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It is Wednesday folks (7/25) (Read 372 times)

    Just to proof to people that one can start the daily without a mile to report!


    Nada para mi hoy!

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      Hi Nancy.  Guess it's just you and I.


      Lots of times I end up staying at an airport hotel where I am scheduled to do a training program. This is to make it easy for the participants to come in and get out.  Good for me too.  But never good for running.  Today is the Embassy Suites at the Phil. airport, and there isn't much sidewalk, so 4 x back and forth on a 1.1 mile stretch to get in a bit over 8 this morning.  All set for my day here and home tonight.  Spareribs

        Hello to all of you here today.Wink


        A short 3.4 miles at lunch today.  I had a problem dumped on me at work yesterday.  The person who should have worked on it somehow passed it off.  It was the kind of thing I can't let go of.  Counting dreams, I've been working at it for 24 straight hours.  Finally got it resolved so I was able to do that little run.

        And so it goes

          Holly, sorry I made a typo in my last post, it is a whipper snipper, not a wipper snipper.  Does that help?  Wink

          A.k.a. a weed whacker.  I'm reading a book right now by a British author and boy, I've been stumped on some of the words she uses for things.


          Woke at 4am, couldn't sleep but thought 5 hours of sleep wasn't going to be enough, finally got back to sleep around 5:15 for an hour, then up with limited time for a run, so I only did 4.2 miles, but I did the last 2 at a tempo pace and that felt good.


          I have a pair of Asics Tarther shoes I bought probably over 6 months ago, so I don't have the ability to send them back anymore.  Anyway, they are 10's but are too small, definitely fit like a 9.5 womens.  I have only worn them twice.   So if anyone (Mary?) would like them, I'd be happy to mail them for free.  They are very light-weight, nice traction, very little cushioning, but I really like them.  Just bought myself some 10.5s and ran in them this morning.

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            Is everyone on vacation? 


            A pretty nice day to run since it was a little cooler and the air was very dry.  I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  Easy 7.2 miler, taking a different route to avoid the killer wasps or hornets...whatever.  My neighbor's a firefighter so he has these weird 24 hour shifts. I haven't had a chance to catch up with him yet. 

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              Enke - I thought that was it, but didn't know what "rockery" was, either.  We call whipper snippers "weed-eaters" around here.  Smile


              No time to lolly gag today - too much work on my desk.


              6 easy-paced miles this morning in 71 degrees.  Boy that felt so much more comfortable then yesterday's 83.


              Oh, I have a running partner for this Sunday's LR.  The runner-father of my DS' friend who I shared some miles with Sunday set me up with the mother of another boy my DS goes to school with to hook up occasionally for LRs.  She is currently training for Chicago, and I don't know what her training schedule is.  From what she said, her pace may be a bit slower than mine, but I've been no speed demon lately myself.  I'm looking forward to having company and meeting a new running friend!


              happy Wednesday!

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                Dave.. glad you got it figured out and could get a run in!


                Ribs... I can relate to that. Airport hotels are usually bad for running but you could do the parking deck ramp for hill work Smile


                Holly.. nice and cooler here this morning too. Not onlt the temperature but the dewpoint was 49 vs 65 yesterday... ahh

                So I just kept running and caculating how far I could go and still make it to work on time. 12 miles with lots of rabbits. Almost tripped on one!


                Mugginess back tonight Sad

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                  Spareribs convenient but boy the thought of night after night at an airport hotel . . . ugh!  I am not sure how you do it.


                  Seems kind of quiet around here today.  I am not going to add much as I did not run today.  Too bad since the weather around here was simply spectacular today!  Alas, the next three days are forecast to include many a thunderstorm.  Well, that is what cell phones and weather apps are for!  I will just have to check the radar maps before I go out and hope they are clear enough to do so.


                  On a different topic I have figured out that the zombie running app does create a problem.  I want to use it for long runs since it provides a useful distraction.  Plus, as a bonus, you then pick up more stuff for your base!  But, using the app requires running what I figure are 100 meter zombielecks ever now and then.  On a short run that is not a problem.  But on a long one . . . well those final miles and zombies can be rather tough!  What to do, what to do?  Use the zombie app on short, medium or long runs?  Confused  Wow, I hope all of my problems are this deep!

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                    5 RAW to pick up pizza & go to outdoor concert with 'river' theme - strauss, smetana & duke Ellington ......summertime!!

