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    Man, did I make the right decision to not run the Maimi half. I have been sick for most of the last week and hadn't run since Thursday - almost unheard of. I've been hacking and coughing so much that I think i strained some ab. muscles. I planned on 6 easy this morning to ease back into it. But I could only manage 4 miles of run/walk agony as my abs were/are killing me. 10 min/mile pace overall. Avg. HR 135. For a time yesterday I considered running down to the expo and running easy today. I never would have finished. As much as I wish I was down there, it woulda been bad, slow, and painful. Enough whining. Everyone have a great day! I'm getting better and this'll be a memory soon enough. Bill

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      hmmm, does ilene read this thread? Tongue sorry to hear you missed it bill, but there will be others. been having fun, running stupid. to continue the trend, i'm in a 10k race in a few hours. the desert "sun run" will be a rainy windy adventure... who would have thought.

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        Didn't think I'd be this high on the starting line. Beautiful, snowy morning north of Boston today. 5 miles in 51:00, which includes 2-3 minutes to install the yaktrax. This is after I watched a couple of walkers nearly wipe out on some ice under the pretty snow about 100 yards into the start of my run. Forgot to stop the watch. Oh well, it was worth the time as I probably would have killed myself at some point during the run if I hadn't. It was neat making the first tracks along both the inner and outer loops of my Sunday path. Bill--everyone needs an occasional moment of lucidity--sounds like you had yours today. Smile But I'm sure it and your feeling carpy will pass shortly. Kevin

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          You made the right decision, Bill. Now take care of yourself! After several mileage-building weeks with little taste for speed, I had a stepback week this week, and finished with a nice strong 12 mile MP run (9:18 pace). That's better. Back to more miles this week.

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            Good Morning! Breger – glad you decided not to run it. There’s a time to push through and a time to listen to your body, and this is one of those times to just rest up. I hope you feel better soon. Pfriese – nice 5K yesterday. Erika – I have trouble getting ME to go out when the temps are in the teens – if it was as cold as you get in Fairbanks, I’d be hibernating myself. 15 miles for me today, with miles 6, 7, 9, 10, and 13 at MP (8:45) and the last mile shared with the Dexter-Dog (ave pace 9:28, ave HR 127). MP is so hard to maintain right now, but I know there’s still time, and eventually I will get there. ( the training, trust the training….) DS turns 11 on Thursday, so we’re having his party this afternoon at a roller-skating rink. Should be fun, and I’m taking the camera of course. Gosh he’s getting big so quick. Good luck, MC, and the other racers today.

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              Hang tough breger...I'm with you on the sidelines as well. solar...good luck in the wind and the rain. "Oh the dreadful wind and the rain"...from an old folk song. stumpy...running in the snow Big grin Nice run PDR Good run for you too, Holly. Still sittin' out for a few more days...hope to post a run on Tues. Good runs to all!
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                youo made the right choice, Bill. Nice run predawn-Harriet! go get 'em MC-Sun Run...ha! 10 Miles for me with neg split despite coming back the uphills...these strength runs are more tough mentally than physically for me. Started at 8:45 pace, settled into 8:15 for a while and 'turned the screws' for the final 2 miles at 7:15 and 6:55. DS2's party is today with planned snowfootball in the front yard with a dozen mighty mites, then capture the flag. Plenty of time outs for hot chocolate as the temp is 30 now. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Have a nice Sunday everyone.
                  Breger - so sorry to hear you're still "under the weather." Sounds like you need to clear the crud out of your lungs before you're back at it. Stumpy, I was out in the same conditions this morning. Decided against strapping on the YaxTrax and thought I was out early enough to run down the middle of most streets, which seemed pretty clear. Wished I had put them on! It was slippery and icy going the whole route. A slow and careful 4 miles in 39:20. Although this is a pretty typical winter here, we haven't had one this bad in quite a few years. More snow and freezing rain predicted for tonight and tomorrow. How many days 'till spring??? Sad
                    Morning folks, A rare no-hockey game morning here....ahhhhh. Leisurely coffee drinking and then a watch-less shakeout run at 8AM----light snow (feather flakes) and 23F. It looks like this part of the state will be spared the winds and snow (supposed to hit the Cape later tonight). I ran 6 miles and the legs didn't bark at all after yesterday's 20. This was a big mileage week and I am into the 60s now for a few weeks----so far, so good. I put the iPOD on shuffle and started off with some Salt-n-Pepa singing "Push it Real Good" in my ears.....Whoa! That's not mellow. Next up would have been Frankie Goes to Hollywood....I slowed down and switched the dial to some James Taylor. Phew... Off to the airport soon for 4 days of travel.....Nice runs,fun party plans and good decisions already here today. Happy Trails all, CNYrunner

