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Sunday Daily, 12.2.12 (Read 401 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    lamerunner, I was in Wolfeboro, but will be in touch soon about Manchester and Durham travel. We could meet up and run together and/or go find coastwalker!



    I like this idea!


    Congrats on the AG win yesterday, Ribs! It's nice when it turns out to be your day, even when it doesn't feel like your day. (Does that make any sense?) The compasses were a nice, different award.


    Enke, I don't know how you deal with those deep cold temps you've got, but I'm glad you've found a way to embrace them. It doesn't get near that cold here, but people still complain about the winters.But those are the people who sit inside and wish for something different instead of finding ways to enjoy the weather.


    Tramps, I'm so sorry about your loss of Koko. It is hard to lose a member of your family like that, but you know your lives are richer because Koko was in them.


    Mike, it's great that your daughter gets to coach her daughter in basketball. Even when they get whomped, they still go through it together.


    Greta description of your run yesterday, Mgerwn! We never know what's going to happen when we step out that door, do we?


    Sounds like a fun Jingle Bell 5K yesterday, Jlynne. However, costume descriptions need pictures (Rule #427.c)!


    Good luck in today's Hot Chocolate race, Karin! Sounds like a great community fundraiser.


    Good runs yesterday by Mariposai, Berthaslayer, Slo, Wildchild and many others!


    Nice AG win for Tselbs (regardless of who else did or didn't show up), and more AG hardware for runr_nut!


    Henry, I'm glad your ITB is improving, even if more slowly than you would like (isn't that always the case?).


    I got in 5 miles on the indoor track yesterday (60 laps, but who's counting), before and during our racewalking training session. Then I met DW and we went to the indoor farmer's maket where we picked up lots of goodies (I didn't realize how many varieties of turnips there are!). Then we went home to change and grab a quick lunch and then head out to watch the Christmas parade. The weather forecast said it would be clearing up and warming up to the upper 30s/low 40s. However, it was still snowing and in the upper 20s. The parade was a wonderful small-town parade with home-made floats, antique cars, several bagpipe bands (as well as others), and lots of kids and dogs. It was longer than we expected, and bu the time Santa went by (on the top of an antique fire truck), our feet were near frozen. So it was great to get back home to warm them up.


    Last night, we used Twocat's method for roasting veggies (including many from the farmer's market), and they were delicious! We threw in a little ham and that was all we had for dinner (well, with a little wine, too),and we were quite happy with our meal.


    I wanted to go about 10 miles this morning. But the temps were still below freezing at 4am (it was forecasted to be in the upper 30s overnight), and there was slush and skim ice on the roads. Racewalking is much more dependent on being able to get good traction than running, and I knew during my warm-up walk that it was going to be iffy out there, but I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I racewalked about 50 yards, and knew I was going to either be falling all over the place, or I'd pull something when a leg slipped out from under me. So I whimped back home and did a full set of core exercises instead. I know I should get a treadmill for days like this, but I don't want to be tempted to take the easy way out by having one of those things in my home. So I'll find something else to do on days with too much road risk, and will continue to take advantage of decent pavement and fresh air whenever I can.


    Have a great day!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good morning Jay and all to follow. Sorry to hear about your icy weather conditions. Always best to err on the side of caution, yes?  Sometimes treadmills are an evil necessity, especially during winter.


      Unheard of temps here this morning (sorry Erika). It was 47° when I left the house at 6:00 AM. Capris and a long-sleeved shirt were all I needed today. We haven't seen the sun for days but to be able to run in December without layers of clothes always makes winter seem a little shorter. 7 miles, 9:26 pace. Now off to find a Christmas tree so I can decorate it while DH is at the Packer game this afternoon.


      Good luck to all the racers today!

        ...mornin' guys//..................henrun, Sorry you're Hurting......




        had a FlareUp yesterday,

        perfect timing

        for my BikeRide today,,,,,,,,,,,like  I told my Newbies, see if you feel Better or Worse after your work-out


        it feels better.

        not ''Fixed'' better, but better.


        40min bikeride 40's


        ,,,,,,,,some Geese flew over and Honked, apparently I'm missed at the SoccerFields.



        ..............good running guys..................if it Hurts when you Do Dat,,,,,,,,,,,,,DON' DODAT////////

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


          Just breezed through yesterday's daily due to a long race day but wanted to say congrat on the AG win Ribs and I'm so sorry Tramps. koko sounded like a great companion that gave you years of wonderful memories. Hold on to those.


          I had a fail of a marathon yesterday. First ever DNF. Had to bag it at mile 18. Both quads locked up at 17 and I barely made it to the aid station. Counldn't absorb any liquids either. Total mess. Pitty as I was on pace to run faster than last year. It was the Tecumseh trail marathon and for those that have run it you'll understand. I could have walked the last 8 and might still be out there. Just reminded me that the marathon is tough.


          Ran 4 1/4 recovery miles this morning and the legs were sore but ok. I'll shake out some more tonight.


          Time to hang some Christmas lights outside with the kids.

          "He conquers who endures" - Persius
          "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

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            Beautiful Description of a Run by mgerwn yesterday

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            MM #5615

              Time to hang some Christmas lights outside with the kids.

              Norm--I was on my way out the door to church, but I had to tell you what an inspiration you are.  After all that you and your family have been--and still are going through--you still make time doing the really important things in life.  Spending time with your kids, celebrating the birth of a Child who will save us all from all this "stuff" we go through.  I probably didn't say that as eloquently as I would have liked, but you get the point.  Thanks!

