. (8% incline). Then the remaining 4 miles, you fly down the weaving trail at a crazy pace. I love to run, but I also love snow skiing too. Skiing is a serious workout, especially bumps. Unfortunately the "sport" I really excel at, and this is embarassing, is rollerskating. I don't yet have any real running goals for 2008. I think I'd like to just run another 1,000 miles. And maybe set a new 5K goal.
      quads or inline? Hi & welcome! (Taking bets on when (in 2008) PapaB will blast the 20 minute barrier -- any takers?)
        Quads. I have inlines too but I grew up in a town that had a, well, roller rink and that was about it.


          Welcome PapaB You're making some serious progress in the 5k Nice job and good luck for 08. jjj
          Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.

            Hello Papa - Your trail run looks fantastic! I love that Local Hikes website and use it all the time. hup


              quads or inline? Hi & welcome! (Taking bets on when (in 2008) PapaB will blast the 20 minute barrier -- any takers?)
              If he races in February, that is when I am betting on. Smile


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