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Saturday's Daily, 9.21.13 (Read 49 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    TSelbes, I'm glad you had such a good day with your DS, his wife, and their son. Sounds about perfect.


    I hope you are getting back to being crud-free, Jlynn. Did sweating it out help?


    Mariposai, it is that 'in-between' time, as far as what to wear for workouts and races - could be gloves and a vest one day, and shorts and a T the next. Weather is fun, isn't it?


    Hope you didn't crash during the haircut last night, Leslie. Congrats on the $60 won!


    Greta description of your moonlit swim, Tet!


    Nice tune-up, OM!


    I'm glad DS is enjoying XC and doing well, C-R. Enjoy your 5K with him today.


    I have a 410, Dave, and the bezel IS difficult to navigate at times.


    Glad you got the shoes for Equinox worked out, Evanflein. Have a great time, whatever you wear.


    Good new restaurants are always fun to find, Twocat.


    LaT it would be a treat for me if you came up for our 5K!


    20 miles on a mill, IBUB? You're a better man than I...


    6 racewalking miles at 4 o'dark this morning. Well, thanks to Madame Moon, it wasn't really dark at all - it was a gorgeous, brightly-lit landscape with clouds of cool fog drifting up from the salt marshes. I was going to go 4 today, but I was going easy and feeling good, so I added a couple of extra miles. Probably not good prep for a race tomorrow, but it isn't a goal race, so it's all good.


    Have a greta Saturday!

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      Holly, so sorry to hear about your mom.  But so glad that you were able to be with her.


      20 miles on the treadmill!  That's just crazy enough to post!  The most I've ever done is 17.5, and I blasted through a lot of Nip\Tuck episodes with that one...


      I've been sticking to my steady diet of slow 4-6 mile runs for the past few weeks, and continuing to feel healthy.  Today I did my first back-to-back run, with a 6-mile run yesterday and a 5.2 mile run this morning.  Nothing is complaining yet.


      The rest of my weekend will be filled with "cross-training":  ballroom dance lesson, bike riding in the Minuteman National Historic Park, yoga, and a 2-hour "Family Learn the Ropes" session at a new rock climbing gym in the area tomorrow.



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        I got up at 5 and it was really hard... can't believe Jay gets up at 4 and earlier and is functional!


        Glad to hear nothing is complaining, Robin! Best wishes for the rest of the recovery, sounds like you're doing it well.


        Tet, check out the Equinox web site for information on this year's start because of construction, and the change to the top around mile 13/17 because of land use issues. It's 26° and looks clear (I can see stars), I've had oatmeal and coffee and choked down most of a bagel. Back to bed for a bit till the coffee kicks in. I love a race start that's 15 minutes from home!


          Look at all the early Sat risers in here. Jay you are a good influence. Good luck on your race!


          20 miles on the tm. Ugh. Now that is mental toughness.


          Glad recovery is working for you Robin and such a busy weekend too.


          So Patrick and I ran our 5k this morning. I finished 21:06 and he finished 21:11 (8th and 9th OA). I only managed to get him on the last hill. For a 12 year old he can motor and loves to run. Its really fun to watch him work hard and do well. And such a pretty morning too. 55 and sunny with no clouds.


          Now it's off to watch Notre Dame football with my daughter.


          Have a great day everyone!

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            ((Holly))  sorry for your loss.


            Union: that workout (20 miles on a dreadmill) is worth posting.  many years ago when I was in Boston shape I suffered a stress fracture that would not let me run for many months.  At the time, SRLopez went to the same gym as I,  the dreadmills were in front of the elliptical's.  I was trying to stay in Boston shape so on "long run days" I would do 4 hour elliptical sessions with a 180 pace turnover (very fast with fairly low resistance)  SR would sometimes be on the dreadmill in front of me doing 20 mile sessions.  At the time, he said he preferred training on the dreadmill since it helped with his pace.   I didn't get him, I don't think  he got me, the trainers at the gym didn't get either of us Roll eyes


            Erika wrote

            ""I love a race start that's 15 minutes from home!""


            That is awesome.  For a couple years, I only ran races that I could walk to the start line.  I am sort of going back to mostly that. .


            night folks.  I am over the hump for my work week,  when I wake up Erika will have finished her little jog.  I'm looking forward to hearing of her adventures, and all the other racers this weekend.

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              Thanks for the updates erika. I'll be thinking all day of someone I know running a marathon I can't forget.


