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First Friday Daily, 1.4.13 (Read 344 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Lots of interesting topics yesterday, from shoes to toothbrushes.


    Good luck with figuring out the foot thingee, Leslie. I suppose it is good to know that it isn't a stress fracture - but now to find out what it is.


    Being (as all racewalkers are) a heel striker, I get new shoes when the heels are shot. I have about 325 miles on my Mizuno Musha and they still look good, so I'll keep 'em going.


    I took today as a rest day. My hip is bothering me again (I suspect the root cause is sciatica again), so I did lots of core and other exercises and stretches this morning to try to calm it down.


    Enjoy your Friday. I wish fleet feet and IRC to all who are racing this weekend!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Hey Jay. Good to listen to those signs and take a rest day.


      Got my 5k before work and will run again tonight. I have found that I work better if I get my morning run and that my evening run goes better as well. If I just run in the evening I seem to have some serious dead legs. Anyone else experience this?


      Someone asked me about shoes and after I told them I run in them until the treads wear off around 1000 miles they were just amazed. I run mostly in flats so the only thing that matters is the tread. I also cautioned that I seem a statistical outlier and they should look for niggles as an indicator that shoes are done. We really are an experiment of one.


      Well, back to the grind. Another run and core work awaits this evening.



      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

        I'm taking the afternoon off (work) so I'll run later today.  I was wrong about the bathroom yesterday, but today I have been told it really will be done.


        Regarding shoes, I could probably get more miles out of mine than I do but I find that I reach a point where I just want a new pair. Roll eyes  Just my feminine side coming out? Wink  The old ones become yard work shoes or get dropped off at the Goodwill if they still look good.


        It hurts my pocketbook sometimes, but I do try to use the local running store for my stuff.  A store just opened a mile from here.  Part of a regional group of stores, they are real nice people and sponsor a lot of local events.

        Humanity runs on coffee.

          Good luck Leslie.

          Take care of that hip, Jay.

          C-R—I tried to do doubles as part of the Pfitz plan but just couldn’t work it into my day.  I was dreading the evening run so it just wasn’t worth it for me.


          That shoe talk yesterday got me looking more closely at my shoes this morning.  I hadn’t realized that the most wear I get is not the heel but the very front—near where the sole comes to a point.  Seems like an odd place.


          In case you didn’t see it, Eric added a weight loss widget on the main training page in the recent upgrade.  (Click on the widget tab on the upper right, choose “goal,” drag in place and then choose “weight loss” as the goal type.)  I can sure use it.  Frighteningly effective to see it every day.


          Sproinky 7.3 EZ run in nippy upper 20s this morning.

            Easy 5 miles this morning...


            Tramps, I joined a Fitness Challenge yesterday for work....I was weighed and had my body fat measured...I have a lot of work to do...but I'm down 32 pounds since I started running 4 months ago.

            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

            Trails are hard!

              Heat wave this morning at 22° after only 7 yesterday.  Sproiky, too, but only 3.3 miles for me.


              I really like 3 day weeks--doesn't feel like Friday yet.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              King of PhotoShop

                Nice job on the weight loss Gordon.


                Leslie, I hope you heal up soon.


                Whirly-Ball report:  Picture a basketball gym with backboard and net at each end, but the floor surface  is a Bumper Car floor and you play two teams of 4 each (red cars vs. yellow cars).  The ball is a softball sized whiffle ball and you play with a cesta, or jai alai type "basket" made of soft plastic.  Object is to hurl the ball into the net, 2 points, or hit the backboard, 1 point.


                We learned early on that it doesn't bother players holding the ball if you strike their arm with your cesta, as it's soft and light plastic, but SpareTire discovered that the opponents become very disconcerted if you hit them in the head.  Since the Rib Cage family is competitive by nature, the games soon became very aggressive.  (The Saint took umbrage at being struck in the head and had a lot of unkind things to say to us on the way home.) We played 6 games of ten minutes each, winning 3, losing 2 and one tie. Amazing fun!