                      13.1 hilly miles in 1:48, 8:14 pace. Heart-rate 139 (77% of max). OK it was the Manhattan Half-Marathon in Central Park. My target was 1:55 but I couldn't find the people I was supposed to pace Blush First race since November 18th. Good runs everyone!

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                        Wonderful day everyone What a day, two hours ez today and it was amazing. I felt of those days when the miles just dissapear and the legs are loose. I felt like a racer today...what a year this may be...(cross fingers) Bap - great half dale, hello, long time since we heard from you..hope your son has a great birthday breger hope you feel better soon like the wind, you are in awesome shape great runs from Holly and PDR Good run for you too, Holly. Off bowling with my girls and my lady this afternoon and then she gets to experience Tall's amazing homemade pizza. I do it from scratch..dough is rising as we speak and then I have also done..........a masterpiece of peanut butter pie that I have to thank my southern friends for. I remember first trying this in a North Carolina restaurant and I was blown pie I have ever ever tried. Luckily I run since this has a gazillion calories Enjoy the day Tall

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                          Nice one BAP! PDR.. nice way to finish the week esp after that hip scare! Bill... just take care. You won't lose much with you hugh base. Rain in AZ? Dale... that's cranking it uphill! Woa 3.2 Magical Healing miles with Tory to cap off a nice week before heading into the 60's mpw zone Shocked AHR 139, right on target. Then X-training: ham, hip, planks, lunges, and later PU's. Have great runs!

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                            Good morning, all. "running stupid", heh heh Bill - get better. Roller rink -- brings back memories of my youd (your what?) my youd. (I'm from NJ, ok?) Nice 10, Dale. Target(distance) w/u(1), 9:25(3), 9:00(3), 8:40(3), 8:10(3), 7:50(3). Actual(HR) 9:17(139), 8:57(143), 8:33(148), 8:07(158), 7:37(160). No problems -- wasn't too tired at the end. Last three were downhill. Overall: 16.2, 2:19 Good runs!

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                              Tramps, nice 12,874 meter (8 mile) run. jlynne, congrats for going over 100 miles for the month. Charley, sorry to hear about the back problems. I hope it is resolved quickly. pfriese, nice 5K. breger, I think you did the right thing by stepping back to cure the crud. I hope it's gone soon. bap, nice half, handily beating your goal. Holly and Dale, enjoy your kids' parties. Nice long runs for Peter (with hills), perch, Teresa (longest yet), Sound, henrun, marj, jjj, PDR, Holly, dtoce (neg splits in spite of hills in second half), CNY, and WRFB. Good job on the speedwork for Holly. This morning, it was about 21 degrees, calm, and with ice/packed snow on the roads. Like stumpy did and jlynne wished she'd done, I strapped on my Yaks and went out. I got in 8 miles in enough under 1:20 for a sedate 9:56 pace. A good day and good runs for all. TomS

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                                Hey all Big storm coming in here...not sure what to do today yet... maybe rowing. CNY - Push it Real Good is a most excellent song to run to...oh and wishing you a safe flight. {{{ Breger }}} Holly - happy (almost) birthday to your boy! Is this a boy/girl party that he's having and are you and your little girl going to skate too? Tall...Have fun bowling and devouring peanut butter pie... drooooooool Big grin Good Day, arf