              Congratulations on your well-deserved RD and race honors jay.

              how many thousand races were in the running, I bet?


              After secumbing to the siren call of the Queen Moon the other night, the Maiden Moon snuck out this morning after the evening rains to beckon me to another 4 miler. Sometimes running makes you think too much but one of the things I thought to think was a moonlight swim in Walden Pond.  Where did that come from? <<<(LaT/HR)>>>  Maybe I’ll add Walden Pond to my ashes list. <<<(see what I mean)>>>.


              happy racing / running everyone

              remember it doesn't count without ilene's okay.

              what's a swazi?


              09/21 evanflein - Equinox Marathon

              09/21 pfriese - Swazi 5K - Bethany, OK

              09/21 Opie - Swazi 5K - Bethany, OK

              09/22 MilkTruck - Portland Trails 10K, Portland, ME

              09/22 Ileneforward - Race for the Cure OC, NB CA

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                I never run on a treadmill but I can definitely see where it would be helpful in locking in your pace.


                12 miles today including a 5K.  Good but not great in the 5K (21:20).


                Gotta get the mowing done before the rain rolls in.

                  I appreciated the brief Garmin notes.  If I get gadget fever I will look closer at the 610.  I have been trying to fight off the urge to trade in my (perfectly good) Nexus 7 tablet for the newer version of it that just came out.  It sounds so much nicer than mine.


                  Not doing much of anything today.  Maybe a trip to the Chili & Salsa Taste-Off with DD2 if she wakes up before 3pm. Roll eyes


                  Maybe a rest day.  Maybe an evening run.  So many options.


                  But in the meantime, a story from the long ago days of Cheers:


                  Cliff Clavin explaining the 'Buffalo Theory' to his buddy Norm:

                  'Well ya see, Norm, it's like this... A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, as we know, kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers.'

                  Humanity runs on coffee.

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                    whew, dave, I'm glad they don't do that to runners, . .. or do they?


                    oh, thanks for the swazi hotlinks paul and opie. How does ilene (or you) do that?

                    I never could contribute to the occasional sending-shoes-to-Africa runs so like the medical and dental equipment idea.  any bare feet?  have fun.

                    annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

                    ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

                      Go runners go!!!

                      Thinking of Erika this morning! I can't wait to see how she does this year.

                      Awesome!!! La Tortuga and Jay may be racing together!

                      Robin, great to hear that your new slow, short mile diet is working for you.


                      Gorgeous autumn weather around here. I really, really want to run in the woods today before the hunters invade my area (hunting season starts soon), but the Easy Pacer feels like there are way too many wood cutters in the forest right now and that it would not be safe for a girl to run alone. Shy in the woods. So I will just enjoy running my favorite 13 miler in a bit, but for now I am making potato salad for 200 people for a Quinceanera party tonight.

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                        go racers!

                        we ran the 5K a few years ago and it's a wonderful race, as is Jay's half which we also ran.


                        planned a long mile run today and enroute checked out the dig (around 10 miles),as today is the last day and I didn't go last week because we were away.  Most of the volunteers didn't show up, so I got drafted and ended up sifting for about an hour.  only findings were a blue glass button, some pipe stemps, nails, and some ceramics.  I worked for over an hour, then ran around 6 miles home.  In october, we start the washing and cleaning and see what else we found.




                          I'm working hard on the comeback trail- no running yet ( enjoying vicariously thru M' runs). Yesterday I had a fast 2.5 walk around the local reservoir. This morning I went to the Y and had a variety of exercises- 30 min elliptical, 15 min stationary bike and very short swim. Feel good now.


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                              Hi all.  I too am blown away by 20 mile TM runs, but people do what they have to do.


                              Well I didn't win my 20K today, but I did take a 3rd AG. Goal time was 9 min/miles and I ran 9:09, totally blowing up in the final mile and letting a guy behind me pass me for 2nd place. Not a think I could do.  No excuses either, as the weather was superb, the course fast and my plan was just right. Ran 9:07 and 9:13 for the first two miles just to be safe, then ran the next ten between 8:55 and 9:00. I am super pleased with my effort today.  This was a very big race, over 1,000 runners.  Spareribs

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                                Ribs - 3rd AG is still not bad at all.


                                10 miles for me this morning in a light misty rain.


                                Then, after watching DD's soccer game, we went shopping for ties and shoes, etc.  Off now to go through photos.


                                Hoping Erika had a great race....

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