                      6 miles this evening, 96 in a "but it's a dry heat" like Arizona sort of run and not bad.  Ran on every kind of surface around: concrete, asphalt, dirt, grass and gravel.  I passed June's mileage and have 125 miles for the month!

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                        Twocat has some issues.  I think he needs to see a therapist.


                        Glad you've found a running partner, Holly, even if only part time.  It definitely makes the time go by faster.


                        Howdy Dee, Posie.


                        I don't know how you travel so much, Ribs.  You must be the ultimate suitcase packer.


                        Enke, I knew what you were talking about, but the words still cracked me up.


                        Tramps - How're you feeling today after your hornet attack?


                        Dave - Can you tell me why I can't access our offices closed computer files?  Just another thing to add to your plate. Wink


                        This morning's 4 miles got interrupted around Mile 3.3 when I went by Winco to use the bathroom.  Didn't get inside when I went to investigate what sounded like a puppy crying.  Ended up being a long-haired Chihauhau (sp?) tied up outside the store.  She was so scared.  As soon as I walked up to her and started petting her, she stopped, and when I squatted down she climbed into my lap.  She wasn't abused and had a nice leash and an ID tag, but I sat there for 45 minutes with her and nobody came out of the store.  My thought: You've walked here with your dog.  How many groceries can you be buying if you're walking?  I ended up making the decision to take her home with me, after which I called the number on the tag.  Those people (who were great!) left a message on the owner's answering machine while I was on the line and put me in contact with the owner's emergency backup.  Within a minute or two of hanging up, the owner called me.  Ends up she lives right across the street from the store.  She can't get around very well, was using the store's electric cart, and was in the store for an hour - a lot longer than she intended.


                        I've always hated seeing dogs tied up outside of stores, etc.  Anybody can walk off with it, and me walking off with Chewy is proof.  Maybe I shouldn't have taken her with me, but I just couldn't, in good conscience, leave her there.  The dog was really sweet and she's back with her owner.  I just hope the lady, who also was very nice and understood why I did what I did, thinks about how easily she could've lost her dog to someone who wouldn't have cared who she belonged to, or worse, taken by someone who would've hurt her.


                        Tomorrow I leave.  I'm packed and ready to go!  Not taking my laptop with me, so unless my in-laws have a computer, this is the last time I'll be in here until next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Stay out of trouble while I'm away. Evil

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                          See you next week Leslie. Safe travels.


                          Ribs - I'm in Valley Forge. Meetings in Reading and KOP. Small world and I know exactly where you're staying. No place to run there unless you have a police escort. How long are you here? Perhaps another RA meet-up and a run on the Schuylkill? LMK


                          Glad you avoided the insects today Tramps.


                          Zombie app? Wow. I need to get out more.


                          Long day of work, travel and what not so my run in Valley Forge was a blessing. I really like running there since its peaceful and quite serene. Today, they were having a bell concert at the Church at the North End of the park. Very nice. 



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                            Good luck and have fun, Leslie!


                            Norm,. I even know what KOP stands for -- my folks live near Valley Forge. Beautiful place to run, and hilly!  The Philly airport is not so nice, however.  Maybe Ribs could run on a lightly used runway...  didn't OM just do a race on a runway?


                            Nice 6.4 mile trail run after work.  The colors of the clouds were amazing at sunset.  Sorry I didn't have a camera with me.

                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              Well I don't know what KOP stands for, so a little translation would be nice. 


                              Seems like a light day here, but I too hope Tramps' wasp encounter has short-lived side effects. Not so here. I scratch and fuss with those stings for weeks afterward, but don't swell up so it's just an irritant, not an allergy. We have the hornets (or wasps?) that build their nests under ground in rotting tree roots or whatever. I got stung badly last year on the Equinox trail (Holly, don't worry, they'll be gone before you get here) and that sting itched like crazy!


                              3.1 slooooow recovery miles yesterday, 7.1 easy miles tonight and feel much better. I think I just strained things, didn't injure anything. But the soreness level makes dance practice pretty interesting! Several of you have asked about  a YouTube of the performance... well... much as I don't want to, I'm sure my DH or someone will video record it and post it, so yeah, I'm sure you'll see it. Hope I don't fall. I still have problems with turning the right way sometimes. I'm just wired wrong, I think.

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                                Leslie - safe travels!


                                Erika - when is the performance?

                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."