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Soupy Saturday, 8.25.12 (Read 374 times)




    We had dinner with friends at their home yesterday, and enjoyed the antics of their effervescent teenage daughter and their inquisitive and animated twin sons. We had a great time, but got home and to bed late. I woke at 4 this morning, then closed my eyes and opened them a second later, except that it was 4:40. So I got up and out the door fairly quickly for 6.4 fog-shrouded racewalking miles. I did mile fartleks, pushing the pace in miles 2, 4, and 6. It was hard, but it felt good, and the splits were decent, if not spectacular. Now, DW and I are going out for an early breakfast at the fave dive, and then I have our conservations commission's monthly site walks (walking properties where the owners are applying for permits to do work in our wetlands or their buffers). After that, DW and I'll go to the farmer's market, and then I can settle in for some yard work.


    Enjoy your Saturday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos. probably need the rest jay/////....just shoot for 4:43




      ........28min poolrun


      ''SpeedoBoy'' is back,,,,,,,aaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh



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      Trails are hard!

        Good verry late morning, all.  Out for 3.1 this morning in a nicely humid 70°.  Missed my Friday run as we picked up DD at the airport Thursday night about 11:30pm and didn't get to sleep till after 1am.  Did not Jay up and do the 5:30 run.  Interesting observation--there seemed to be a much greater percentage of men out running  a little later on a Saturday then I normally see at my usual 5:30 week days or 7-7:30 Sundays.  Not sure exactly what significance it may have, but interesting nonetheless.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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          Good morning!  Well, it was no Jay-run for me, but early enough.  I ran with the high school cross country kids, this morning, at one of the local nature centers.  Have I ever told you how much I love running with those kids?  They're a good group.  Anyway--not a particularly fast 6.7 fairly hilly miles in 54:25.


          Okay--time to do the rest of the day!  See ya!

            Another personal worst for me.  The Crim 10-miler in 1:47:38.  20 minutes slower than last year. Roll eyes


            After days of running in the 50's it was a sunny day with temps in the 70's to 80's.  So I just took it easy and tried to goof off.  Early on I had a piece of a donut and a beer, but by the end it was feeling hard.  Even though I went real slow I was still wiped out.  Recovery was quick though.


            Shine the sun directly on me and I melt.


            I had fun though (except for that last mile anyway.  I wish they'd make it a 9 mile run.)


            Saw Tom (tselbs) before the race and a few other non-forum friends.  I tried to see if I could find Derrick by the clock but we never really agreed to that spot and it was so crowded that he may have been there and I missed him.


            Got home and the water damage restoration people came by to pick up all their fans and dehumidifiers.  It sounds so nice and quiet now.  The last few days it felt like our house was next to jet engine testing facility.  Even the cats were getting more loopy that normal from the noise.


            I've signed up to run a marathon in Hawaii in March.  I better start thinking of getting my arse in gear or it isn't going to be a fun vacation.

            And so it goes

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              Riblet had his first x-country meet of the season this morning, so I started at 5:30 and ran the slowest 6 miles of my life!  I'm at 63 now and have just 3 more to meet my goal for the week, then it's over. But I am dead right now.


              Can you believe that Brazil is 48% of the total area of South America?  Well it is, and we got it wrong.  As to the first 5 countries in alpha order, that was easy:  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.  Spareribs

              Shirtless wonder


                ''SpeedoBoy'' is back,,,,,,,aaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh


                (ever notice if it ain't Geese,

                 it's always Something Else??)

                 Nice...need pictures to appreciate the HORROR! Wink


                Great job - Jay, Mike, Stumpy, Ribs and all who follow.  You too Dave...despite being sandbagged by the temps. 


                Fall back week for the marathon training so only 14 miles this morning @ 8 AM next week is another 20.  Tried to keep pace a nice easy 8-8:30 min miles.  Total time just under 2 hrs - by 2 seconds.Wink


                Temps were  a balmy 70F with humidity which is better than the 90F and humid we had last few weeks.  Very busy on the towpath today since [like Mike] all the HS cross-country boys' and girls's teams were also running today around the same time.  They could have been track or soccer or La Crosse teams for all I know.  Just found the path very crowded especially the girls' team; they outnumbered the guys' team by  4-1, i.e. must have been close to 40 of them running in a group.  So with an 8-10 ft wide towpath and them doing a group pace of 9-10 mins, it made passing them a challenge.  Not to mention trying to get my car out of parking lot [unscathed] with all the parents trying to park & waiting for them to finish.  Wink


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                Back on Stride

                  I'm also back from the Crim 10-miler, and I have to say I did much better than I expected, especially given the combo of undertraining (no run longer than 8 miles since last year) and the warmest and sunniest conditions in the last few years. By my watch I did it in 1:31:51, but I'll wait for the official results before making an RA-official RR here.


                  I agree with Dave59 that the last mile or so is the most brutal. Most of the course is actually nicely shaded, especially with the sun fairly low in the early stages, but that last part is a slight upgrade on a wide street with no shade in sight as you run due east right into the sun, and of course you're pretty well all done in at that stage of the run. The only good part is the final quarter mile downhill on the bricks, which is always a welcome sight.


                  More later if warranted...

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    19 miles on the bike


                    6.6 miles run -- for you Ribs!!  I can't come anywhere close to running my birthday in miles in a week never mind yours so I did 10% in your honor!!   Hope you enjoyed your 66 this week!!Big grin


                      Dave59 well some race days go better than others.  At least your house is moving towards normal again.


