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Intrepid Racers - May 4th & ahead! (Read 25 times)


    And the racing continues! Good luck and fleet feet to all racers - have fun!


    ************This week and weekend*******************


    05/03 C-R -  Indy Mini HM Indianapolis IN <1:30

    05/04 evanflein - Chena River Run 5k

    05/04 Coastwalker - Children's Museum of NH 5K (walking div.), Dover, NH

    05/05 OrangeMat - Colorado Marathon, Fort Collins, CO

    05/05 TammyinGP - The Avenue of the Giants, Weott, CA

    05/05 tetsujin - Tacoma City Marathon (WA) - barefoot

    05/05 Ileneforward - Cinco de Mayo half marathon, Irvine CA

    05/05 Mariposai Clan - Bloomsday, Spokane WA


    ****** next week and ahead *********


    05/10 tetsujin - Sunflower Marathon (trail run - Winthrop, WA) - thongs

    05/11 Mariposai - Sunflower  marathon, Winthrop, WA

    05/11 Ileneforward - Wine Country half marathon, Santa Ynez CA

    05/12 rtravers - Wellesley 1-miler, Wellesley, MA

    05/18 tetsujin - Redmond Watershed 12 Hour (trail run - Seattle) - thongs

    05/18 Ileneforward - Magic Shoe 5k, Corona del Mar CA

    05/19 OrangeMat - Super Hero Half Marathon, Morristown, NJ

    05/19 Mainerunnah - Sugarloaf Marathon, Carrabassett Valley, ME

    05/19 arf - Woody's RV Marathon  Red Deer Alberta

    05/19 Mariposai - Winderemere marathon running with son Daniel on his first marathon, Spokane, WA

    5/24-26 tetsujin - Pigtails 150-mile Challenge (trail run - Seattle) - thongs

    05/25-05/27 fatozzig - Western States Memorial Day Training Weekend (70 miles), Auburn, CA

    05/27 Ileneforward - Laguna Hills half marathon, CA



    06/01 Ileneforward - Wrigley River Run 10k, LB CA

    06/01 HollyS - Another Dam 50K, Englewood, OH

    06/02 Wildchild - Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon, Deadwood SD

    06/02 rtravers - Covered Bridges Half Marathon, Quechee, VT

    06/02 Mariposai - North Olympic Discovery, Sequin to Port Angeles, WA

    06/08 Coastwalker - Market Square Day 10K (walking div.), Portsmouth, NH

    06/20 Ileneforward - Summer Solstice Watermelon run, LB CA

    06/21-6/22 TammyinGP - The Wild Rogue Relay, Southern Oregon

    06/23 arf - Banff  Marathon, Banff Alberta

    06/23 Stumpy77 - Bay of Fundy Marathon, Lubec, ME (1st!)



    07/13 Fortunate One - Waugoshance Trail Marathon, upper LP, MI

    07/13 fatozzig - Mt. Hood 50M, Mt. Hood, OR

    07/14 Mainerunnah - Old Port Half Marathon, Portland, ME

    07/14 tetsujin - Light-at-the-end-of-the-Tunnel Marathon (trail run - North Bend, WA) - thongs

    07/14 arf - Light -at-the-end-of-the-Tunnel Marathon (Trail run - North Bend WA)

    07/14 wildchild - Light at the End of the Tunnel marathon, North Bend, WA

    07/14 Mariposai -Light at the End of the Tunnel, WA

    07/14 Mike E - Light at the End of the Tunnel marathon, North Bend, WA

    07/14 pfriese - Light at the End of the Tunnel marathon, North Bend, WA

    07/14 SLOjim - Carlsbad Triathlon Relay (running leg), Carlsbad, CA




    08/24 SteveP - North Country Trail Run 13.1, Manistee, MI



    09/07 Mariposai - Lake Chelan Marathon, Chelan, WA

    09/14 fatozzig - Headlands 50M, Marin Headlands, San Francisco, CA

    09/22 TammyinGP - The Rogue Run HM, Medford, OR (Pace group leader)




    10/05 arf - Iron Horse Ultra 100K

    10/06 OrangeMat - Wineglass Marathon, Corning, NY

    10/13 OrangeMat - Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL

    10/13 Ileneforward - Long Beach Marathon, LB CA

    10/19 BerthaSlayer - Vulture Bait 50k, London Ontario

    10/27 Mariposai - Columbia Gorge Marathon, OR

    10/27 OrangeMat - Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA



    11/02 Wildchild - Moab Trail Marathon, Moab UT

    11/13 Mississippi - Outer Banks Marathon




    12/1 tetsujin - Seattle Marathon - barefoot


    Running is stupid


      Hi Ilene,


      Here are a couple of races for me, if you please:


      05/04 Coastwalker - Children's Museum of NH 5K (walking div.), Dover, NH

      06/08 Coastwalker - Market Square Day 10K (walking div.), Portsmouth, NH


      Thank you, as always, for maintaining this roster.



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.



        What do you think of the Irvine Cinco half and the Laguna Hills half on the 27th? I just got an email from Renegade for the two races and I'm thinking of doing both (although I told Renee I wouldn't run away more races until after Casey's wedding)


          SLOJim,  I love both of them!  Not too crowded, and the Cinco de Mayo course is easy soft rolling PR worthy!  The City of Laguna Hills Memorial Day half is hillier but more downhill than up and the last half is sweet park like trail.  Run a Marathon in May!


          Running is stupid

            Thanks! Sounds good!  Maybe I'll see you on Sunday Smile


              I'll look for you!!  Smile


              Running is stupid

              MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                Thanks for the updates, ilene.

                However, running so much might not be so great for your knee.

                Maybe swimming for a while which is mostly in the arms.
                In the meantime, I think some serious taper time might be in order for me after last weekend’s Tacoma City Marathon and for biting off more than I can chew at the end of the month.  However, it’s not going to get any better if I wait another year so, for the sake of some necessary tapering, please delete the new Sunflower Run extended to marathon distance for this year.  I hope posie gets to do it but she’ll be needikng to run her DS’s first marathon pretty soon. Thnax.


                ps - did you see him?

                Can he still keep up to you?


                annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978, running barefoot (1990)