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Friday Daily, 1.11.13 (Read 289 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Just a flyby for me this morning. 5.3 racewalking miles early this morning. Off to an early meeting, then DW and I are heading out of town for a weekend get-away to celebrate her birthday.


    Have a great day, and best of luck to anyone racing this weekend!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      It just ain't right. Running in 44 deg temps in the rain.


      The "ain't right" part is that it's January and our average low is 14 degs. Hey, I ain't complaining!


      Only 3 miles, just a shake out run. Planning more this afternoon.

        Well, I dragged my lazy butt up and out at 4:45 AM.  Pulled the bike out of it's mothballs and dusted it off.  Rode 20 miles at a pretty steady clip.  Wonders never cease.  I actually remembered how to ride a bike.  Wink


        I went to the Aquatic center last night after work, but ALL the pools were a mob scene.  I didn't feel like fighting with 3 to 4 swimmers per lane.  Especially since, being so slow, I was going to have people swimming up my backside the whole time.  I hear a bunch of College teams come down in January to train and it certainly looked like it.  Fast Fishies everywhere.  Got in the car and headed home.  I think I need a new pool.


        Off to Sedona in the morning for a quick trip to see my parents.  Mom has been falling and passing out lately, so it seems a visit is in order.  So far the tests are all fine but somethings up.  Looks like I'm going to be cold out there.  Gotta pull the jacket out of it's mothballs too.



        "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

          Crazy weather headed here this weekend, too.  Forecast is for upper 60s to 70F.


          Remember the Garret Morris' bit on SNL in the 70s when he delivered the news for the hard of hearing?  With all the tinnitus around here I'm wondering if I should start posting IN CAPS.  (((tinnitus sufferers)))  Fortunately, I'm not afflicted by noise in my ears.  Often the voices won't stop but that's another matter.


          Hugs to all the frazzled, overworked, and injured too.


          CNY--what are you wearing to the Academy Awards?  (That's the geekiest holiday gift list I've ever heard of! Wink )

          Tall--great news.  Welcome back!  I'm not surprised the speed's still there.


          EZ 7 today.


          Have a great weekend.

          Back on Stride

            WEll, yesterday's 5.5-mile run was as sproinky as Monday's was carpy, so I guess it all averages out. Nothing like a day of rest and the first full night's sleep in several weeks to restore your sproink! (Disclaimer: at my age a "full night's sleep means only getting up once to pee.)

            I'm taking another day off due to lots of rain this morning (goodbye snow cover), but will probably get out tomorrow morning with the club. With this warmup I'm starting to get concerned about our snowshoeing and X-C skiing this winter: only one outing on each so far after zero last year. Maybe that trip up north that we always talk about but never get around to should be put back on the table...


            Dave59, I don't have any ringing in my ears except sometimes going in and out of stores. A few weeks ago, I started inexplicably setting off those "loss-prevention" detectors at certain stores, and I can't figure out what's new or changed that would cause it. A few years ago I had this happen and eventually narrowed it down to a wallet that I'd bought at Kohl's with an unerased security tag. I practically ripped it apart trying to find the tag and eventually just asked them to erase it the next time in the store. But this time I'm not carrying anything new that I know of. Anyone else ever had this happen? It's both annoying and embarrassing (the detectors at CVS go off like a burglar alarm!).

            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

              Clear and cold here...27 degrees...ran 3 easy peasy miles...

              Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                It's your magnetic personality, Roch. Smile


                It's a hit and run as I need to get ready for work.  I'm still plugging along.  Foot issues wax and wane, and I have an MRI scheduled for the 25.  Wish it was closer, but oh well.  In the meantime, I run or walk as I see fit, and am getting in my core/strength training at least 2x a week, plus the plank challenge, which has been excellent for me.  This a.m. it was 4 miles in a light rain, and now I shall go do my planks.  The Goal: 1 x 2 min forward, 1 x 1 min each side.


                Have a great weekend ~

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                  Slo, congrats on the 97 day streak.  enke, good luck withthe "major crap" that's going on.  fatozzig, I hope things work out with your job.  Tall, neat you are coaching a speed group.  breger, I hope you mom is ok.


                  Nice long runs for Tramps, and CNY (with speedwork).


                  Yesterday, I messed up and reported my run on Wednesdays thread.  At any rate, I'm in Ludington visiting my mother, sister, and brother in law.  I got in 10 miles at an 11:41 pace.


                  A good day and good runs for all.


                  King of PhotoShop

                    2 miles at easy pace with my RP, as a final before tomorrow's 15K.  Very excited.


                    Another stint on packet pickup this afternoon.  Spareribs

                      [[[[ burgers' mom ]]]]]


                      ...Good To see TallRunner checking in.



                      took Pickles in for routine colonoscopy,

                      ,,,,,,,waiting for the Air to get out of her so I can take her out  to Breakfast,,,,,,


                      call it a RestDay.

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        ...oh, ps.........they fill you up with Air when they do these


                        didn't mean to sound like she was Inflatable.






                        I HAD to add that last bit.

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          I hope you have a good visit with your mom, Bill.  You sure keep a lot of things stored with mothballs.


                          Good luck at the 15K tomorrow Ribs!


                          No run yesterday as it was snowing/raining during the lunchhour. Hoping to get in a run during today's lunch hour though. i think it's supposed to be fairly dry today. Just very cold. We have an artic cold front here this morning and our nights have actually been getting down into the upper teens/low 20's which is colder than normal for the valley I live in. brrrrr.


                          bowling tonight with DS and DH. DS got his new bowling ball last week and a lesson. He's so anxious to keep practicing.


                            A little 2.43 miles for me in the rain.  This evening the local running store is hosting a 3-mile run, introducing some new product, and supplying pizza.  I hope to go but decided to run a couple now just in case I can't make it.


                            42° and rain.  I did wear shorts.  Anything below 40 and I''ll wear some light running pants.  They are pretty comfortable and I get a lot less complaints from neighbors about lowering their home values.


                            Not quite as exciting as an Academy Award nomination, but my next door neighbor's daughter won $50,000 on Wheel of Fortune on Monday.

                            Humanity runs on coffee.


                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                                Humanity runs on coffee.