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DECEMBER Challenge (Read 50 times)

    Really? December??!!! 11 down and 1 to go!


    For December, let's do the following:



    Triceps: Either sitting on a stability ball or just a chair (or even the floor) take a dumbbell of whatever comfortable weight you have, lift it overhead and by just bending your elbows behind your head, lower and raise the dumbbell to work the triceps. Start with something like 2x20 reps - something that will challenge you but not leave you barely able to lift your arms the next day!


    Lateral Raises:

    Standing with feet shoulder width apart and a dumbbell in each hand, raise and lower each arm simultaneously from your side to shoulder height, keeping arms fully extended. Start with 2x20 reps on this one also.





    Back Extensions:


    lying on the floor, hands clasped behind your head, raise your upper torso and hold for a count of 5. lower and repeat.

    Start with 2x10 reps



    and Calf Raises:

    you can either use a step or stairs in your home or if you don't have any, you can do these on the floor also. Add a weight in each hand for some extra weight if you'd like: Standing tall with your abs pulled in, rise up on your toes to engage the calf muscle, hold for a moment and lower. Start with 2x10 reps or adjust up or down depending on what gives you the challenge.





    MM #5615

      2 x 20 triceps extensions with an 8 pound dumbbell and 2 x 20 lateral raises with 5 pound dumbbells.

        2 x 20 triceps with 7.5 lb weights

        2 x 10 lateral raises with 7.5 lb weights


        MM #5615

          2 x 10 Back Extensions + 2 x 10 Calf Raises on each leg

            2 x 20 back extensions

            2 x 20 calf raises


            Marathon Maniac #957

              Whew - just in.


              2 x 20 triceps extensions with two 10-lb dumbbelles, and 2 x 15 lateral raises with 10 pound dumbbells.

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                Been lurking around the masters running group but haven't contributed....can I join the Dec challenge? This is precisely what I need. Some simple exercises that won't cause me to throw my neck out! Are there "rules" for the challenge?

                  Yes Joann! Join us! We've been doing a monthly challenge all year but we definitely welcome 'drop ins'!


                  no particular "rules" - just try to doing the daily challenges, but if you miss a day, don't feel like you have to drop out. Just jump back in and do what you can. You can post daily if that helps keep you accountable but it's not a requirement either.  As far as I know, Mike is the only one that has not missed a day this entire year.


                  <<ssshhh, I think he thinks he wins something but there are no prizes>>



                    MM #5615

                      Hi Joann--I know you're new here, so I thought I should explain a couple things.  First of all...even though Tammy said, "<<ssshhh...>>", I can still see what she's, this is going to sound weird...but, she actually knows I can see what she's saying.  The other thing is...she loves teasing me about there not being any prizes at the end.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...ooh...she's such a kidder...


                      Anyway...I did 2 x 20 triceps extensions with an 8 pound dumbbell and 2 x 20 lateral raises with 5 pound dumbbells.

                        Mike, thanks for the explanation, everything is muuuch clearer now Smile


                        I did:

                        2 x15 lateral raises with 5# weights

                        2 x15 triceps with 5# weight

                          Clown mikeEmikeymikeE . . .


                          2 x 20 triceps w/ 7.5 lb weights


                          2 x 20 lateral raises w/ same weights  (okay, these are the only weights I have).



                            I've checked/lurked every month and used some of your good ideas but haven't done all of them.  I like the exercises this month and need the triceps and lateral raises so I want to join this month.  I won't be able to post daily, but should be able to do these where ever I am.


                            Today I did the back extensions and calf raises.

                              okay, did 2 x10 back extensions and 2 x10 calf raises Smile

                              MM #5615

                                2 x 10 Back Extensions + 2 x 10 Calf Raises on each leg