                But there are a lot of forceful crashes, as it's smart to hit your opponent's car with yours as he's preparing to pass or shoot, and the impact causes you to bang your knees or shins on the inside of the car.  I ran this morning, just 3 miles and felt like I had been punched in the legs all day yesterday.   Spareribs

                  SpareTire discovered that the opponents become very disconcerted if you hit them in the head.

                  Isn't this a truism in all sports?

                  Sounds like fun. Smile

                    good job on the weight loss Gordon!


                    shoes and toothbrushes eh? sometimes I use a toothbrush to scrub up parts of the shoe if it gets extra dirty. oh, don't worry, it's not the toothbrush I use though. Wink


                    went to the track after work yesterday for a quick interval workout. .5 mi warm up and cooldown with 5x400m, with 1 min jogs. Only ended up being about 2.7 miles I think. and probably the slowest intervals I've ever run, but gotta start somewhere. Admittedly, I didn't run them all out though because I actually wanted to finish this workout and was afraid if I went out too fast, I'd fizzle by the end. Each 400 was right about 2 minutes.


                    might head up to the gym after work today, since DS is at a party, for a TM run and some weights.


                    Back on Stride

                      Regarding shoes, I could probably get more miles out of mine than I do but I find that I reach a point where I just want a new pair. Roll eyes  

                      As my DW can testify, this also applies to me for bicycles and cars. Big grin In fact, I'm off in a few minutes to pick up a new bike to replace an old standby. I  would be especially hard pressed to justify it on necessity, especially at the price of the model I'm getting, but I just plain need a new set of wheels and it's a lot cheaper than a new car!


                      I've been away for a while so won't even try to catch up on things, but I have been running regularly throughout the holidays. After last year's almost balmy winter, we're back more to normal this year with sub-freezing weather and snow cover since Christmas, and a run at about 15F yesterday -- colder than it got all last year as I recall. But not bad at all if you're dressed for it and the wind stays down.


                      Keep up the good runs, everyone!

                      Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                        12.8 miles at 8:08ish pace this morning, not as nippy today and in fact about 30 degrees warmer at 34 degrees when I was out there. Some snow romping with Hudson and some planks. On the road yesterday for work and back out on M, T, F next week----glad the re-entry week was a short one!


                        Just got a new toothbrush from the dentist and some new sneakers were delivered by Santa (well a gift certificate) ....will have to work on the bike and car part! Hi Rochrunner!


                        Happy weekend all


                          Rest day today but I did leg strength training and cross country skiing.


                          *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                          janie b good

                            4.33 ez miles on the treadmill... 9:41 pace (or something close to that).  the gym was dead.  and only 4 days into january!


                            nice to see rochrunner again... :waving:


                            oh, plus my plank for today.

                            goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

                              A new toothbrush!  Congratulations, CNY!  LOL; sorry, just thought your comment was funny.


                              Weight loss feature on the training log?  Cool.  (hiding mint Oreo cookie from view)


                              2 miles for me today.  Did not want to go outside; bleah, but told myself "JUST TWO MILES!  SHEESH!"

                              MM #6177

                                Speaking of new shoes, these came in the mail for me yesterday:


                                I've been running in the Brooks Pure Flow since last spring, and since they're discontinuing this model, I need to stock up. I tried the Flow 2 and hated it. Unfortunately RRS only had my size in one color but that's better than nothing. The blue shoes are the new Brooks Pure Drift, which I wore for this morning's run. Felt like Brooks' answer to the NB Minimus of last year. Unfortunately there is a defect in the left shoe; the semi-attached tongue has a fold in it which caused a sore red spot on my foot over the arch (looks like I've got accessory navicular syndrome, who knew?). My foot will be fine but this pair of shoes has to go back. I'm wondering if I should contact Brooks about it directly?


                                My run: 5.4 miles as an out & back per my new coach. Sandwiched between a short warmup and cooldown, I do two miles out and then the same two miles back, trying to either keep my pace or increase it slightly on the return trip. My out & back mile splits were 9:54, 9:43, 9:26 and 9:12. Heh, so much for "slightly".