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Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 3rd Boomer/Masters Runs (Read 491 times)

    The body wanted to sleep in but instead I dragged my sorry butt outta bed and got ready for my MLR. 16.25 miles at 8:55 min/mile pace. Felt slow, felt the illness I've just gotten over, and I'm glad that one's in the books. 50 miles even for the week. At about mile 13.5 or so, a guy caught up to me and he started chatting about the A1A race in 2 weeks. He wondered out loud whether he should change from his 1st marathon to the half. I said "Well, that depends. How many LR's have you done?" Thinking of course about 20 milers or more. He said he's run several 15 milers and that todays run was to be 15. I suggested if he decides to try the full that he better go very easy and slowly and just aim to finish. He was a fairly young guy and he started spoutting (sic?) off his mile paces and how he has a friend who "runs marathons really slow. Like 10 minute miles" with a bit of disdain in his voice. I suggested that in a full marathon, pace is not the issue. Everyone who survives to finish is a major winner. I gave him all the cliches like 20 miles is the 1st half, the last 10K is the 2nd half. And how the 1st full should be only about finishing. I hope he decides to run the half because I don't think he knows what he's in for. However, he did get me up to MP for miles 13, 14, and 15. Something I probably wouldn't have been able to get there by myself. I hope everyone enjoys the day and especially the Super Bowl. Bill

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      What was supposed to be a quick 3.1 miler...was still nice, but got caught in quicksand (not the real stuff). Sinking in to where my feet were covered. For a little recovery run, what an unexpected workout! LOL


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        berger...You were there with smart advice for him. He was there to help your pace for the last few miles. It's amazing how the right person pops up at the right time!
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          Good morning all, 13.31 miles of hills @ 9:14 pace on a beautiful spring like morning. Daffodils starting to come up... Big grin Good runs to all today.

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            Good Morning, Up at 5 AM for a 6 AM hockey game---ice time is golden in youth hockey, but yeesh! After an hour in the rink it felt balmy to run in 35-36F degrees, winter sun doing its best and light wind. My bruised rear from yesterday's spill was okay and I ran 6.6 miles at 8:33 pace----felt pretty good and another 60s mileage week is in the can. Enjoy the day folks and Go Patriots! CNYrunner

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              Afternoon All Got my broadband back after an ntl/virgin mess up. Bill I hope he runs the marathon, might wake him up to the real world. I started my marathon training yesterday, jumped into the end of week 2 of the Hal Higdon intermediate program. Now I have something to follow..... Run today though after yesterdays nice run was the opposite, a 9 miler 11:59 AHR 155 73% I had to friends on the first 4 miles Mrs & Wood. Good Runs All Roy
                3 boring miles at the track; 29:21 Gotta do it! Happy Sunday to all.

                  At my race in Central Park this morning New York Road Runner's CEO asked: Who's a Giant fan? Muted cheers. Who's a Pats fan? Some cheers, much booing. Who doesn't care? Huge cheer. DNF'ed after 2 miles of a 4 mile race in Central Park. I'm quite pleased though. 2 miles in 14:20 including a big hill after 1/3 of a mile. Exactly the same circumstances as my last DNF. First short race in a long time. Started at the same place. First mile up a hill. Crapped out after 2 miles. The difference this time was my heart-rate was a lot lower and I'm operating on 3/4 of lung capacity due to either allergies or a virus. 4 miles total including warm up and warm down. Good runs everyone!

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                    Beer Garden, Your advice was sensible, but if he was a "fairly young guy" as you say, and not injury-prone, he will probably do fine in a full marathon after several 15-mile runs. I am very injury-prone, and before my first marathon last year I had done only one long run of 13.2 miles, but I ran 3:57 on a hard course. I was injured even before the race, and ran only half a dozen times in the month before. I've been hurting ever since, too, but that's me: I can get injured walking to the store to buy milk. Sometimes we get too caught up in the running literature and the training plans. Running is a highly individual sport in every way, including each person's physical tolerance for training. Following the perfect training plan will not get good results if you have no talent for running. If you do have talent for running, following any training plan will get good results. Dark Horse
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                      Good Sunday morning Boomers. 4 miles at a 9:45 pace this morning. I think the city decided to stop plowing as I ran the entire route in ankle deep slush. Nonoruns, I wonder how slush compares to quicksand? My shoes felt like I was hauling about 5 lbs of snow and slush under each one. For such a short run, my legs are really tired. Peter, could you send some daffodils up this way? I don't think we'll see anything green for a couple of months. We must have a snow base of at least 2 feet in our yard that doesn't seem to be doing anything except getting higher. CYNRunner - you'll have to give us an update on the color change progression of your backside! Hope you weren't bruised too badly, and thankfully you didn't break anything. Any soreness on your run this morning? Seeing as how our team is out, I guess I have to cheer for the Patriots. It would be kind of need to see them go undefeated for an entire season. Enjoy your Sundays, everyone. Jeanne

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                        Nice runs! I was planning 18 miles and went a relatively new route with lots of trails and hills. At the turnaround point Garmin read 8 miles.Hmmm, then I remembered I had run additional 2.2 mile road loop last time. So I added a 3 mile loop around the golf course which made 19.1 miles. Nice workout and totally enjoyable in the woods. 19.1 miles in 2:48:04 (8:47 pace, AHR 148) Have great runs!

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                          before my first marathon last year I had done only one long run of 13.2 miles, but I ran 3:57 on a hard course. I was injured even before the race, and ran only half a dozen times in the month before. Dark Horse
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                          Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM

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                            Good morning all. A not terribly inspiring 4 miles this morning before working my way up to Super Bowl preparations. Made it in just under 38 minutes, so not as slow as it felt. I just had planned on at least 6. the last couple of runs, the muscle on the front of my shins (particularly the right one) have been getting very tight, to the point of almost pain. Not a cramp and nothing lingering after I stop, so am confused. Confused Any suggestions on what it might be and ways to get rid of it? I first attributed it to 2-1/2 weeks of no brisk walks with Max, while I was out travelling, but have been back doing that for about a week and a half. Here's hoping for inspiring and pain-free miles to all that follow. Go Pats!! Kevin

                            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                              Morning all - great runs reported this morning!! 4 mles for me this morning - AHR of 163. I bought MrHopeful an "As seen on TV" Rotisserie - so we'll be having chicken during the game today. Smile Cheers! ~Mary


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                                Sounds like a nice run Perchcreek. Stumpy77 might want to see if some sort of stretching exercise clears it up. There is a web page called the The Injured Runner that I think is very good. You might see if they have any useful advice there. Bill I fear Dark Horse may be right. When you are young and in generally good shape you can run a marathon in fairly good time with what many here would consider too little training. My goal in Boston is to keep up with a 22 year old I know who is putting in about half the miles I am training for the event. Sad Ran 8.07mi today. The first 6.15 were with my DW the rest by myself. Basically a slightly extended recovery run. Due to my travel schedule this coming week will be kind of tough in that it is going to have to be front end loaded. My goal is to do 14 on Tuesday and then 20 on Wednesday. The 14 will be in the morning and the 20 in the later afternoon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is enough time between the two. GO GIANTS!!

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