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Super Sunday (Read 51 times)


    Morning All.


    I guess everyone is out on long runs. Have fun.


    Hotel Transylvania was a blast. Lots of laughs for everyone. I really enjoy movie nights with the family.


    Couple of easy miles this morn on the tm just to wake up the legs. I have a 7 mile race at 1 pm. Local running club has a Groundhog 7 and all you need to bring is canned goods for the food pantry. Its a fun race but conditions will be a bit slick today.


    Have a great and safe Sunday and enjoy the game and commercials.

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      5.1 easy miles this morning, followed by a yoga class.   After yesterday's 14-miler, I needed to work out the kinks!



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        Good runs by c-r and rtravers


        just a few easy miles for me to add a bit of mileage and to hopefully take a few more pounds off. Losing the belly will make a huge difference. Also needed a new pair of mizuno precisions Currently running in asics and do not like them. Now for some stretching and a kettlebell workout.


        have a great day. Hug your kids and kiss your loved one.

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          I ran 2.  I felt like running but didn't have much time before church and it was only 4° so it seemed 2 was good enough.

          And so it goes

          Trails are hard!

            About to say good morning all, but just realized it's after noon all ready.


            Welcome back Robin.  Glad the ankle is back in running condition.


            Made it out for my first double digit run in quite a while.  Just over 10 miles at 10mpm pace.  A dusting of snow on the ground and some nice fluffy flakes towards the end of the run.  Very pleasant at 28°.


            I'm hoping the miles will continue to go up this smoothly--I have a half at the end of March and finally broke down and registered for my first full at the end of June.  I'll be able to claim two countries right off the bat (At least I think it counts) as it starts and finishes in Lubec, ME and does an out and back onto Campobello Island, NB.  I'm excited, but already a little nervous.  The 10 this morning wasn't too bad, but I arrived home thinking "Can I really add 16.1 more to this?".

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              Stumpy, yes you can!!!! It is great to see you training for your first marathon.


              So, what is cooking at your house for super bowl Sunday?

              Here I plan to make a batch of chili to start practicing for the chili contest at the office later this week (thank you guys for sharing your recipes with me on the chili thread). I also plan to make a spinach artichoke dip and a crab dip. We have people coming over to watch the game, since I am not much of a super bowl fan I will do the cooking Clown. I may even go for a run while they are watching the game.


              But now, it is time to drive to the mountain for some skiing. It is sunny up there, while here is foggy and very, very cold.


              Go racers gooo!!!!!

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                I love Robin and I don't care who knows it!


                After yesterday's race I figured I'd do a bit of recovery, but one easy mile led to another and soon I had done 11, so I was pretty happy with that.  At about 4 miles I came upon a man walking toward me, and as I am always interested in the choices people make about running attire, I saw he had on some sort of black and yellow outfit.  As I drew alongside him  I realized it was a Batman costume, minus the headgear.


                Of course i thought right away of our Steve P, but didn't stop to talk to the guy or conjecture why anyone would be walking around Lake Grapevine in a Batman outfit.  Friends back at the Club guessed 1)  Lost a bet, or 2) Just getting home from a really neat party.


                Going solo up to SpareTire's house to watch Super Bowl.  Saint staying home to watch Downton Abbey!  Spareribs

                  ...mornin' guys//..........ever notice SomeDays it Just Ain't Happening??




                  snow, ice and sleet yesterday, 20's

                  felt like Carp

                  but decided to goto TheTrack and try out my new braces


                  passed a neighborhood runner,

                  noticed the puddles were actually Liquid instead of Frozen.


                  turned back

                  and hopped on my Bike


                  Total Crappe.........had trouble steering, braces came loose, and almost pulled out IN FRONT of a car


                  ...........looked to the heavens and said ''Scroot''.......



                  maybe 20min bike ride......No Joy......


                  ......................good running to the rest of ya.......

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    DrRobin, it's good to hear from you.


                    Nice long runs for Tammy, DrRobin, stumpy, and ribs.


                    This morning, I had the same 4° that Dave did.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:48 pace.


                    A good day and good runs for all.


                      My plan was for a long "outdoor" bike ride today. It didn't quite warm up enough to hassle with taking the bike off the trainer, hauling downstairs, changing to a road tire, going for a cold ride, changing tire back, hauling back upstairs, and putting it back on the trainer; so instead I rode 30 miles on it "inside". Got it done though.




                      MM #405

                        5 Easy Peazy's for me


                        HI ROBIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Smile


                        Tall - how do you like the Mizuno's?  All I can run in is Asics!


                        Posie - have fun skiing and cooking!


                        Ribs - Nice long run!  Glad your mojo has returned!  The knee must be behaving?


                        Tomwhite - No Joy ?  Cry


                        Paul - Excellent 30 miler!!  I ride outside a lot, approx 100 miles/month, as our bike path in town is kept clear and dry.....unlike our roads Angry

                                 Go figure


                        Good day all.......I'm off to work



                        Bushrat Runner

                          Last weekend got buried under our first ever official USA Swimming time trials for the kids team and working on prepping new landing gear for installation on the bugsmasher. Yesterday was more bugsmasher work, but today...I'm going for my occasional weekend the toasty warm weather that has decided to hang around for 6 weeks now...37F!!! Wow.


                            Stumpy, exciting news-we're pulling for you to go for it.

                            Continuing my very gradual recovery I did 2.5 this morning after doing 2 yesterday. It felt greatSmile.

                            This afternoon I read one of my poems at our local poetry festival-got a good response.

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                              Yay Stumpy! Glad you finally bit the bullet... just don't go down that path (as I often do) of thinking of every training run as a rehearsal for the marathon. You'll be ready when the time comes. Smile

                              Ran my 4 mile race today, not my best effort (33:33) but not my worst either. The hill in the midst of mile 3 was a doozy, 100 ft climb in barely a quarter mile. Regardless, I enjoyed myself, and that's all that matters. Smile


                              Enjoy the rest of Super Bowl weekend, all!

                                Jumping in for a quick post before kick off.  Great to see Robin posting!


                                I did an easy 1 mile warm up pre-race and then we were off and running the Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic at 9:45 this morning.  It was a little chilly but not too bad and I was dressed for it and was never really cold.  I could just never really get into a groove during the race today, I think that maybe that is a result of the miles i have been putting in and I am fine with that.  I felt fine the whole way and had my second fastest mile in the last mile.  Finished in 1:17:04 (7:43) a bit slower than I know I am capable of at this point.  Overall - 172 / 611 Age Group 5 / 24.  No issues and no residual effects so I am good with today's race, gave it all I had today my legs were just tired!


                                Have a great rest of the day everyone.


                                Who to root for is my dilemma..I'm going for San Francisco and Colin Kaepernick.