                      Spareribs go Ribs go!  Good luck with those final 3 miles!


                      rochrunner congratulations on your race.


                      marathon derrick bummer about not making the elite tent!  Big grin


                      enkephalin misery loves company so it is good to read that other research teams can produce dysfunction like the one I seem to be attached to!


                      Today was the penultimate whacky race distance race in the local summer series, 9.29 miles. Amazingly, the official results went up in less than  a day and I finished second in my AG.  That gives me 7 series points in total (you get 3 for first, 2 for second and 1 for third).  I am now tied for second in series points and 3 ahead of the next two guys who each have 4.  If you finish in the top 3 in total points for your AG when the series ends you win a t-shirt!  Next week is the last week.  Wahoo, likely my first shirt ever!  There is a guy who is super fast and wins my AG every week by a mile.  He always runs the final race and is well ensconced in first place with 20 points.  Assuming he shows up that means my two closest rivals for a shirt can at best win 2 points, leaving them each a point behind me.  Big grin  I typically do not run the last race but may show up for it just in case Mr. Super Fast is a no show and I have to protect my lead.  Cool


                      In case anybody cares I found out the official story of where the distances come from after sending an email to the guy that maintains the web page that the listed distances are wrong.  He sent back an explanation and indicated that the listed distances are their for their to be "consistent with the history of the series."  This should be a lesson about why people should not mix information provision with personal nostalgia.  The web page may be consistent with some history but since the page does not explain any of that anybody that arrived in the area less than 20 years ago has no idea what is going on!  All they know, like me is that the web page lists one set of distances and the certified course maps (that you click on a link to get) another.  The whole thing is just confusing.  Here now is the source of the crazy distances as told to me by one of the race organizers:


                      When the Summer Series courses were laid out 50 yrs ago they were supposed to be even miles and were measured by the police chief's car.  Years later they were measured more accurately (not sure how - probably a surveyor wheel or bike) and the nominal distances of 4.1, 6.85 etc. were determined.  About 10 years ago I certified all the courses and came up w/ the distance using USATF methodology - cutting tangents, etc.  These distances, generally shorter (but not always - next week's course is actually 0.03 LONGER) are what is listed on the maps.

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                        Nice going Dave and Roch.  Every year this race seems to do people in, and I think it's because you get unexpected heat after running all summer in cool temps.  I loved Roch's line "more later if warranted."


                        As for me, 66.1 in the books and I am so relieved. Thanks for all the kind words.  Spareribs

                          4.2 miles, my usual easy route.  53F.  I should enjoy these temperatures for another month I guess, before the rains start.


                          I had a lightbulb moment on my run.  Maybe my chronically tight left calf is due to the fact that I am running on a canted road for much of my runs.  Makes sense right?  I am going to experiment for the next two weeks with only running on flat paths and see what happens.


                          Dave, isn't it hot and humid in Hawaii?  Hopefully for the marathon it will be cool.

                          "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                            Good going on the CRIM, Dave and Doug (and Derrick?). I think a 10 miler is about the perfect distance. Wish we had one around here.


                            Twocat, well, at least there's a reason for the wacky distances. But you'd think if they were doing it for nostalgia and tradition and all that, they'd make the actual course distances match posted distances.


                            We had rain, rain, rain all night last night. At least it cleared up some of the smoke from the wildfire across the river (yesterday was so smoky I bagged my easy run idea), but it also meant mud, mud, mud for today's trail race. This is actually a cross-country style 5k with things to jump over, muddy spots, hills and trails through the woods. I really don't enjoy this race much, but it's in our local series so if I want all the series points I have to do it. Too bad I ran all out on Thursday's Equinox training run down the hill. My quads were still sore and legs had no zip at. all. Oh well. I had the goal of winning my age group (not that hard, really... the AG above and two below mine are very competitive, mine isn't) and placing in the top 8 if possible. Well... I did win the AG but was 11th woman overall. Oh well. 


                            Ran most of the way home till DH picked me up about 1.5 miles from home for another 4.3 miles. 7.5 miles total for the day.


                              Dave, isn't it hot and humid in Hawaii?  Hopefully for the marathon it will be cool.

                               Yes.  I am sure this will go down in my biography as the dumbest thing I ever did.  But I have been assured by 2 friends who live practically on the marathon route and run it every year that it isn't that bad weather wise.

                              And so it goes

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                                Good going on the CRIM, Dave and Doug (and Derrick?). I think a 10 miler is about the perfect distance. Wish we had one around here.


                                Twocat, well, at least there's a reason for the wacky distances. But you'd think if they were doing it for nostalgia and tradition and all that, they'd make the actual course distances match posted distances.






                                (((Jay's poison ivy)))  I hatehatehate poison ivy, hatehatehate being kept up at night by itching.  Hope that clears up quickly for you.


                                Ribs - awesome week, and more miles than my weekly mileage PR and I am 19 years younger! 


                                DD had her first soccer game of the season today, in 88-90 degrees.  Her team won 9-0.  I felt sort of sorry for the other team, and our own coach told the girls to lay back, stop scoring.  But it was no use.  By that time it was so hot and the girls were so tired that the other team didn't  make any goals.  Sill, always good to be on the winning side.


                                4.55 miles for me this morning, followed by 30 minutes of upper weights and core.

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