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Saturday Daily, 1.5.13 (Read 275 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Lame - I'm so sorry to read about your knee. Given what you know now, it is amazing that you ran a marathon only two months ago. I hope you've got a good doc who will give you an accurate assessment of all your options so you can make the right decision about how to move forward.


    Holly, good luck with the move from hourly to salary. I imagine there will be a bit of a tug between the monetary issues and the ethics (getting the work done) issues. I have complete faith that you'll handle this transition well.


    Just another thought about shoes - my friend who owns a running store has told me many times that shoes tend to be shot when the midsole starts to stiffen up, get hard. That isn't something that most of us would notice because we don't look for it, and don't necessarily know what we are looking at when we see it. But it is that hardening of the midsole that causes the cushioning effects and flexibility of the shoe to diminish. When it starts to feel uncomfortable running in your favorite shoe, or muscles start to tighten that didn't tighten before, it is often because the midsole is shot. For minimalist shoes, since there is little cushioning to begin with, it is the lack of flexibility and wearing out of outer surfaces that tell you it is time to go shopping.


    No workout for me yet: I've got a 9am racewalking training session at an indoor track in Portsmouth (NH). So, after I finish my coffee, I'll head out and get there early so I can get in an hour's workout before I have to put on my coaching hat.


    Have a great day!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Hi Jay. Enjoy the racewalking session.


      Good point on the midsole.


      Heal up quick Lame.


      Hopped on the TM for a quikc 2 to wake up. Now off to an all day soccer ref training session. Ugh.


      Make it a great day.

      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

        Good morning guys. Sounds like you both have busy days planned. What was the movie of choice last night Norm?


        Almost made it more miles than degrees this morning. It was 8° when I left the house at six. It wasn't bad starting out. I thought I was dressed right and there wasn't any wind but I'm sure having trouble with my feet and hands. My muscles felt stiff and I just felt cold. Oh well, 7.25 miles at 9:41 pace. And a 60 second forward plank, two 30 second side planks and some bosu ball core work.


        Tom W Big grin Your post yesterday about Gordon's typing looking skinnier really made me laugh.


        Off to take a hot shower and have some HOT coffee. Have a great day everyone.

          Jlynne...have a great time at the game tonight!  Go Pack!


          Out for 8.25 easy miles on a nice hilly loop.


          Tonight's menu,  Brauts and Mac and Beer Cheese.

            ...thanks jylnne//.......SomeDays Funny takes more work.....



            but I digress....


            dropped off another FlotationBlockThing on the FlotationBelt,


            only using One .....


            32min poolrun,,,,,,MUCH harder work-out,


            I tried

            not using

            the FlotationBelt

            and damn near Drowned myself


            let's call that  PlanB


            ..............good running guys

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              Gordon—that’s amazing weight loss, especially in that amount of time.  Congrats.

              Holly—good luck with the changes at work. It’s definitely a whole different mindset.

              Lame—so sorry to hear the news.  I hope you’re able to channel your efforts into something healthy and less stressful on your knees.

              Drake—Feel better. Wisdom teeth are just another excuse to lay low and watch some football this weekend.

              I missed whatever led to all the Twocat/TW litigation.   Hmmmm.

              Speaking of Twocat…good luck Sunday.

              Tet—you live an interesting life.

              Jlynne—that’s a chilly run!  Brrr.  Good work getting out there.

              Tom—I never realized the number of floatation blocks was changeable and that this changes the intensity of the workout.  Makes sense.


              Bright sunny 13.5 miler for me.  For some unknown reason there seemed to be tons of traffic this morning.

                Jlynne...have a great time at the game tonight!  Go Pack!


                I've got hand warmers, toe warmers, insulated gloves, ski pants, Sorel boots. Sure gets tight sitting in that stadium when everyone has their snow machine clothing on!  Forgot to mention that I won our fantasy football league this year - both parts. Total points and the Super Bowl. I've got an extra $680 to spend on running shoes this year Big grin


                Feel better Drake.


                Tom - I'd hang on to that flotation belt for a while.


                Nice run this morning Tramps. How are your temps?

                  7 miles with running club this morning.


                  Have a great weekend.

                  janie b good

                    3.3 miles for me this morning... and planks!  have a nice weekend everyone...

                    goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

                      Nice run this morning Tramps. How are your temps?

                      Comfy 27F.  Still shorts weather. Smile

                      Marathon Maniac #957

                        Good Morning!


                        Lamerunner – bummer about your knee, but don’t stop checking out the options.  I have heard of different treatments that are supposed to help that issue.


                        Jlynne – the only time I will go to a sporting event where I have to dress that warm is if

                        one of my kids is playing….


                        Kind of a mix-it-up workout today:


                        1 mile @ (8:43)

                        (30 second walk in between)

                        1.22 mile @ (8:25)

                        5 x 100m striders

                        3 long hill repeats


                        6.2 miles total with WU and CD


                        Then 30 minutes of upper body weights and core (and planks)


                        Off to run errands with the family…


                        Happy Saturday!

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                          wimp alert - been home from work with a cold the last 2 days so finally made it out for an exciting 2 very slow miles while henrun was using miscellanous equipment at the Y - certainly doesn't equal any of everyone's else's activities.  we might even expand our activities to a walk this afternoon - woo hoo!!!


                          have a wonderful w/e!!!




                          Space Cadet

                            Hi all!


                            I'm restarting on this whole commitment to running thing. I'm planning on 1200ish this year and my 10-12 a week probably won't cut it. This time I'm going to increase days and miles slowly. Really I will.

                              No wimp Marj! You got out there and after being sick---not a wimp at all.


                              TW's comment about lyndenrunner made me grin as well and props to you Gordon on the great results and commitment!


                              Lamerunner! Add me to the list of those who are so sorry to hear this about your knee. Sometimes I feel my body almost anesthetized by the longer miles and marathons and when I reduce the mileage is when I feel the real pain and injury.  I am going to remain hopeful that you'll get back to running or at least more of what you want to do.


                              Mouthwatering descriptions in that post Tet! wow.


                              Ran 8.2 miles today in two segments----4 miles and change easy with Hudson---he was so happy not to have frozen paws (in the 30s here this weekend) and run our loop again. After I dropped him back at home I went for a few more and did hill repeats (8x short hill sprints). When I got back the kiddo and Hudson were playing tag and snowball catch/fetch.


                              Oh and did my planks.


                                Still no running this year yet. As Marj noted, went to the Y and used the recumbent bike and swam a bit. Had pain on my left side when I did a backstroke.

                                Started a course of accupuncture 3 days ago with kinesthenic taping. Slept better since but pain yesterday when walking. Much better this morning. Still going to PT and next accupuncture on Tues.

                                My mood is up and down. Today I'm more optimistic than I've been for awhile.