                Tramps...Sorry to hear about Koko. My sister and BIL just had to put down a beloved pet too. Even I will miss their Kirby.


                11.3 miles this morning. Sometimes...mornings like this one...I wish I had a camera on me. A dense fog developed about 1 hr into my run. It just hung over the river with just the very top of the bridge arches sticking out. Everything was lit up by the moon.


                Off to get the house cleaned, somewhat, before DW gets home!

                King of PhotoShop

                  Tramps, I'm thinking of you today.  So sorry.


                  Hey, tselbs, way to go!


                  C-R, there are tons of these DNF's in the life of a marathoner, for many different reasons. The runner I admire is the one who has the good sense to get out when it isn't working. I am not impressed by someone who "guts it through."  It's a race.  Get out if it isn't working.


                  Was supposed to do a 9.3 around White Rock Lake with Sparetire, his last training run before next Sunday's half. But he had oral surgery the other day and a stitch gave way and caused him some distress in the middle of last night so he cancelled.  Instead, the Saint and I went out to Lake Grapevine to run, and I'm glad it worked out as it did as neither of us could run at all!  She did 6, and I struggled through 3.  Hot and humid weather and tired legs are a bad combo.


                  What did I learn? Much as I hate trails, I now see that they knock the stuffing out of you as a powerful workout. So?  I think more trails for this newbie.  Never thought I would say that!  Spareribs

                    Tramps and Tribee, we are thinking of you today.

                    C-R, sorry about the DNF, but better to do that than be sorry later with a permanent injury.

                    Posie Hugs to our king of patience, Twocat. It must be so frustrating to be on the side line once again, but like you said, January is just around the corner and Boston training will start for you.


                    We had a delightful movie night with some friends at home last night. We ordered out Indian food from a new local restaurant. Very, very good. 

                    No running for me just yet, I am busy cooking brunch for a group of friends who are coming over at one. So my zombies wings are busy cooking away. Will run later.

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


                      CR I am sorry you had a lousy race. 


                      Today I took it to my treadmill for the first time in a while. It was a mere 5k. I was drenched by the time I finished. It was so slow compared to where I was a couple years ago. But I got it done. Which is a good thing because I considered skipping it today. Smile


                      *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                        Since I didn't run yesterday, I waited til it stopped raining and ran 8 slow and easy miles....letting the SW wind bring me home...

                        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                          Tramps - sorry to hear

                          CR - smart to listen to your body - specially if you're able to run today

                          Ribs - congrats on your AG


                          With henrun using the Y and the elliptical, I've been running in new areas.  Yesterday a bunch of hills in a pretty area of large houses, etc.  today 10 miles along the Charles which was magnificent with its fogginess.  Parts of the path have wooden sections over the swamp which I ended up walking because I was afraid of falling on the ice/snow - figured one injured person in the household was enough.  It's still in the 30's altho there are rumors of warm-up coming....


                          happy runs to all - and now off to hear Klezmer music in the next town


                          MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                            quit your whining troy.  such a slacker. However, with Erika posting 50-degrees below King Salmon, there’s not much chance of you getting any sympathy from us.  Did you give up on a fall marathon? There’s always a few around Christmas in case you get any home leave then..

                            I feel like a slacker because I've been managing only one run a week.

                            It warmed up to 14F, so it felt pretty tropical, or at least quite comfortable. 


                            I love your dogs tramps. Did they get to run with you once in a while?  Hard to have any running-size pets in Seattle but my lab/shep mix went on all my hikes when I was up north a little southeast of erika-and-rhoon land, even ran a full marathon with me. I took him back to the starting line at a high school on the other side of town for the second time in his life the next year and he refused to get out of the car. Hope you guys find a little one soon.
                            Holly/bertha - I was so self-conscious about running in gym shorts outside that I showed up at my first road race (a 5K in 1973) wearing long pants and, for what it’s worth, any training in shorts was always very, very early in the morning. No wonder I never liked training that much.
                            ps jay - it’s erika, not enke who gets the cold weather. 

                            annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

                            ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990


                              My "issues" aren't with how I look. If that were the case I would never run outside EVER because a) I do NOT have the typical runner body and b) I have vitiligo and varicose veins which make me look lumpy, bumpy and polka dotted. LOL.

                              Usually it has more to do with my lack of speed. But most days I am able to get over that and head outdoors anyway.


                              *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                                Way to be BerthaSlayer----you are out there doing something a very small % of the world can do. Embrace it!


                                Today's 5k was such fun and what a success! This is the 9th annual Hot. Choc. 5k for Safe Passage and raised $225,000. Phenomenal and $60k more than last year. That total will likely climb too as individual runners were fundraising in addition to the non-profit staff and also the revenue from sponsors. This small town race is so popular for many reasons----the cause is a marvelous one, my town is philanthropic and supports a large number of non-profits located here, it's run right through the town streets and then local merchants and restaurants offer discounts after the race, it's just after the xc season so lots of fit high-schoolers really race it etc etc...and you get a cool mug with hot chocolate. The overall winner broke 16 minutes this year and the top woman was in the low 17s. I was 144 out of 3,225 runners and ran a 20:59.5 (gotta love chip timing!). They give out awards to the top 25 by age grading and with that I was 24th!. Not a flat course either


                                The kiddo ran with his teammates and they were dogging it and laughing the whole way. Even so, a 22:40 or so and a happy kiddo


                                Hang in there C-R and better to live and fight another day than be hurting all week. Smart racing.